Stocking Policy

Draycote Stocking Policy 2022

Our 2022 stocking schedule for Draycote is to stock with an average-sized 2lb rainbow. We have 32,000+ triploid trout on order with a size range and quantity depending on the month, expected angler numbers & water temperature with triploid trout ranging in size from 1lb14oz to 2lb8oz+, this should allow us to achieve our 2lb average. Every year due to Draycote’s huge buzzer hatches, shrimp & fry numbers we see overwintered & grown on trout from 5lb – 9lb+ range. October & November are prime months to catch these large trout from the bank & boats.

Draycote Water 600acre fishery, deepest water is 70ft and located in front of the valve tower. In this area, you will locate the aerator – bubble line. All of  Draycote`s water is pumped in from the river Leam from October to April

Despite its size & depth, the fishing will be influenced by the weather and surface water temperature. We record our water temperature twice a day at 7.30 am & again at 3.00 pm with the thermometer set at 18inch below the surface on the pontoon.

We manage our stocking policy around each of our three fisheries, Thornton, Draycote & Eyebrook to ensure they fish as well as they can taking into account their depth, seasonal weather, water temperature & angling pressure, no two fisheries will fish the same.

In 2021 Draycote returned a season`s rod average of 4.8

Aerator – Bubble Line, what is the aerator bubble line? In front of the valve tower running 90yds – 100yds in a westerly direction, you will see an area of disturbed water caused by fine air bubbles breaking the surface. This area is Draycote deepest water ranging from 60ft – 70ft & it’s the area that Seven Trent uses to pump fine air bubbles from the depths to the surface as the bubbles rise they bring with them the colder deeper water,  during the height of the summer you can find the water along the bubble line is up to 5c cooler than other areas of the reservoir, making this area a popular summer fishing area for drifting boats.

Angling pressure? there is no doubt and our records show with the popularity of catch & release as the season progresses the fish can become “educated” not uncatchable, a tad more difficult at times, when this occurs its time for finer leaders, smaller often sparsely tied flies, match the hatch, possibly a single fly, follow the advice at the lodge.

Water Temperature? you should ask at the lodge what the daily water temperature is to help you plan your day’s sport.

  • 5c – 10c generally the month’s of March & November, fish will generally feed & be active during the warmer part of the day with anglers generally fishing their sinking lines Sink 3 -3inch/sec, Sink 5 -5inch/sec, Sink 6 – 6inch/sec+ -3inch/sec from the boats with bank anglers fishing Intermediate & sinking lines.
  • 12c – 18c generally the months of April, May, June & Late August, September to early October. Trout will be at their most active feeding throughout the day to abundant fly hatches. Top of the water sport, fishing floating – hovermidge tip & intermediate fly lines
  • 19c – 21c+ water temperatures we associate with Late June, July & August, the summer months. During this time of year, the aerator is a favorite fishing area with the cold water bought up by the air bubbles from 70ft down often 5c cooler than the rest of the reservoir. Trout will move to the deeper cooler layers of the reservoir.  You will need to be seeking water depths of 20ft+ fishing with faster sinking lines, Sink 5 -5inch/sec, Sink 6 – 6inch/sec+ -3inch/sec & the Booby Basher or fishing the bung / indicator with a long 20ft+ leader with your heavy buzzer, bloodworm patterns all fished on the lower 6ft – 8ft of the leader

Our planned 2021 stocking of 32,000 trout will provide good sport during the spring, summer & autumn, although the daily weather, atmospheric pressure & water temperature at times have an impact on the sport. Draycote usually returns a daily – weekly rod average between 3.5 & 4.5 although with good weather & water temperatures between 12c – 18c with the fish on the feed we can expect to see daily rod averages exceeding 5.0

The aerator – bubble line sets Draycote apart from Thornton & Eyebrook the cooler water around the aerator & its larger 600acre size generally helps to keep the water temperature below 20c, therefore, has less of an impact on the 2lb stocked trout.

We always recommend you call the lodge 01530 230807 for the latest fishing news or follow our weekly fishing report