Fishery Rules

Fly Fishing Rules for All Boat & Bank Anglers 

If in doubt Call the lodge 01788 812018

By purchasing a fishing permit or membership you agree to abide by the rules set below

Fishery Staff reserve the right at all times to search customer’s personal bags & vehicles. 

Any person who is abusive to fishery staff, our landlord’s representatives, or found to be breaking any of the fishery rules will be reported to senior management & you may be asked to leave. 

  1. Draycote is a busy site with anglers, sailors & the general public, please drive slowly & be considerate to other users
  2. On arriving at the fishery go directly to the fishing lodge reception area and sign yourselves in, you are required to sign out at the end of your visit.
  3. Fly fishing is the only permitted method – No Treble Hooks
  4. All anglers must be in possession of a valid fishing permit & environment rod license
  5. Lifejackets to be worn at all times when on the boat pontoon & in the boats.
  6. Bank fishing commences from 7.30am with boats available from 8.30am, closing times displayed at the lodge.
  7. Ensure all trout returned are allowed adequate time to recover
  8. Any bleeding, badly hooked or trout unlikely to recover must be despatched and given to a member of staff
  9. The boat Angler in charge of the engine should ensure the Engines Kill Cord is connected to them while driving the boat.
  10. Boat Anglers – NO TROLLING
  11. No Electric engines
  12. No boats allowed out on the water if the average wind speed is forecast to exceed 25mph
  13. 3 people maximum allowed out in boats with only 2 permitted to be fishing at any one time
  14. Boat Anglers to give way to bank anglers
  15. Boat Anglers should keep 50 meters from other boats
  16. Boat anglers to keep 50 meters from any bank angler
  17. Boat anglers when traveling should keep 50 meters from any bank
  18. No Anchoring with 100 yards of any pontoon
  19. No Anchoring within 100 yards of the sailing club frontage
  20. No beaching or grounding of boats, ensure you have adequate depth of water for the boat to travel, drift or anchor safely at all times.
  21. All litter to be placed in the dustbins provided
  22. No fishing beyond the line of orange buoys at the bottom of Toft Shallows.
  23. Anglers share their time at Draycote with Sailors, Bird Watchers, Cyclist, Walkers, General Public, Be considerate of other site users.
  24. Be aware of sudden changes to the weather, increased wind, thunderstorms, temperature. Seek shelter off the water during thunderstorms

Specific Rules For Bank Anglers

  1. Bank Fishing is from 7.30am to Half-hour after sunset
  2. On arrival call at the fishing lodge to book in
  3. Bank anglers are required to call the lodge & book one of the 30 available car passes which gives them vehicle access to the perimeter road.
  4. Draycote is a busy site, you need to keep to the perimeter road speed limit
  5. Vehicles must be parked in one of the 12 available car parking bays situated around the reservoir
  6. No Bank fishing allowed from any of the Dam Walls
  7. No Bank fishing allowed in front of the sailing club frontage and School Slips
  8. Beware of the general public encroaching within your backcast.
  9. Beware of soft mud and general slippery underfoot conditions on the bank & when wading.
  10. No wading deeper than thigh height
  11. When leaving you are required to visit the lodge & book out