Draycote fishing report w/e 14th

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Draycote has continued in its current rich vain of form, with relentless bag limits and a standard of fish to make any angler happy!

The coppenhall flyfishers held their annual Autumn match on Saturday 13th, with 20 anglers taking part. Conditions were not perfect,with plenty of sunshine, however the fishing was simply superb. The 20 anglers fished with a rod average of a staggering 11.5 per angler. They were not all recently stocked fish either, with the winning bag weighing 8 fish for 29.3lb, 2nd place 8 fish for 28.2lb and 3rd place 8 fish for 27lb 7oz.

Sunday 14th was the Draycote Open Pairs boat match, with a £1000 up for grabs. The anglers were greeted with the first proper frost of the year, and a cold mist which left visibility down to 30′. The fishing started slow, however once the mist lifted and the sun burnt the mist, the fishing picked up. First in with 16 fish was local angler Mark Sturgess and his boat partner at 4.45.As the match came to a close at 5.30 it became apparent few boats had reached the 16 fish limit, but several pairings had got 14 fish,including Graham Pearson and Robert Edmunds.

First place and the £1000 prize fund was won by Graham Pearson and Rob Edmunds with 14 fish for 48lb 9oz, followed in 2nd place by Joan Russell and Belgiums match angler Patrick De Schutter with 16 fish for 44lb 7oz, and third place was won by local season ticket holder Frazer Duffy and his son Frazer, with 16 fish for 42lb.The best fish was a fine 5lb rainbow caught by John Mason.

Fish caught this week 235 Fish Killed this week 745 Fish returned this week 599 Rod average 5.71

The Christmas Fur & Feather match is held on Sunday 25th November and will be a boat match. This competition is FREE to enter and to book a boat please call the fishing lodge on 01788812018. All anglers are to bring a prize so everyone will go home with something. Prizes will be for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Despite rising water levels the water clarity remains excellent, and the fish have now moved close to the margins, feeding on corixa and fry. The best flies have been, minkies, minky boobies, buzzers, diawl bachs, and big lures. Floating lines and intermediates have been the way forward from the bank, and Di-5 has been the best line from the boats, although as we all know most days are different so line choices still need to be available for necessary changes.

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Update 12/10/2012

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Draycote Water

Carriageway Resurfacing – A426 Southam Road Toft

Work to repair and resurface the carriageway from the bridge over the M45 to Draycote Water is due to start on Monday 15th October.

Access to the fishery along this stretch of road should still be available on Monday 15 and Tuesday 16th however from Wednesday 17th to and including Friday 19th the road will be closed.

Diversion signs from Dunchurch will direct you into Draycote Water.

Draycote fishing report w/e 07/10/12

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outstanding catches coming from both bank and boat. The few weeks where things had slowed, mainly due to the warm weather and water temperature, are all but a distant memory, as the fishing has well and truly switched on !

Much to many peoples surprise, buzzers remain a main part of the fishes diet. Draycote is known for big back end buzzers, and they are plentiful at the moment. Fry are also now plentiful although they are currently restricted to several parts of the lake. The fish are taking fry patterns well, especially white and grey minkies fished on a floating line.

This week has seen some bigger fish coming out. Mr. P Parry netted one for 8lb, and Mr R williams took one weighing 7lb 3oz. Mr Sichi recorded the best fish of the week, a beautiful 8 1/2 lb rainbow, not to mention the other 17 fish he landed, no wonder he commented “what a smashing day out”!!

The bank has been in exceptional form, with all areas of the lake producing fish. Toft Shalows has seen the majority of good catches, with most people taking their bag limits. Small black and olive buzzers has been the way, although minkies have taken there fair share of fish.

Boat anglers have also had exceptional sport, with 39fish over 4lb reported this week, with almost half of them exceeding 5lb. Some of these fish are the early season stocking, and they are in fantastic fighting form, with many anglers still reporting being snapped ! 8lb + nylon is highly recommended !! Drifting through the central ares of the lakes has produced the bigger fish, with one 7lb fish coming from Y buoy. Mr JP Worley took 8 fish for 24lb from a boat, and Regular angler Rod Wilson took 8 fish from Farborough spit weighing 26lb 8oz.

This Sunday is the Draycote Open pairs match, with two boats remaining. If you would like to fish this reservoir rules match (No Rudder) then please call the fishing lodge on 01788812018. You fish with your partner.

Our popular last 4 hour ticket now runs from 2 oclock, at a cost of only £10 for 1 fish catch and release, or a further £10 if you wanted to fish from a boat. Once the clocks go back, this ticket will run from 1pm !! No afternoon boast will apply after November the 1st. This will be replaced by the last four hour ticket prices – Excellent value for money !!

Want to do some early Christmas shopping ? Why not vist our new online tackle store at www.flyfishdraycote.co.uk, open 24hours a day !! All goods will be shipped on the day of ordering (before 2pm). All Shakespeare rods currently 50% off !!

Number of rods this week 239 Number of fish killed 449 Number of fish released 566 Rod average 4.2

Our season ends on the 3oth November. It is advised to call before travelling for a boat booking, especially at the weekend as bookings are high for the remainder of the season.

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Update 26/9/12

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Draycote’s current sparkling form has continued beyond the weekend as Mr Griffiths has today weighed in 8 fish just under 24lb from the bank, with the biggest weighing 4lb 4oz. The fish were all taken on size 14 buzzers  from the Cornfields area of the lake. Yesterday, several anglers also had their bag limits from the bottom of Toft Shallows, again on small Olive buzzers.

Boats have also done very well, with fish being taken all across the lake. Another Scottish contingent this week, are catching well on a size 12 Yellow Owl cdc dries, as well as buzzers. The fish are very close to the shores and are full of Corixa. Those fish caught further out from the bank are filling themselves with the abundance of daphnia present in the water.
Both bank and boats are fishing exceptionally well at the moment with all areas of the lake producing some cracking fish. Driving is permitted around the lake so access to the best fishing areas is easy for the bank anglers. Demand for the boast is currently high, so please do call in advance to check availability.
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Draycote fishing report week ending 23/09/12

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As predicted Draycote has continued to fish very well, with a week on week improving rod average. Cooler days, and nights has taken the edge off the surface water temperature and the fish have responded well, by occupying the top couple of feet of water.
The banks have been in great form as many anglers have taken their bag limits. Fry patterns are now working well as 2-3” fry are appearing around the banks. There are to many people to list who weighed in with their bag limits however, one noticeable bag was from local angler Peter Elliot who bagged no less than 10 fish, one of which weighed 6lb 12. He took al his catch on a mixture of small black buzzers and pheasant tails. Les Watson and Mr N Bascot went out for 3 hours on Sunday(23rd) evening and managed 9 fish between them from the bank at Lincroft Point.
Boat anglers have also done exceptionally well, with again, many bag limits taken. The fish are now high in the water and the washing line technique, with nymphs, has proven the top method(in particular on the less windy days). Our yearly regular visitors from Scotland, Steve Mcgregor,Mr R Mcgregor and Mr J Mcgregor, all caught very well whilst with us for 5 days. The rod average between them was 7 fish per rod over the 5 days, with fish weighed in over 5lb everyday !!! Six fishing clubs held a club competition on Sunday(23rd) with the rod average being over 3. This was despite the change to a cold easterly wind, and heavy rain for most of the day. As I weighed the fish for them, it was good to see some top quality rainbows coming out of the lake, many over 3 and 4lb. Again floating lines proved the best approach as the fish remained high in the water.
We all know all good things seem to come to an end at some point, so whilst the fishing is very good why not come along. Boat bookings are busy at the weekend and some days in the week for the weeks ahead, so calling in advance to check availability is advised. As the nights start to draw in our popular last 4 hour 1 fish catch and release ticket is still available, currently 3.15pm – 7.15pm, every day until the end of the season!! This is at a cost of only £10 from the bank, or an additional £10 from a boat.
The £1000 open boat pairs match held on Sunday the 14th of October is now almost full, with just 3 boats remaining ! Reservoir rules(except the use of a rudder), fishing with your chosen partner, really makes this match open to anyone to win the £1000 cash. The competition will be fished from 10am to 6pm. Entry fee is £25 plus the days fishing costs of £37pp.To book one of the remaining boats please call the fishing lodge on 01788812018
Our Christmas  Fur and Feather match is to be held on Sunday 25th of November. Fished from a boat, you will fish with a partner and the prizes from 1st,2nd,and 3rd will go to the top 3 heaviest individual bags.Each competitor is to bring a small gift (wine, chocolates, game ect) so everyone competing goes home with something. This is a very friendly competition and all is welcome. There will be NO entry fee to this event.
Number of rods this week 291
Number of fish killed 793
Number of fish released 577
This weeks rod average 4.7
We are again open until the end of November, and with hoards of fry now resident under the boat pontoon,it looks set for bumper time on the fry !!
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A large selection of flies from the Flash Attack range is available in the fishing lodge.

Draycote fishing report week ending 16/09/2012

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Draycote weekly update week ending 16th September

Draycote has certainly picked up with this last weekend (15th & 16th) seeing a rod average of 7 as Draycote reached great form. After several days of cooling nights, the warmth has been lifted off the surface water of the lake, sparking life back into the trout. The trout have responded well to daddy long legs being blown onto the surface, and finally, some of the trout have now switched attention to the fry around the pontoon, which are now up to 4″ in length!

Rob Wilson has again demonstrated his skills on the rudder by taking 8 trout weighing in excess of 30lb, whilst two other rudder regulars, Mr Dempsey and Mr Jones, also took 16 fish for 53lb! Mr J. Rodgers landed 13 trout, fishing buzzers in Toft Shallows. Mr T Davies an his partner took 16 fish for 39lb, with the biggest weighing 5lb 9oz. Paul Love landed the best fish of the week, a fin perfect rainbow of 6lb 2oz. Best boat areas have been, Rainbow Corner, the centre of Toft Shallows(G buoy), and the shoals.

The bank fishing has been nothing short of excellent recently with some fantastic trout being caught. Many anglers have had their limits as fish are feeding close in on the weeds, taking snails, corixa and small shrimps. The best areas have been Toft Shallows, The Cornfields, Rainbow Corner and the Tower Bank.

Best flies have been, Traffic Light Diawl Bachs, crunchers, buzzers, daddy longlegs, black and green lures, blobs and boobies.

Best lines have been floating lines, midge tip, intermediate lines and the Di-3.

Draycote will again be open until the end of November for the 2nd year running, allowing anglers to capitalise on the potential fry feeding bonanza.

Number of rods 224 Fish caught 1067  Fish released 503 Rod average 4.7

The Draycote Open boat pairs match on Sunday the 14th of October is almost fully subscribed, with only 5 boats remaining. To book one of the last boats please call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018. The pair with the heaviest bag weight will win £1000 !

Boat bookings are high for the rest of September and going into October. It is recommended that you call the lodge in advance to check availability if you are planning a days fishing.

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Craig Barr

Draycote fishing report week ending 09/09/2012

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Draycote weekly report week ending 09/09/2012

This week has probably been the trickiest to date as the rod average reflects. Though plenty of fish have been moving, the majority anglers have struggled to connect with them. I managed an hour or so on Friday late afternoon, and took 5 fish, two of which weighed over 5lb ! Depth is proving critical on its day, as the fish are full of light coloured olive daphnia. When the fish feed on daphnia they will follow the food source to whatever depth it goes to, so changing leader lengths and lines is important if you are not taking fish in the upper layers.

Mr K Jones had a good day on Thursday, as he landed 10 trout, the biggest being a brown trout of around 6lb, which was safely returned to fight another day. Andy Axon and Mr K Watts had 8 fish between them, the biggest weighing 4lb 12oz. Mr G Davies of Scotland had the biggest fish of the week, a cracking 8lb rainbow, with 2 of his colleagues weighing in fish over 5lb.

A recent stocking boosted some catches on Friday as the newly stocked fish worked their way around the banks. Don Roper, a regular bank angler, caught 9 fish from the bank at Rainbow Corner, and Nigel Wan also took 8 fish from the bank. The fish have at times been very close to the shores feeding on snails, corixa and native fresh water shrimp in the weeds. Fry have also appeared in some areas, however the fish have not yet focussed on these !! Daphnia is very abundant at the moment and the fish are feeding heavily on it. If fishing from a boat do be prepared to drop onto sinking lines to reach these daphnia feeding trout. Us anglers may think the fish should be at or near the surface, however quite often the fish will have their own agenda !!

Number of rods 262    Number of fish caught 540    Number of fish returned 262     Rod average 2.06

Our Autumn pairs boat match is filling quickly, so for your chance to win £1000 cash then please call the fishing lodge to book your space. Only 8 boats remain !! Reservoir rules, however NO rudder is allowed.

 Contact the lodge 01788 812018

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Update 08/09/2012

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This weekend’s weather is a fisherman’s nightmare – or is it? Today (Friday) at Draycote the bright sunshine made things tricky for most. Just recently many fish that have been caught were stuffed full of dapnia, and with the bright conditions can only mean one thing, the fish have gone deep to feed on this tiny crustacean!

A friend of mine had been fishing for over 5 hours, with nothing to show for his efforts. After some gently persuasion he talked me into going out with him on the boat. Armed with a rod, reel and line, and just 4 flies (buzzers) I set on my way.

We set anchor 50 yards off the bank in rainbow corner and proceeded to fish. After an hour and a half I had landed 5 fish, and my friend two, on the Flash Attack Traffic Light buzzer and Bag up buzzer.

The key to the success was a long leader 23’, floating line, four flies (buzzers), and fishing the flies STATIC!! Quite literally.

The combination of a warming water, bright sunshine, and typical early September blues, the trout are not really yet in a chasing mood.

With autumn now only just around the corner, the huge shoals of coarse fry are now staking their claim to the pontoon area, so brace yourselves for some hot action very soon in this particular area of the lake!

Need any advice please ask.

Tight Lines and keep it slow!

Craig Barr

Draycote fishing report week ending 02/09/2012

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Draycote weekly report week ending 02/09/2012

This last week has seen an improvement on the fishing as more settled, as us anglers would say “perfect weather conditions” have prevailed.

Rod Wilson took the best bag of fish this last week with 8 fish for 29lb, the biggest 5lb 1oz. Tom Stoney also had an impressive bag of fish, weighing in 4 fish for 16lb 2oz, the best weighing 4lb 12oz. There has been a rise in bigger fish coming out this last week with 6 recorded over 6lb and 47 recorded over 4lb. The fish are still feeding very high in the surface, in particular on overcast days. I myself managed a few hours out this last week with new Game fishing shop owner Ben Bangham. We managed 11 fish between us on a mixture of size 12 traffic light Diawl Bachs and the yellow owl dry fly. The trick for us was to fish the flies as static as you dare.

The middle of the lake has a high concentration of fish, yet these are not often fished for apart from the rudder fishermen. Armed with this knowledge Iain Barr and his partner fished through the middle of the lake and between them managed 15 fish to the boat in 4 hours, again on a mixture of nymphs and dries fished almost static.

As I write this report we are basking in hot sunshine accompanied by a flat calm. Saying that, with a major clubs match being held on Draycote on Tuesday 4th Sept those practicing today have already had bags of up to 4 fish ! The best fishing is when it is overcast, and a little trickier when it is sunny.

The best lines have been a floating line, midge tip, and intermediates

The best flies have been Flash Attack dark olive buzzers, traffic light Diawl Bachs, UV crunchers, red bits, big reds, yellow owls, and orange fab blobs.

Rainbow Corner is holding a lot of fish, as is the middle deeper parts. The fish are feeding on very small midge so small flies at times are critical to catch the rising fish.

Boats are filling fast for our next £1000 boat pairs match on Sunday October the 14th. Entry fee is £25pp + fishing fees -the match is fished to fishery rules, except the use of a rudder. To book one of the last places please call the fishing lodge on 01788812018

Number of fish caught 747 Number of fish released 366  number of rods 212  rod average 3.5

If you are planning to fish from the bank, please call the fishing lodge in advance to reserve a FREE parking ticket for your car.

Tight Lines  Craig Barr

Draycote fishing report week ending 19/08/2012

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Draycote Fishing Report week ending 19/08/2012

The recent hot weather has inevitably taken its toll on the fishing this last seven days. Despite huge numbers of fish moving on the calmer days, they have not been the easiest to catch. Having said that, the Draycote Open boat pairs match fished Sunday 19th produced a stunning bag of fish for the winners, 16 fish for 53lb 15oz. Julian Hubbard and Ronnie Gent fished the same place when won the first £1000 pairs match last year, drifting from the dam near the Tower onto D buoy. Fishing deep, they tempted their haul on Tube flies. Peter Elliot and Lee Patten took 2nd place with 16 fish for 40lb. They caught their fish predominantly in Rainbow Corner, using floating and midge tip lines and black buzzers. 34 anglers took part with a rod average of 2.8 – quite reasonable for a hot sunny still day !

Earlier in the week fished better as demonstrated by Mt J Maplethorpe who took 8 fish for 23lb, the biggest weighing 5lb 13oz. He took all these fish on a floating line using buzzers and diawl bachs. Regular visitor Tony Broadway landed 7 fish the biggest weighing 5lb 5oz.

Wednesday proved to be the best day of this last week with a rod average of 5.1. Mr G Dawkins caught the biggest fish this day, and for the week, a nice 6lb 2oz rainbow. Mr Tait recorded 2 fish weighing 4.5lb and 5.5lb ! Mr Trotman landed 14 fish with his best weighing 4.8lb.

The bank fishing, as to be expected has slowed somewhat, however the minute I say this a good bag comes from the bank. The best times currently from the bank are the mornings and the evenings as the fish move closer in to feed on snails and fresh water shrimps in the weeds.

With so much natural food in the water, buzzers, dapnia, snails, and now fry, the trout appeared to gone off chasing lures, so floating lines and almost static nymphing has produced the best results.

Number of Rods 213  Number of fish caught 626   Number of fish released 213   Rod average 2.9

Sunday October the 14th is our next £1000 boat pairs match – to book a place call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018. A £25 deposit will be required at point of booking.

The Christmas Fur and Feather boat match will be fished Sunday 25th of November -NO ENTRY FEE. To book, please call the fishing lodge.

If you are planning to fish from the bank please call in advance to the fishing lodge to book a bank car pass.

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