Draycote Report W/E 23rd November

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Draycote Weekly Fishing Report.


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Fishery Report: Week ending Sunday 22nd November 2020


A cold wind to start the week, coming from the South West blowing around 15-18mph. On the bank season ticket holder Ian Richardson landed 7 fish from along the Cornfield using shrimps on the droppers and a minkie booby on the point. Fishing in between Biggin Bay and Dunn’s Bob Barfoot landed 6 fish using nymphs on a washing line. Kevin Rees fished at the Old Pipe in Biggin Bay using a washing line with a small FAB on the point and shrimps on the droppers. On the boats former fishery manager Kevin Hart enjoyed a good day landing 10 fish. Kevin fished drifting towards the tower bank fishing a booby basher and boobies in the deep water to target some cracking fish. All water season ticket holder Ian Reeve & Matt Pittaway enjoyed a good days sport landing 16 fish back drifting using snake boobies on sinking lines. The pair found the fish willing to take in Biggin Bay and then near the Inlet and along the Draycote Dam. Fishery Ranger & Guide Lee Henfrey took to the water with Nigel Keeber, utilising the rudder to land over 20 fish from various spots across the lake. With booby snakes the best flies with Lee using a Di 5 sweep and Nigel opted for a Di 7 sinking line.


A milder day Tuesday with he wind spend remining in the same direction just dropping a couple of mph from the previous day. Fishing at the Old Pipe in Biggin Bay, Draycote season ticket holder John Dickens landed 9 fish. John found the fish wanted a washing line with a small FAB on the point and then shrimps on the droppers. Pete Allen fished along the Cornfield to lake 6 fish again using a washing line but opting for Diawl Bachs on the droppers. Dave East also fished along the Cornfield to land 7 fish, with Draycote season ticket holder Tony Broadway taking 5. Another Draycote season ticket holder who enjoyed a good day’s sport on the Cornfield was Bob Smith who landed 7 fish using a minkie booby on the point and then shrimps on the droppers. On the boats all water season ticket holder Lindsey Bates fished with Eyebrook season ticket holder Roy Swinfield with the pair boating 19 fish. They found the fish drifting around C Buoy using floating lines with either a static Coral Booby or a Suspender Minkie. All water season ticker holder Alec Urquhart landed 9 fish drifting along the Tower Bank and then through into Dunn’s Bay using a minkie. Richard Callis fished around Lincroft Point using a floating line and a team of Buzzers to land 6 fish.


A wet windy day Wednesday kept the majority of anglers away, with the wind starting in the South before swinging to the South West later in the day. On the bank Mr C. J Day landed 6 fish talking 2 from the corner of the Hensborough Bank while the other 4 taken in Toft. Mr Day used a washing line with a booby on the point and shrimp patterns on the droppers. On the boats the two Webster brothers landed 11 fish between them using snakes and various lure fishing in Rainbow Corner. Mr Robert Ball & P Hill also landed 11 fish from Rainbow corner using a floating line with a barred olive snake on the dropper.


Well the weather forecasts certainly got Thursday morning wrong with torrential downpours for a good proportion of the morning. Although, thankfully the rain did pass, the wind swung to the North and the sun came out, the anglers who persisted through the rain where rewarded with some great conditions. On the bank Tony Broadway fished along the Cornfield using a Minkie booby and then shrimps on the droppers to land 10 fish. With fellow season ticket holder Bob Smith also fishing the Cornfield to land 7 fish using a Minkie booby on the point and then a nemo cruncher and a black buzzer. Ed Douglas enjoyed a great day on the bank landing 11 fish, landing his fish from the Tower Bank and the Old Pipe in Biggin Bay. Using a washing line with a FAB on the point a cruncher and a hares ear with most of the fish taking the FAB. On the boats Kevin Hart landed 13 fish using a Booby Basher and a white and silver Humungus booby fishing around the deep water off the Tower Bank. Using the rudder to great effect John Mack landed a cracking brown of 6lb 9oz from the Aerators on a Gold & Silver friendly tube fished on a sinking line, which was photographed my fishery ranger Andy Miller before swimming away strongly. To see a picture of this cracking fish please visit www.facebook.com/flyfishstore


Friday was reasonably comfortable with a gusty southerly wind blowing, but remained dry and dare I say , mild, all day. Season permit holder Pete Allen Pulled 15 fish to the net whilst bank fishing on the north shore using Diawl Bach’s and FAB’s. Mark Smith also elected to fish the bank and netted 8 fish from Lincroft point on Boobies and Nymphs, whilst Colin Grainger and Jim Hall caught 3 apiece. Chris Pallot and his boat partner Paul Southgate had 5 fish between them drifting around C buoy near the valve tower on sparkler Boobies. Paul Cramp had 9 fish to the boat on floating fry patterns drifting around P buoy near middle shoal and down in Toft shallows.


Saturday was a cold start with a south westerly which was supposedly going to gust into the high teens. The gusty wind made for uncomfortable fishing in the boat and fended off the bank anglers from the northern shore. Les Lerigo and Gary Pointer had 8 fish to the boat mainly on Snakes in Rainbow corner.  Dan and Vince King had 5 good fish back drifting on Boobies. Graham Homer ventured out in a boat for a few hours through the middle of the day to catch 5 fish in the top couple of feet of the water. All water season permit holder Andy Lilley caught 4 fish on sinking lines and lure patterns. Andy fished P buoy, C buoy and along the Draycote dam.


A lovely Autumnal day Sunday resulted in all the boats taking to the water and the bank also being fully subscribed, with all the anglers taking advantage of the good weather before we close on the 30th November. On the bank Draycote season ticket holder Paul Mitchell enjoyed good sport landing 9 fish along the Cornfield using a washing line with Hares Ears on the droppers and a FAB on the point. Fishing alongside Paul on the Cornfield and then later in Biggin Bay Tim Burn landed 12 fish again fishing a washing line with Hares Ears. Again using Hares Ears on the droppers but this time a Minkie booby on the point was Draycote season ticket holder Paul Walley who landed 5 fish from along the Cornfield. Fishing at the Old Pipe in Biggin Bay Mark Hunt landed 4 fish on a midge tip line and a team of buzzers. On the boats Daniel Tranter & Andy Axon landed 11 fish using a floating line and suspender Minkies, with the pair finding the key was to keep on the move and cover the water. Keith Harding used a Di 3 sinking line with snakes to land 4 fish including landed a cracking silver fish weighting 6lb. Draycote season ticket holder Jim Smith fished with Ed Douglas enjoyed a fantastic days sport landing over 30 fish to the boat. The pair kept away from the other boats and opted to fish over the drop off into the deep water fishing boobies on Airflo Booby Bashers. Commenting the fish seemed very fussy and the flies had to worked on the retrieve with stops and draws to induce the takes and it was “very rewarding fishing”.


With the weather looking great for the final full week of the season why not get out on the water and enjoy some of this great late season sport.


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