Draycote Weekly Report Ending Sunday 11th November 2018

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Draycote Water weekly report week ending 11th November 2018

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We’ve had a good week here at Draycote with an excellent rod average for the time of year, despite some testing weather conditions. Strong winds blew in from the south bringing some heavy rain at times, with some thunder storms on Saturday. The bank has been fishing extremely well along the north shore, despite the fact that anglers have had to cast into the breeze. The swans nest has also fished well, mainly on a washing line with buzzers, crunchers and diawl bachs.  Boat anglers have faired well fishing along the Farborough dam and over Croft shoal. They have been using mainly sinking lines and lure patterns, although some anglers used dries to good effect over the shallow water on Croft shoal. This week 175 rods caught a total of 669 fish giving us a weekly rod average of 3.5.

South Easterly winds started the week off on Monday with overcast conditions that last until around mid-morning. It was then the sun broke out to give a beautiful Autumnal day with temperatures hitting 18°C. On the bank from the Cornfield John Hall landed 8 fish on a small black lures fished on a floating line just drawn along the near the surface. John commented on how all the fish he spooned were full of small black snails. Mark Sturges also fished the bank from Rainbow Corner to land 7 fish using a washing line. Season ticket holder Michael Ravenscroft enjoyed good mornings sport landing 5 fish again on a washing line including a fantastic 6lb rainbow that was loving returned to the water. Kevin Rees fished in Biggin Bay near the Old Pipe on washing lined shrimps with a washed out FAB on the point. On the boats Ed Douglas landed 22 with 15 of these coming to dries fished over the shallow water on Croft Shoal. In house guide Lee Henfrey enjoyed a good day with Foremark & Thornton staff member Andy Dermot landing over 20 fish on olive snakes on a di 7 sinking line.

Warm overcast conditions with a flat calm start to Tuesday with the winds increasing to a ripple around mid-morning. Lee Patten & Peter Elliot fished on Lincroft point using a washing line with hare’s ear crunchers to land 25 fish between them. Just along the bank from Lee and Peter was season ticket holder Brian Allwood. Using small black buzzers again on a washing line Brian landed 9 fish. Out on the boats Peter Fisher fished around X Buoy landing 27 fish with the majority coming on a dry solder palmer. Fellow season ticket holder Tony Broadway & John Dews landed 32 back drifting over Musborough Shoal using di 7 sinking lines and snakes. Jude Tuffs & Dave East also swapped bank for boat landing 22 fish on a mixture of methods, with some coming to dries over the top of Croft Shoal before switching to snakes in the deeper water around the edge of the shoal.

The wind picked up Wednesday to around 22mph coming from the South making the fishing challenging for both the bank and boat anglers. Rodger Davies fished in rainbow corner landing 4 on minkies from the Overflow. Mr T Carrol fished in Rainbow Corner using a very small homemade white lure to take 3 fish. On the boats Eddie Mitchell & Dave Kennell landed 7 fish between them on snakes and other lures fished on a di 5 dinking lines drifting frim Rainbow Corner out towards A Buoy.

The strong winds of the previous day reduced slightly but it was still a gusty day with rain at times. Again, a difficult day was experienced by the anglers taking to the water. Jim Hall fished the bank from the Swan’s Nest landing 6 fish on shrimp patterns fished on a washing line. Fishing near the Old Pipe in Biggin Bay Kevin Rees & John Dickens both washing lined shrimp patterns close to the shore to land 8 fish between them. Mr Honour & Mr Andrews enjoyed good sport in the boat landing 17 fish between them, mainly on lure patterns. Mr Andrews got a bit of a surprise off the side of croft shoal, hooking into and boating a nice 10lb brown. The fish was weighed, photographed and returned safely to the water by fishery staff member Lee Henfrey.  Colin England & Tony Plummer fished along the Farnborough Dam on minkies to land 6 fish for the day.

The wind came from the South East Friday dropping in strength to give a more enjoyable day. Ian Reeve took to the water on a boat with Steve Hibbard landing 11 fish between the pair. Concentrating their efforts around Farnborough spit using a mixture of snakes and Pitsford Pea’s on fast sinking lines. John Dews fished from the bank at Lincroft point fishing towards Biggin Bay to land 6 fish. Mr Osbourne & Mr Gibson fished for the last four hours at the Swans nest to land 14 fish in the short session. The pair used a washing line with a Minkie Booby on the point and shrimp patterns on the droppers. Chris Webster & Dave Alexander enjoyed a fantastic day’s sport on the boat landing 21 fish. Most of the fish came from Croft Shoal with a blob and small snake fished on a di 7 sinking line. However, the pair did fish that a blob and a booby on a di 5 line worked well in Biggin Bay. Then later in the day again on the Di 7 several big fish followed the snakes at Farborough spit but unfortunately could not be tempted into taking.

A wet stormy day Saturday that saw the anglers taking shelter on one occasion due to the thundery storm that came in on the southerly wind. The changeable weather from sun to heavy rain to storms did influence the fishing with a dip in the rod average. Ian Reeve fished along the Farborough Dam wall this time with a different partner Richard Williams. Once again, the tactics stayed the same as the previous day with Ian using a combination on snakes and a Pitsford Pea on the dropper. However, it was the flies on Richard rod that seemed to be the killers with him taking the lion share of the fish taken by the boat.

Sunday started with overcast conditions and then brightened up by midmorning, with a strong southerly wind. The strong breeze and cold temperatures made for difficult fishing conditions at times, and this showed itself in the catch return. Most of the fish came to sinking lines and lures such as snakes, minkies and humungus. Lee Henfrey and Jim Smith caught over 20 fish between them using olive snakes on a DI 7, 40 seconds down. Peter Fisher caught 15 fish on damsels, again fished on a fast sinking line. Season permit holder Ian Western caught 8 fish whilst his boat partner Dennis Tidmarsh caught 2. Draycote regular Jared Burton caught 6 fish on an intermediate line and either black or green snakes. The AABF visited Draycote on Sunday, and all seemed in good spirits as they came off the pontoon, having caught 36 fish between them.

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Weekly Boat draw

Congratulations to Ed Douglas from Banbury, the winner of this week’s free boat draw.

Weekly Stats:  

Number Rods:  175 Number Trout Taken: 188  Number Trout Released:  481

Total Catch: 669    Weekly Rod Average: 3.5

Current Fishing Times:

Bank:  07:30 until 16.15

Boat All Day: 07:30   until 16:15

Boat Part Day:  AM 08:30    until 13.00

Last 4 Hours from:  12:15  until     16:15 (Ticket sales available from 12:00)

Gutting Room Closes –16:00

All Anglers to be off site by: 17:00

Guiding & Tuition.

New for the 2018 season the Guiding & Tuition team will running a blog. The idea of this blog is to provide hints and tips from your guides to help keep you catching depending on the conditions, tackle reviews and write up of guiding sessions. To have a look at the blog please visit http://www.flyfishtuition.co.uk/latest-report/

Dates for the Diary

Fur & Feather

This seasons Fur & Feather match at Draycote will be held on Sunday 25th  November 2018. Fished as a pairs competition with 12 fish to the boat.

1st Prize Christmas Hamper for winning pair

2nd Prize 2 Bottles of Wine Each

3rd Prize Box Chocolates

Largest Fish Bottle Spirits

The match will be fished to fishery rules, NO RUDDERS and will start at 09:30 and finish at 16:00. All those wishing to take part should call the lodge on 01788 812018 to book your boat.

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