Draycote Weekly Fishing Report 8th March 2020

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Draycote Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: 8th March 2020

The week started with a calmer day than had been seen on opening day. However the winds did build later, Mike Williams party took to the water for there second day. They hosted a small match between the group having a blind pairs match and also an individual prizes for the heaviest 4 fish bag. The majority of the group fished along the Farnborough Dam wall hoping to land some more of the overwintered fish they had found the day before. This proved to be a great option as the big overwintered fish where once again feeding and the boats landed some great fish. With lots of 4 & 5lb fish being caught it was going to be close match. However, it was Mike Williams who took the crown helped along with a fantastic 6lb 4oz rainbow taken on a Di 7 and a snake. Overall the Foxton’s outing group landed a total of 295 fish between the 18 of them. Another group finding good sport was Select FF from Scotland on their second day. The 14 anglers landed a total of 140 fish, they found the fish in a number of areas from along the Farnborough Dam, Biggin, Toft and the Cornfield being the best areas. On the bank season ticket holder Paul Walley used a Montana to great effect to tempt 8 cracking fish.

The weather improved even more Tuesday with lighter winds than had been seen during the opening 2 days. As a result the banks fished much better as the bank anglers could spread along the North shore and fish the popular marks that had been ruled out due to the wind. Fishing along the bottom section of the Cornfield near Car Park 3 Pete Allen landed 7 fish on a Green Pea fished on an intermediate. Using the same tactic just up the bank from Pete, Brian Allwood landed 10 fish. Russ Logan fished in Dougie’s Gap just down from Lincroft point used a black and green fritz to land 14 fish. Russ fished with Henryk Pytz who used a black and green snake on an intermediate to land 16. Season ticket holder John Dickens found that a washing line was the way to land 11 hard fighting Rainbow’s from Biggin Bay and the Cornfield catching on both the Diawl Bach’s and the booby. Out on the boats Select FF saved their best day for last, yet again catching some cracking overwintered fish but also landing lots of fish from Biggin Bay and the Cornfield. The group found the fish keen to take snakes and various lures fished on intermediates all the way to Di 7s. All water season ticket holder Ed Douglas enjoyed his first trip of the year landing 17 fish, Ed concentrated his efforts around the spit and the Shoals looking to land the resident fish and he did just that.

A flat calm cold start to Wednesday, which saw a number of anglers heading out on the water. On the bank John Hall fished the lower section of the Cornfield to land 12 fish all on a green pea. Also on the bank season ticket holder Bob Smith landed 9 fish from Dougie’s Gap. Lee Patten and Peter Elliott netted 34 between from various points around the bank. Mr Clive Wilkins, also fishing from the bank had 27 fish on black and green nomads in Toft. Out on the boats Jim Smith & Ed Douglas enjoyed good sport landing over 40 fish between them. Jamie Scott had 15 fish to the boat on black snakes. Draycote regular Mr Eddie Kirk had a very respectable 8 fish to the boat during an afternoon session on black and green lures.

Thursdays north easterly wind had a cold nip to it first thing in the morning, but made for comfortable fishing from the north shore as the day wore on. Again nearly all the boats headed for toft, as it has proved to be a hot spot for most of the week. The bank was fishing well from the north shore with Tony Broadway picking up twelve fish on a Pitsford pea from the Cornfield. Ron Evans also had a good day on the bank with 18 fish on an orange fritz. Both Danny Lovegrove and Norman Perkins used Diawl Bach’s and Buzzers to good effect from the bank landing good numbers of fish. Out on the boats Eyebrook fishery ranger Toff Crowther and his boat partner Jeff Cronden had over 50 fish between them using a variety of flies in long drifts over the deeper water. All water season permit holder Dave Smith took 11 fish on black and green lures in Toft. New staff member Lloyd Thompson took a cracking 8lb 2oz Brown whilst drifting over P buoy, using a white snake fished on Airflo’s “Booby Basher” line right on the bottom of the reservoir.

Heavy overnight frosts made for a chilly start to Friday, however, the sun soon warmed the day and it was a fabulous day to be on the water. The very light to no winds made it challenging to drift and meant that it was certainly you were either on the fish or not. Although the wind did increase later in the day giving near perfect conditions. The very welcome spring sun caused a number of buzzers to hatch off and even fish to rise over the open water for these large spring buzzers. On the bank Neil Ledbrook fished in Toft with a black Minkie and a small black buzzer to land 11 fish enjoying “Great Sport”. Matt Baggott also fished in Toft using a Green Pea to land 16 fish again in Toft with the best fish going 5lb 4oz. Martin Griffiths managed to get out for a last 4 hours on the bank to land 17 fish. Martin found the fish in the corner of Toft just below the Willow Tree. Martin used a fast glass with a black and green lure leaving the line to sink for 10 seconds before retrieving the flies. Fishery Ranger & Guide Lee Henfrey took advantage of a day off to go and look for some of Draycote resident fish. Lee landed of 30 fish with the majority being overwintered, Lee used a Booby Basher and a snake booby to take the fish from various marks across the lake.

Overcast conditions for Saturday with stronger winds in the afternoon, coming from the South West. All water season ticket holder Phil Mee fished in the corner of the Hensborough bank landing 8 fish taken on a green pea. Glen Moody also took a cracking fish from this area weighting a very impressive 6lb 14oz an amazing fish. Fishing down in Toft father and son duo the Hollingshead’s landed 15 on a mix of black and green and Damsel patterns. On the boats rudder angler Steve Rainbow landed 14 cracking rainbows, Steve used tubes on a DI 3 in Toft and a Di 9 with the same flies over middle shoal. Also fishing at middle shoal was Gareth Jones and Ed Douglas who found the fish off the drop off on Middle shoal to land over 20 fish, including some cracking overwintered the best of them a 5lb brown. Gareth & Ed used booby basher lines on a count of 60 seconds with boobies to tempt the fish. Andrew Barrowman & Paul Sharp enjoyed a real red letter day landing over 50 fish to the boat. They used sinking lines with a mix of blobs, boobies and snakes, drifting all around the lake.

A gusty south west wind make the fishing challenging on Sunday as it was difficult to present the flies correctly. This being said there were still some great catches from various points around the reservoir. Keith Smith did really well with 9 from the bank, one of which weighed 5lbs.Mr Mike Weaver took half a dozen from the bank on black and green lures. Michael and Richard Hanlon caught 23 fish from a boat using snakes around P Buoy. Mark Hunt caught 8 fish drifting across the front of Farborough Spit using Damsels and Pink Snakes. Martin Griffiths and Paul Sharp had over 30 fish to the boat drifting in Biggin Bay using DI 5’s and Snakes.

This week Draycote had a total of 360 rods, catching 2608 fish, giving us a weekly rod average of 7.2.

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