Draycote Report W/E 30th November 2017

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Draycote Fishing Report w/e Thursday 30th November 2017
A very cold week at Draycote with frosty starts and frozen boats nearly every day. A 18mph south westly winds with single figures on the temperature gauge made for a very cold day. Although the overcast conditions did help the bank anglers to tempt some fish.  Kevin Rees fished in Dunn’s Bay with a floating line 2 shrimp patterns and a small size 12 FAB to land 7 fish. Later in the day Ray Cramp joined Kevin to land 6 fish with a lure on the point and shrimp pattern 6 foot away on a dropper. Out on the boats George Leaton landed 4 fish from down in Toft on a sinking line and a minkie.
A frosty start Tuesday with an overcast start, the sun soon broke through and warmed the temperatures slightly to around 5°C so certainly not warm. The winds had dropped slightly leaving 12mph winds making quite an enjoyable fishing day if not a little cold. On the bank Tony Broadway made his final visit of the season landing 6 fish from the far side of toft washing lining nymphs. Fishing along side Tony was Jude Tuffs and John Dews who landed 4 and 3 on the same tactics. Out on the boats Ed Douglas enjoyed great sport landing 12 fish. Ed fished anchored off Farnborough spit with a Di 7 line and boobies to start but found that in the middle of the day the fish had come up in the water and a di 5 was the best line. Mr D Grierson also enjoyed good sport on the boats fishing a di 5 sinking line and a black snake to land 8 fish fishing at various points along the Farnborough Dam wall.
Freezing conditions Wednesday with the return of the 18mph winds and temperatures that didn’t increase about 3°C. Meant it was a real day for the hardcore anglers, among these hardcore select. Season ticket holder Dave Kennel fished the bank landing 4 fish on shrimps and Fabs from Dunn’s Bay. On the boats season ticket holder Paul Liversidge landing 7 fish fishing down the Farnborough Dam wall on sinking lines and boobies. Mr Gardner enjoyed a great days sport in the cold conditions landing 10 fish anchored half way down the Farnborough Dam wall fishing a booby on a sinking line. Another boat fishing sinking line and boobies to great success was that of Ed Douglas and Jim Smith who boated 14 fish between them on a di 7 and di 5 sinking lines with boobies.
The final day of the 2017 season saw another freezing cold day with 3°C 18mph north-westerly winds. Again, making it not very warm and a day for plenty of layers, although the fish did reward the anglers brave enough to venture out with the 13 rods catching a total of 62 fish for a last day rod average of 4.7. On the bank season ticket holder Brian Allwood landed 5 fish from Biggin Bay and Dunn’s. John Dickens also fished Dunns’ and Biggin to land 4 fish on FAB’s and shrimps. Out on the boats Adam Larbalester and Ben Bayliss landed 10 fish on tubes fished on a Di 7 sinking line across various points across the lake including a fantastic 4lb rainbow. Ian Reeve, Richard Reeve and Steve Hibberd enjoyed great sport with Ian and Steve landing 16 fish on snake boobies and humongous, with Ian’s son Richard landing 6 fish. Finally out on the boats Ian Shobbrook landed 6 fish once again fishing boobies on a sinking line.
With the fishery now closed all the Draycote staff would like to thank all the anglers who visited the water and made such a fantastic season. A total of 11,779 anglers visited the water catching a total of 53,552 fish for a season rod average of 4.54. Over the course of the season 14,988 trout where taken and 38,554 trout returned. We close the season with 11,779 trout swimming around, so its hoped that number will over winter and provide some great silver fish for next year. The fishery opens again on Friday 2nd March and we are taking bookings for the 2018 season.
Weekly Stats:
Number Rods: 64 Number Trout Taken: 68  Number Trout Released: 102
Total Catch:  170   Weekly Rod Average: 2.6
Tight lines,
The Draycote Team
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