Draycote Report W/E 15th November 2020

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Draycote Weekly Fishing Report.


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Fishery Report: Week ending Sunday 15th November 2020


Overcast conditions and light breezes led to yet another good day on Draycote water on Monday, with the odd light shower thrown in for good measure. Not too many fish were showing in the surface and it was slow going early on, with boats constantly changing position. But things soon settled down, and by mid afternoon rods could be seen bending all over the water. The bank anglers were having some great sport with Bob Smith netting a dozen from the bank on Shrimp patterns and various Boobies. Ian Richardson caught 9 fish from the bank on Shrimp patterns and remarked on “an excellent day”. Norman Perkins also took to the bank to net 10 on Diawl Bachs and buzzers from the Cornfield. Draycote regular Mick Cronin used Fry patterns to tempt 8 to the net from Duns Bay and the Tower bank. John Falconbridge had a bakers dozen from the bank, all on Buzzers, whilst Michael Ravenscroft caught 7, the best of which weighed approximately 5 and a half pounds. The boats also faired well with Ed Douglas netting 23 fish. The boat pairing of Nigel Keeber and Gaz Roberts had a dozen between them on sinking lines and lures.


A very mild day on Tuesday with the temperatures into double figures and a light south east breeze that swung later in the day to the south west. On the bank Tony Broadway landed 8 fish using a washing with cruncher and either a FAB on the point or a Minkie booby. Tony found the fish at Lincroft Point, Cornfield and also the Swan’s Nest. Lee Patten fished from Lincroft point to take 7 fish using shrimps, nemo crunchers and small olive snakes. Draycote season ticket holder John Dickens enjoyed a great day’s sport from the bank at the old pipe in Biggin Bay, landing 13 fish using a washing line with shrimps on the droppers and a FAB on the point. Out on the boats Ed Douglas fished with fishery guide Lee Henfrey with the pair landing 35 fish to the boat. Finding the fish in the channel between Lincroft Point and Croft Shoal with a brown minkie booby fished on a Di 5 being their best pattern. Ken Key & Steve Robinson fished in Biggin Bay landing 9 fish between them on blobs and buzzers fished on a floating line. Fishery Manager Tom Bird took a 4 hour guiding client Malcom Patrick out and enjoyed a great mornings sport, with Malcom landing 10 fish. Tom set Malcom up with a Di 5 sinking line and a single white snake booby using a roly-poly retrieve to land fish over Croft Shoal and also Biggin Bay.


The wind remained in the south on Wednesday and we had yet another mild day. On the bank Colin Granger landed 8 fish on black spiders and a size 14 olive Diawl Bach fishing by the Willow Tree in Toft. Draycote season ticket holder Richard Walker fished over Croft shoal using a RIO Deep 6 sinking line and a lure to landed 7 fish in a morning session. Using the rudder to good effect Rod Wilson landed 12 fish on a Di 7 sinking line and a silver tube, with Rod’s 4 fish bag weighting 17lb 2oz. Phil Murphy & Craig Dootson enjoyed good sport landing 15 fish between then using Woofta boobies and also booby snakes and Diawl bachs from Rainbow Corner and the Hensborough bank. All water season ticket holder Phil Mee fished with Graham England with the pair landing 13 fish between them from the Farborough Dam and the through Biggin Bay as well.


A brighter day Thursday with the wind swinging to the South West, and bright sunshine for the whole day. Fishing in Toft from the bank Dave Parkes landed 13 fish on black nymphs fished on a floating line. Kevin Rees also enjoyed a good day on the bank landing 10 fishing from the Old Pipe in Biggin Bay in washing lined shrimp patterns. Draycote season ticket holder Tony Broadway landed 7 from various spots on the reservoir using a washing line with a FAB on the point and then crunchers and shrimps on the droppers. Fishing alongside Tony was David East who took 6 fish using similar tactics. From the boats Alan Cooke & Dave Bailey enjoyed a good day fishing booby snakes from a drifting boat in Biggin Bay and also coming off the Inlet. Kevin Hart fished with John Hoskins with the pair landing 18 fish between them anchored up at the Hensborough Bank using a Di 5 sinking lines and olive snakes and tubes. All water season ticket holder Ian Reeve & Matt Pittaway landed 14 fish back drifting through Biggin Bay using booby snakes again on Di 5 sinking line.


A bright but windy start to Friday which became overcast in the afternoon. A tough day for some with a blustery south westerly bouncing the boats around. Stan Hillman and Mick Cronin had 8 from the bank between them on sinking lines and fry patterns. Sean Gilbert netted 12 fish from a boat using Zonkers, Snakes and Humungus on sinking lines.  All water season permit holder Paul Havard had his 5 fish to the boat on a DI3 and Olive lures and remarked on some “lovely fish.” Mark Hunt had a total of 7 fish to the boat using a midge tip line and a mixture of Crunchers, floating fry and yellow dancers. Fred Brookes caught his brace along the Draycote Dam on a “Boss Eyed Hooker”!!!!!!!!  (I’ll speak to her about loitering along the Draycote Dam.) The big boss, Ifor Jones took to the water along with his friend Arthur netting fish to 5lb4oz taking them on DI7’s and Minkie Boobies.


A gusty south wind made presentation a challenge on Saturday, then with the arrival of the rain later  it was not a very pleasant day at all. On the bank fishing in Rainbow Corner Nigel Keeber landed 4 cracking fish, using a weightless olive snake fished on a midge tip. Also, on the bank season ticket holder Mike Garner fished in Toft landing 5 fish. With 4 of them falling to a fry pattern and the other to a cruncher. On the boats all water season ticket holder Andy Lillie fished with Graham England with the pair landing 20 fish using pink snakes fished on the rudder in Rainbow Corner. Fishery Guide Lee Henfrey fished with his friend Gaz Roberts landing 14 fish to the boat, fishing in Rainbow Corner and the top dam wall. Lee fished a Di 5 sinking line with a Minkie Booby while Gaz opted to fish a Di 3 sinking line with a booby olive snake out the back of the boat.


A very windy but dry day on Sunday with the strong southerly making the far shore very uncomfortable in the boats and practically impossible for the bank anglers. Season permit holder Richard Walker caught 7 fish from the boat using Olive, Purple and Pink Snakes on a floating line and a long leader. Mr J McElligott and his boat partner Mr G William caught 8 fish from a boat between them using Hot headed White Minkies.


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