Draycote Opens 28th May

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Draycote will reopen for fly fishing on Thursday 28 May 2020.

Severn Trent will be controlling the overall numbers of visitors onsite by reducing the available car parking area, once the available car park spaces are full, THEY WILL CLOSE THE SITE, no more vehicles will be allowed onsite. You will be able to leave whenever you want

Initially we will only be offering Full Day Boat Bookings, I advise bank & boat anglers to be onsite no later than 10.30am or you may find the site closed and you will not be allowed on.

Severn Trent along with the tenants will be reviewing the current site arrangement daily & hopefully if social distancing is observed by everyone who visits we will be able to offer in the near future, Full Day, Part Day & Last 4 Hour permits.

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The fishery will have hand sanitiser at the lodge & on the pontoon for you to use, we advise you also bring your own & use it especially if you have used a keypad or gone through a gate.

The main toilets at the lodge will not be open, Severn Trent advise us that the toilets at their ranger base / country park entrance will be.

Draycote Fishery Specific Guidelines for Anglers

To ensure we comply with social distancing & government guidelines I have produced new operating guidelines for everyone to follow which are highlighted below.

I would ask during these difficult times & to ensure we keep within the COVID-19 guidelines which could change at any time, you comply with any daily instructions issued by fishery staff & our landlord’s representatives Severn Trent Rangers.

Staff working the pontoon will be wearing Face Shield, masks & disposable gloves with all touching points on the pontoon regularly disinfected. All boats & life jackets will be disinfected after every session.

Staff in the lodge will be wearing Face Shield when interacting with customers and have access to hand sanitiser. At all other times, the recommended outside social distancing will be observed.

All customers will have access to hand sanitiser at the lodge & on the pontoon

All touching points at the lodge, doors, handles, desk, phone, till, PDQ machine etc will be disinfected at least once every hour & more often if required.

Anglers Are Required:

  1. Pre-Booking: All Bank & Boat anglers, including season permit holders will be required to call the lodge & pre book your visit. We will only accept anglers who have pre-booked
  2. Pre-payment will be required at your time of booking, this will reduce the necessity for you to enter the lodge, and for the staff to handle cash & visit banks.
  3. Pre-payment will be made once your booking for the Boat or Bank is confirmed with payment made by credit / debit card.
  4. Confirmation of your Boat Booking along with your receipt, allocated boat number & confirmation of the booked bank anglers will be posted on the outside of lodge window for you to pick up.
  5. LOYALTY CARDS: You will need to keep hold of any receipts issued by the Draycote lodge from May 28th 2020 to claim your boat & permit loyalty stamp at a later date to be announced, when normality returns to the fisheries & we once again start issuing permits across the lodge desk
  6. To comply with COVID-19 guidelines you should travel to the fishery by yourself unless you are travelling with a family member & you live at the same address.
  7. You will be required to meet social distancing rules.
  8. The Booking in & out sheet will be placed outside the lodge door; hand sanitiser will be provided.
  9. Lodge & Tackle shop: will remain closed until further notice, we will operate a click & collect for pre-paid tackle items which will be available for you to pick up outside the lodge door, you can also visit our online shop www.flyfishstore.co.uk
  10. Boats: New operating procedure to ensure we comply with COVID-19 guidelines
  • Maximum 1 person per boat.
  • Husband & Wife / partner, parent & child who live at the same house may share a boat.
  • Boats & lifejackets will be fully disinfected after every session.
  • Draycote Boat availability is reduced to 16 boats & 1 wheely boat to allow staff adequate time to disinfect & rotate boat usage.
  • By reducing the available boats, it allows us to use every other boat on the pontoon, limits the number of people on the pontoon & it will ensure we meet social distancing requirements while you get in and out of the boats.
  • Fishery Ranger staff will control the number of anglers on the pontoon.
  • To speed up the angler usage of the pontoon, DO NOT sit in your boat tied to the pontoon to tackle up or take your tackle down. Once in your boat we expect you to leave the pontoon area as soon as possible. On your return have your tackle ready to vacate the boat and pontoon as soon as possible.
  1. Bank Anglers are to ensure they observe social distancing and while fishing keep a minimum of    15 meters apart. Maximum 30 angler`s vehicles around the perimeter road.
  2. Life jackets worn by bank anglers will be disinfected after every session
  3. The gutting room remains closed