Draycote Fishing Report w/e Sunday 18th October 2015

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Draycote weekly fishing report w/e Sunday 18th October 2015

A very good week overall with a total of 1339 trout netted by 312 rods for a weekly average of 4.29

Given the time of year, the weather this week has been generally kind to us. Although pleasant, at times during the start of the week, we did experience some extremely bright, sunny conditions. This made things difficult during the morning sessions. However, the afternoons tended to cloud over with a marked improvement in sport. Generally, fry patterns have provided the best of the action with floating fry drawing fish for boat & bank angler alike. Bank anglers especially have done well using a floating fry as the basis of a washing line set up.  Most fish were coming to investigate the fry pattern but actually succumbing   to small buzzer or diawl bachs fished on the droppers. At times fish have been feeding very tight to the margins. Remember not to spook them offshore by unnecessary wading or disturbance…..Although similar tactics have worked for boat anglers, most have done better using intermediates or Di3&5 and exploring the water column, again with fry based patterns. Snakes, in various colours have also accounted for a lot of fish. Some have succeeded still with dries, but unfortunately, the best of the dry fly action appears to now be behind us.

On Monday the Martindale/Shutter boat partnership saw nine netted & both had rainbows of 4lbs 4oz. Kevin Rees caught 8 during a short, but hectic, bank session using very small diawl bachs “washing lined” as mentioned above. Tony Broadway experienced a red letter session with a fabulous brace that dreams are made of – a brown of 6lbs 8ozs followed by a 5lbs rainbow, both from Biggin Bay! The brownie took his own tied Cat’s Whisker cum Zonker pattern. Meanwhile, Eugene Hughes was fishing both sides of Toft from the boat using Floating Fry, Snakes & Minkies.  He netted a total of 22. Dave Adkins also found six rainbows for 17lbs 12oz& his bag included a 5lbs 8oz rainbow.

Dennis Jones was out on the banks as usual on Wednesday. He enjoyed a productive morning session with a dozen to the net, mostly to his size 14diawl bachs propped up with a floating fry. In the boat once more, Eugene Hughes searched all over & found fry feeders deep. He deployed Minkies on a Di8 and put thirteen in the net by the end of his session which he ended in Toft where the fish came up towards the end of the afternoon. Terry Tappenden & Tony Broadway caught ten each on the bank on Thursday with Tony landing another fine rainbow of 5lbs. John Dickens also caught & released “Nice Big Brownie” from the bank whilst Howard Rutter in a boat netted six on buzzers. George Leaton made the drive up from West London again on Friday & rewarded with a nine fish catch from the boat. Ian Richardson commented on his “excellent” bank session with nine to the net from Biggin Bay  whilst Ivor Bullock, just down the bank in Dunn’s Bay, took eight to skinny size 14 Diawl Bachs.

We were pleased to host the army teams for three days afloat with a practice day on Friday followed by matches on the Saturday & Sunday. They fished to a limited two fish kill, followed by catch & release. Their abilities are reflected in their rod averages as you will see from their combined results which I have copied & pasted:-  

Fri 16th 25 anglers – kept x 44, released 152 (rod average 7.8).

Sat 17th 34 anglers – kept x 68, released 121(rod average 5.5).

Sun 18th 33 anglers – kept 47, released 105 (rod average 4.6).


Best boat pair on 17th – Lindsay Simpson and Bill Howell – 4 fish for 10lb 10oz plus C&R bonus of 32lb (2lb per fish) – 42lbs 10oz.

Best boat pair on 18th – Sean Hanlon and Simon Harris – 4 fish for 12lb 2oz (no C&R bonus fished 18th).

Best fish over 17th/18th – John Twine 5lb 5oz rainbow; we had another 4 at 4lb plus.

Congratulations to all who took part.

With mild conditions currently prevailing, prospects of continuing good sport look good. With another six weeks of the season remaining there is still much sport to be had.

. Weekly Boat Draw

The free weekly boat draw has been won by Eugene Hughes from London.

Weekly Stats:

Number Rods:  312      Number Trout Taken:  478   Number Trout Released:  861

Total Catch:    1339      Weekly Rod Average:    4.29

Current Fishing Time:

Bank:  07:30 until 18:15

Boat All Day:  08:30 until 18:15

Boat Part Day:  AM 08:30 until13:15   PM 13:15 until 18:15

Last 4 Hours from:  14:15 until   18:15

All Anglers to be off site by: 18:45

!!  Please continue to be aware that we currently have low water levels. Bank anglers should take special care and be mindful that some areas are liable to soft mud underfoot. !!

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Reminder regarding Non Native Shrimp

The Environment Agency has now confirmed the presence in Draycote Water of the non-native shrimp called Dikerogammarus Haemobaphes (DH)

To stop the spread of the species we will continue to follow the recommended Check – Clean – Dry procedures for bank & boat anglers & have set up a hose down area in front of the lodge

Check – All clothing and equipment, WADERS, WADING BOOTS, NETS,DROGUE, ETC should be thoroughly inspected and any visible debris (mud, plant or animal matter) should be removed and left at the water body where it was found. Particular attention must be paid to the seams and seals of boots and waders. Any pockets of pooled water should be emptied.

Clean – Equipment should be hosed down or pressure-washed on site. Equipment should be carefully contained, e.g. in plastic bags, if they are being transported to a wash down point. Washings should be left at the water body where the equipment was used. Do not wash down any equipment off site as it would potentially contaminate other water courses.

Dry – Thoroughly drying is the best method for disinfecting clothing and equipment. Boots and nets should be hung-up to dry. Equipment should be thoroughly dry for 48 hours before it is used elsewhere. Some non-native species can survive for as many as 15 days in damp conditions and up to 2 days in dry conditions, so the drying process must be thorough.

If you have any questions contact the Draycote Fishery Staff


Tight Lines,


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