Draycote Water Fishing Report Thursday 23rd November 2023

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The stiff south westerly continued to blow out of Rainbow Corner through Thursday, making for uncomfortable conditions at times. Anglers were catching fish all over the reservoir throughout the day, but most finished off in the lee of the wind up underneath the western wall. Returns gave us a daily rod average of 3.2, with the majority of fish being caught on sinking lines and lures. Bank anglers stuck mainly to the northern shoreline with The Old Pipe and the Tower Bank being the most popular spots. Mick Cronin and Stan Hillman fished from the Tower Bank and netted 4 fish and 2 fish respectively. The pair used intermediate lines and lures such as snakes and minkies. Draycote regular John Dickens caught a brace from the bank whilst fishing near the Old Pipe using the very popular humungus fly. Ed Douglas caught half a dozen fish from a boat using snakes from various areas around the reservoir. Seasoned angler Dave Smith had 5 fish to the boast near the Valve Tower using white and black snakes as well as boobies. Dave fished his flies on a DI8 sinking line as well as an intermediate. Ian Richardson and Bob Smith caught a total of 10 fish between them. Ian and Bob used DI3 and DI5 sinking lines with snakes and humungus flies near  M and N buoy. Season permit holder Bob Barfoot caught 5 fish near N and X buoy on small sparklers and sparkler boobies.