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Draycote weekly fishing report w/e Sunday 11th October 2015

Despite yet another week of varying weather conditions the sport here at Draycote remains consistently good.  Rain on Monday turned in to blustery wet conditions for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, which then gave way to bright sunny conditions for the remainder of the week.

There has been a lot of surface activity with fish seen moving in all areas of the reservoir. By far the best areas here are still dotted along the northern shore, from the Cornfield all the way to the Tower bank. These areas still continue to produce for both boat and bank Anglers unlike Rainbow Corner, which has fished well for boat anglers but alas seems to produce very little from the bank. Toft too, is holding a good head of fish but proved a bit difficult towards the end of the week.

Most of the action is still to be had in the top couple of feet of the water, although fry patterns fished on a DI 5 worked very well for some of the visiting anglers this week. Fish are still coming to dries and the ever consistent Diawl Bach. Though now as we move through October, floating fry patterns, Minkies and the like are really coming in to form.  The overall rod average for the week was 3.5.

On Monday Paul Donegan and Stephen Francis Caught and released 19 fish using sinking lines, on a mixture of poppers, snakes and blobs. They fished mostly around T & S buoy and near the front of the pontoon.

Ed Douglas, one of our members, went fishing on two occasions this week and caught 9 and 12 respectively. One of them was a brownie of about 5 lbs.

Mr A Grant’s party, visiting us on a 3 day package, caught a total of 138 fish between them using various fry patterns fished at different depths.

The Paisley Patterns from Scotland, again taking advantage of our 3 day package, “Really enjoyed the fishing”, catching over 98 fish between them.

On Thursday the boat pairs of Mr Dobbie and Mr Moran, and Mr Sichi and Mr Peline, did very well on dries and FAB blobs, catching 45 fish between them.

Cheshire Police fished a match here on Thursday where 18 rods caught 71 fish giving them a rod average of 3.9.

Weekly Boat Draw

The free weekly boat draw has been won by:- Mr Ivor Jones .

Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 344       Number Trout Taken: 484         Number Trout Released:  726

Total Catch:    1210               Weekly Rod Average:    3.5

Current Fishing Time:

Bank:  07:30 until 18:30

Boat All Day:  08:30 until 18:30

Boat Part Day:  AM 08:30 until13:30   PM 13:30 until 18:30

Last 4 Hours from:  14:30 until   18:30

All Anglers to be off site by: 19:00

!!  Please be aware that we currently have low water levels. Bank anglers should take special care and be mindful that some areas are liable to soft mud underfoot. !!

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Reminder regarding Non Native Shrimp

The Environment Agency has now confirmed the presence in Draycote Water of the non-native shrimp called Dikerogammarus Haemobaphes (DH)

To stop the spread of the species we will continue to follow the recommended Check – Clean – Dry procedures for bank & boat anglers & have set up a hose down area in front of the lodge

Check – All clothing and equipment, WADERS, WADING BOOTS, NETS,DROGUE, ETC should be thoroughly inspected and any visible debris (mud, plant or animal matter) should be removed and left at the water body where it was found. Particular attention must be paid to the seams and seals of boots and waders. Any pockets of pooled water should be emptied.

Clean – Equipment should be hosed down or pressure-washed on site. Equipment should be carefully contained, e.g. in plastic bags, if they are being transported to a wash down point. Washings should be left at the water body where the equipment was used. Do not wash down any equipment off site as it would potentially contaminate other water courses.

Dry – Thoroughly drying is the best method for disinfecting clothing and equipment. Boots and nets should be hung-up to dry. Equipment should be thoroughly dry for 48 hours before it is used elsewhere. Some non-native species can survive for as many as 15 days in damp conditions and up to 2 days in dry conditions, so the drying process must be thorough.

If you have any questions contact the Draycote Fishery Staff


Tight Lines,

The Draycote Team

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