Draycote Report W/E 7th June 2020

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Draycote Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week ending Sunday 7th June 2020

Another fantastic week here at Draycote with cooler weather for the majority of the week. The fishing has exploded with amazing catches coming from both the bank and the boats. Overall a total of 270 anglers have fished landing an impressive 1,856 trout for a rod average of 6.8 for the week.

The warm weather Monday meant it was a tough day on the bank as the fished moved out to the deeper water. Season ticket holder Ian Richardson fished at the Swan’s Nest to land 3 fish all on buzzers fished under the bung. Fishing over in Biggin Bay using buzzers on a floating line was fellow season ticket holder Dave Atkins who tempted 5 fish to the net. Due to the bright sun the boats caught well in a variety of methods. Fishing buzzers, Diawl Bach’s & crunchers on a floating line with a long leader, Trevor Moore & James Mapplethorpe fishing in separate boats landed. 17 & 16 fish each fishing in Toft Shallows. Draycote regular rudder angler Jim Dempsey enjoyed a great day over the open water to land 22 fish on di 3 and di sinking lines with a mix of snakes and tubes. Kevin Rees fished dries all day and despite the sun landed 12 fish. Derek Hessett enjoyed another good day on the water using a long midge tip with nymphs and a FAB before changing to the bung in the afternoon and then finally finishing on dries. Derek, found the majority of his fish of the Farborough Dam and then around J buoy as the like the previous day.

Some cloud around Tuesday but in the most part the sun once again, however this did not seem to worry the fish with a 9.18 rod average for the day. On the bank Phil Mee fished buzzers in Biggin Bay to land 12 fish including a cracking 1lb 8oz Perch. Season ticket holder Pete Allan fished on the tower bank to land 10 fishing including some cracking fish up to 4lb. On the boats Brian Moore landed 25 fish all on buzzers fishing in Biggin Bay and Dunns. Out in the boats Mr R Hankins and son L Hankins landed 29 fish all on nymphs fished on floating and midge tip lines drifting over the open water around J Buoy. Jamie Scott landed a 26 fish all on buzzers and crunchers with fish up to 5lb and commented on how hard fighting the fish are at the moment. Neil Cohen fished on nymphs once again on midge tip, but, found the fish in Toft very willing to take a fly landing 20 fish and said he never had fish under 3lb.

A much better day weather wise for fishing with a cool North East wind and overcast conditions, as a result we saw more fish coming out to the bank anglers. Ian Richardson landed 14 fish taking one first at the Swan’s Nest before landing the rest in Biggin Bay. Ian found the fish very keen to take nymphs fished on a floating line with a booby on the point. Mike Garner fished in Toft from the bank to land 8 fish on Pitsford Peas, crunchers, and Diawl Bach’s. Brian Warwick landed 5 fish along the Cornfield all taken on crunchers. Out on the boats all water season ticket holder Paul Havard landed 9 cracking fish from around P Buoy all taken on a black and green snake fished on a Di 3 sinking line. Husband & Wife team of Tony & Maggie Curtis enjoyed a great day landing 31 between them, fishing over the open water using a mix of nymphs on a washing line. All water season ticket holders Chris Booby & Lianne Frost also enjoyed a great days sport down in Toft taking 30 in booby, crunchers and Diawl Bach’s

Thursday was a beautiful day out on the water with mostly gentle breezes interspersed by the odd light shower of rain. Both boat and bank anglers seemed to be catching well under a sullen looking sky and rising fish could be seen all over the reservoir. Draycote regular Mike Oliver caught half a dozen fish from the Tower Ban using various Buzzer patterns. The bank pairing of Phil Mee and Andy Lilley had a 9 fish bag from various spots along the north shoreline. The bank fishing was going well as Mr A Dawson, Mr H Dawson and Mr I Bradley had a bakers dozen between them. Season permit holders Bob Smith, Brian Allwood and James Kelly all caught really well from the bank on a mixture of Buzzers and Damsels around Lincroft Point. Tony Broadway caught 10 from the bank using size 14 spiders. Season permit holder Dave Smith netted 14 fish from a boat on Buzzers in Biggin Bay. Kevin Hart had 10 fish to the boat on dries and nymphs across the middle. Mr P Bailey took advantage of our last 4 hour permit, netting 10 fish from a boat using Diawl Bachs.

The wind blew hard over Draycote on Friday and did not ease up until late into the evening. Boat and bank anglers tucked themselves in where they could find both shelter and fish, along the northern shoreline and under the Draycote dam. The reservoir fished surprisingly well considering the conditions with some good numbers showing up on the catch return. All water season permit holder Andy Lilley netted 4 fish from the bank using Black Buzzers on a midge tip line. Mr I Stevens and Mr A Atkinson had a brace each from the bank on Buzzers. Peter Elliott and Lee Patten caught a bakers dozen between them on nymphs in various areas around the reservoir. Season permit holder Yousef Dar had 9 fish to the boat on Buzzers. Mr Lee Killen had 19 fish to the boat using a washing line with Buzzers and Hares Ears, on a slow intermediate line. Season permit holder Dennis Tidmarsh had over 20 fish to the boat using a DI 5 and Boobies. Mark Hunt caught 15 fish on a variety of methods. Mark used a 12 ft midge tip and Diawl Bachs to start with, and then changed onto a DI 3 and olive Snakes.

The winds from the previous day continued with stormy showers at various points. The strong winds meant that a lot of the productive areas of earlier in the week had become unfishable. However, this did mean that some of the other areas got fished for possibly the first time since reopening. Frank Sumnall fished in Rainbow Corner with FABs and Blobs on a DI 3 sinking line to land 24 cracking fish. Another angler who used this tactic was Mike Laycock who landed 21 fish. Mike commented the fish up in Rainbow had been feeding hard on Daphnia and also Jelly fry which means we are not far away from Pin fry time. On the bank Mr S Proffitt landed 5 fish all on Diawl Bach’s and cruncher taking 2 in Rainbow Corner in the morning before the wind got up and causes a move to the Tower Bank.

The wind dropped on Sunday giving much more pleasant conditions, although heavy rain at times did make the day a little damp. Thankfully, the fish really played ball with all corners of the lake fishing really well. John Jones enjoyed a great mornings sport landing 13 fish, John fished N Buoy to Hensborough bank using a fast glass. The best flies John found where a Woofta booby on the point and a pink blob on the dropper. George Leaton fished around Hensborough and also Rainbow Corner to land 15 fish again in just a morning session, the majority of George’s fish all took nymphs in the form of Diawl Bach’s and crunchers. Rob Middleton enjoyed a great day landing 30 fish all on dries and washing lined nymphs, Rob also landed a cracking 5lb 6oz Rainbow with one of the best tails I have ever seen. For pictures of this fish head to www.facebook.com/flyfishstore. All water season ticket holder Ed Douglas also found dries was the way to tempt the fish taking 24 of his 30 fish, Ed found a lot of fish around Rainbow Corner and the Hensborough bank. Draycote season ticket holder Tony Parker used Diawl Bach’s and crunchers fished on a washing line to land 31 fish. Tony found the fish all over the lake around Farborough Dam, around J buoy and then towards Rainbow Corner and the Hensborough bank.


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