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Draycote Weekly Fishing Report.

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Draycote is open for fly fishing during November

We have updated Our COVID-19 Guidelines in line with government & Angling Trust recommendations or mandatory regulations https://anglingtrust.net/2020/11/04/fish-safely-locally-and-respect-the-rule-of-two-during-lockdown/?fbclid=IwAR0f0CAa1nNEvJV4YD0H-K_VZcK8kOI7q2y1msp4QIi5bnrC25ADuKm9bY4 which you will need to follow from the 4th November

Fishing lodge & Shop is closed, all angler`s members & day rods must call the lodge to pre book & prepay for your visit.

Full details of our updated guidelines can be found on our website http://www.flyfishdraycote.co.uk/about-us/

Please read the updated guidelines before you call the lodge to book your day

Fishery Report: Week ending Sunday 1st November 2020

With, not very pleasant weather for the majority of the week with rain and strong winds, we saw a slightly quieter week than normal here at Draycote with 148 rod visiting the fishery, those rod caught 593 fish for a rod average of 4 for the week.

Conditions first thing in the morning looked great with some Autumnal sunshine and light winds to start the week. However, by the time the pontoon was open there were some showers about and the wind speed had increased to the forecast 13-15mph coming from the South West. On the bank Draycote season ticket holder Bob Smith landed 5 fish from the Hensborough, Dunn’s Bay and the Cornfield. Bob used a minkie booby on the point with shrimps on the droppers to land his fish. Ian Richardson used the same tactic from the Cornfield and Dunn’s to land 6 fish and commented on the “Very good sport”. Mike Garner enjoyed a fantastic mornings sport along the Cornfield taking 8 fish all falling to crunchers. On the boats Ian Morris landed 12 fish all on surface fry patterns getting sport from all over the lake. Amongst Ian’s 12 fish he also landed 2 fish over 5lb. Another angler enjoyed some sport with big fish was beginner season ticket holder Chris Pallot who landed 8 fish including a stunning 5lb 8oz rainbow which can be seen on our Facebook page www.Facebook.com/flyfishstore. Chris took him fish drifting from S Buoy down to F Buoy just off the side of Croft Shoal, with all the fish taking a barred olive snake booby fished on a RIO Deep 5. All water season ticket holder Ed Douglas enjoyed some great sport taking 19 fish, fishing down the Farborough Dam wall, School Slips and Croft Shoal. Ed fished with a Airflo 12ft slow tip a black and gold Humungus on the point and then a brown minkie on the dropper. Top fishery guide Lee Henfrey took Barry Burnham out for a 4 hour guide looking to improve Barry’s knowledge of not only Draycote but sunk line fishing. Under Lee’s watchful eye and following his advice Barry, enjoyed a great 4 hour sport taking 9 fish. Commenting it had been a “fantastic morning, really enjoyable” for bookings for Guiding before the end of the season call Tom on 01788 812018.

A drizzly start to Tuesday with the wind coming from the South, with the rain getting worse as the day progressed while the drizzling conditions kept the majority of anglers away those that did make the journey enjoyed a good day. All water season ticket holder Norman Perkins landed 7 fish from the Swan’s nest on Diawl Bach’s and buzzers fished on a washing line. Out on the boats Lea Tones landed 21 fish drifting down the Farnborough Dam using a fast intermediate with a minkie booby on the point and a blob on the dropper with a Di 5 also working when the wind picked up. Kevin Hart also fished along the Farborough Dam and the school slips using a Di 3 sweep to take 10 fish finishing just after 2pm. All water season ticket holder Rodney Dangerfield took him grandson out for a day afloat with him landing a cracking 3lb 8oz rainbow on a silver fry pattern.

A windy day Wednesday, but thankfully remained dry. On the bank Draycote season ticket holder Paul Walley landed 10 fish from the Swans Nest and further down the bank in Toft. Using a midge tip with a Fab on the point and hares ears on the droppers and commented on what a “great day” it had been. On the boats all water season ticket holder Paul Havard landed 5 fish with a minkie booby and also a white and silver Humungus, fished on a RIO Deep 6. Mr Swinbourne also fished from the boat to land 5 fish using various fry patterns around the Hensborough Bank and also Rainbow Corner.

A windy day Thursday with winds of 16-18mph coming from the South West, with some drizzle around in the morning as well. On the bank Draycote season ticket holder Ian Richardson landed 13 fish, fishing from the Cornfield. Using shrimp patterns and also Nemo Crunchers, an impressive catch especially when you consider the strong wind Ian was fishing into. On the boats Simon Neve organised a friendly get to together with 6 boats taking to the water. The boats enjoyed some great sport landing 116 fish between them giving a rod average of 9.6. Using mini barred olive snakes and Humungus boobies with the majority of the fish coming from the Farborough Dam, The school Slips and off the Hensborough Bank. The best catch of the group was Mr M Webster who boated 20 fish with a number of the fish over 4lb.

A windy day Friday with the wind once again coming from the South West, with it starting around 20mph before dropping back later in the day to a more pleasant 13mph. The bank anglers enjoyed good sport with Tony Broadway landing 5 fish from the Cornfield on a minkie booby and shrimps along the Cornfield. Brian Allwood enjoyed “good sport” in the afternoon landing 6 fish fishing along side Paul Farrell who landed 6 fish. Mick Cronin using shrimps and also floating fry landed 9 fish from the Overflow & Tower Bank. Out on the boats Kevin Hart fished with John Hoskins landing 24 fish to the boat, using Di 3 & 5 sinking lines. Taking the fish from Rainbow Corner, Farnborough Dam and the Hensborough Bank, using barred olive snakes, with the fish all full of fry with Perch, Roach & Sticklebacks all turning on the Trout’s menu for the day. All water season ticket holder Ian Reeve & Matt Pittaway landed 22 fish using booby snakes fishing along the Draycote Dam. Keiron Barnes landed 10 fish using olive minkies and humungus fishing from the Farborough Spit down to the Swan’s nest. Keiron said that all the takes came when het got the flies as close to the dam wall as possible.

The wind blew too hard at Draycote on Saturday for the boats to venture out. Only two anglers took to the bank for a last 4 hour session, who unfortunately did not net a fish.

Sunday started bright and blustery with the wind due to swing in to a south westerly by 10 o’clock, bringing with it gusts into the high thirties, and a chance of the odd shower. On the bank Draycote Fly Fishing Association hosted their Autumn Pair Bank match, following the Angling Trust guidelines for competition fishing. The friendly bank match was very well attended with over 16 members taking to the water in the far than less then ideal conditions. With the 16 anglers landing 24 fish, a good result when the whole of the North Shore was unfishable due to the strong winds. In first place was Dave Atkins & Paul Farrell with 6 fish, 2nd Paul Walley & Mark JJ with 5 fish and 3rd went to Mike Nolan & David Rechtorik who had 4 fish.

On the boats The All Abilities Friendly Fly Fishers (AAFFF) enjoyed their last day of the season, with slightly lower then normal numbers as the weather stopped a number of anglers being able to fish. The 8 anglers who did manage to get out on the water enjoyed good sport landing 38 fish between them for a rod average of 4.75. All water season ticket holder Phil Mee fished with Phil Bruce took 9 of these fish in Rainbow Corner using Minkies. Organiser Mark Goodge fished down the back a little towards the school slips and opted for a more laid back approaching taking 9 fish on Diawl Bachs fished on a floating line. The best boat out of the group was that of Ian Bradfield & Dave Porter who fished along the Farborough Dam to land 14 cracking fish using snakes fished on sinking lines.

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