Draycote Report W/E 21st June.

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Draycote Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week ending Sunday 21st June 2020

Overall another good week at Draycote, with 264 anglers landing a total of 1,655 fish producing a rod average of 6.2 for the week. Amongst these 1,655 fish there has been a number of comments with regards to the quality of the fish and how hard they have been fighting. With another 1,000 fish going in these week we expect the good sport to continue, into next week.

Possibly the worst conditions on Monday with not a breath of wind and bright sun, this resulted in a substantial algal boom by around 10am. This made the bank fishing very tricky and by around lunchtime the Algae round the margins made presenting a fly almost impossible. A number of anglers manged to catch a brace quickly before the algae really bloomed, with Ian Richardson catching his in Rainbow Corner on crunchers but from there on it was hard work. Out on the boats unsurprisingly the best area for the main part of the day was the Aerators. They produced high numbers of top quality fish and by the 5.8 rod average quite a few of them as well. John Dickens fished over the Aerators with buzzers fished on a floating line to land 21. While Kevin Rees fished buzzers in a washing line to take his 24 fish. However it was the pulling tactics that seemed to be the key. Fishery Ranger Lloyd went out on a day off to land over 30 fish, firstly on buzzer under the bung before, swapping to the fulling mill barred olive booby snake. This pattern was our best selling fly and its easy to see why. Lloyd fished this fly on a Forty Plus DI 7, a great line for getting a great sweeping action into the fly. The boats of Trevor Moore and James Maplethorpe enjoyed good sport landing 14 and 24 between them. The pair used Diawl Bach’s, Nemo Crunchers and Buzzers on a floating line to land their fish. First catching on the Aerators in the morning, before heading down to Toft around 4pm. In around an hour they landed over 10 fish all on nymphs fished on a floater.

Another calm day Tuesday, but thankful we did have some overnight rain and cloud during the day in intermittent spells. This did mean that the worst of the algal bloom had died off, but the water was still green, just not quite as thick. However once again it did not seem to bother the fish in Toft and on the Aerators as the fishery produced a 6.5 rod average. All water season ticket holder Norman Perkins fished down in Toft using a washing line on a fast glass intermediate to take 14 fish. He used buzzers and Diawl Bach’s on the dropper with a FAB on the point. Ian Morris commented he enjoyed another cracking day landing 30 fish. Ian fished both in Toft and on the Aerators using a Damsel with Crunchers and pheasant tails on the dropper. Mark Francis fished dabblers on an intermediate over the Aerators to take over 20 fish with the biggest measuring 24” and returned to the water. Another all water angler who caught well was all water season ticket holder John Kirk who used a black booby and buzzers to land his fish.

Wednesday started as yet another muggy day, with only the lightest of breezes through the middle of the afternoon, followed by showers. The water is still holding a greenish tinge which should be putting the fish down but again here at Draycote the general rule of thumb is not being followed by the fish. Mr E Wilson and Mr A Masters caught 14 fish between them from the bank in Toft on black Diawl Bachs and Nymphs.

Out on the boats Mr Neal Hume caught 6 fish using dries in Toft and snakes on the aerators. Mr T Brown caught 14 fish from a boat using nymphs and dries. Leanne Frost and Chris Bobby caught over 20 fish between them from a boat using sink tip lines

Heavy overnight and early morning showers knocked a lot of the colour out of the water on Thursday, and made for better fishing for the bank anglers in Toft. Young Brian Warwick took 5 good fish in a morning session using Diawl Bachs on a washing line and remarked on the quality of the fish. Ian Richardson also caught 5 fish from the bank using a washing line with Crunchers in the Cornfield and Duggies Gap. Boat angler Kevin Rees caught 29 fish on the dries drifting over open water. Martin Yates remarked on the “ great fishing” after netting 16 fish from a boat using foam daddies. Dave Kennell caught 21 fish from the boat using a floating line, a FAB on the point and Muskins. Roger Kerrison caught 10 fish during an afternoon session using Snakes and a Midas.

Friday dawned muggy and overcast, blowing up to a strong breeze by mid afternoon. Bank angler Bob Smith caught 3 good fish by the big willow in Toft using Crunchers. Bob also fished the Tower bank to net another 2 fish on Black and Peacock Spiders. Brian Allwood caught 3 fish from the bank on dries, one of which weighed over 4 lbs. Mr A Lambert caught 4 fish from the bank on FAB’s and Bobs Bits. Out on the boats Peter Elliott netted 26 fish on dries such as Cul’s and Bob’s Bits in Rainbow Corner. Kevin Hart caught 16 fish in Rainbow Corner again on dries. Kevin used a mixture of Cul’s, Bob’s Bits and the Midas to good effect drifting through Rainbow and out into open water. Mark Goodge and Shaun Higgins had over 30 fish between them to the boat on Hares Ears and Damsels and remarked on “A great day”.

Saturday Stan Hillman bank fished enjoyed good sport landing 7 fish, Stan opted to fish a washing line with a floating FAB on the point and then nymphs on the droppers. Mark Parsley also fished off the bank in both Rainbow Corner and is Toft using similar tactics to land 6 fish. On the boats the rudder boat of Jim Dempsey & Ifor Jones landed 19 fish between them using snakes and also tubes on Di 5 and Di 3 sinking lines. Another boats who used snakes to great effects was that of Adam Larbalestier and Ben Bayliss the pair found fish down the Farborough Dam wall, Toft and also Rainbow Corner. With the pair also finding DI 3 & Di 5 sinking lines the key to success. They commented on the hard fighting qualities of the fish and caught loads of 4lb fish. Fishing from the boat in Rainbow Corner Rob Middleton & Eric Caisley had a good day landing 25 between them. The pair found a washing line on either a slow intermediate or a 6ft slow tip was the key to land the fish. All water season ticket holder Ian Reeve fishing with boat partner Steve Hibbard landed 35 between them on FABs, Minkies and Diawl Bach’s. The Draycote season ticket holders of Jim Hall and Son Richard all used Diawl Bach’s all day to land 22 fish fished on a floating line.

A rainy start to Sunday, but by the time the boats took to the water the sun and come out it was a blustery south West wind, far than ideal conditions. However by lunch the cloud had rolled in again, although the wind continued to remain strong. Clive Wilkins & Mike Weaver boated 25 between them fishing over the boils using black snakes. Draycote season ticket holders Dave Hancox and regular boat partner Martyn Price also fished over the aerators using the barred olives snakes on intermediates to land 23 including some cracking 3lb rainbows. Away from the Aerators Tony Parker drifted around Rainbow Corner and the Hensborough using a 12ft fast tip with a mix of nymphs and FABS. Alister Gavin enjoyed a fantastic day’s sport landing 13 fish including a fantastic 7lb 7oz Rainbow taken on a blob. Peter Gordon used Diawl Bach’s to take 26 hard fighting rainbows from Rainbow Corner. Richard Ellis enjoyed a good day boating 18 fish with his best methods either being a floating line with buzzers or a Di 5 and a cats whisker.

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