COVID-19 Update


Draycote is open for boat & bank fishing.

From July 24th it will be mandatory for customers to wear a face covering within the shop

To ensure we comply with social distancing & government guidelines I have produced new operating guidelines for everyone to follow which are highlighted below.

I would ask during these difficult times & to ensure we keep within the COVID-19 guidelines which could change at any time, you comply with any daily instructions issued by fishery staff.

Staff working the pontoon will be wearing Face Coverings have access to hand sanitiser with all touching points on the pontoon regularly disinfected. All boats & life jackets will be disinfected after every session.

Staff working the lodge / Tackle Shop will be wearing Face Covering when they need to interact with our customers, we have installed a Perspex screen at the counter, staff will observe social distancing rules. Everyone entering the lodge / shop will be required to use the hand sanitiser by the door.

From July 24th it will be mandatory for customers to wear a face covering within the shop

All customers & Staff will have access to hand sanitiser at the lodge & on the pontoon

All highlighted touching points at the lodge / tackle shop will be disinfected during the day.

New Operating Procedure While Visiting Draycote Trout Fishery

  1. Pre-Booking: All Bank & Boat anglers, including season permit holders will be required to call the lodge & pre book your visit.
  2. Pre-payment will be required at your time of booking, this will reduce queuing at the lodge.
  3. Pre-payment can be made by a credit / debit card.
  4. Confirmation of your Boat or Bank Booking along with your receipt will be posted at the lodge next to the Booking In – Booking Out sheet.
  5. Hand sanitiser is provided for you
  6. Lodge & Tackle shop is open use the hand sanitiser as you enter & from July 24th it will be mandatory for you to wear a face covering within the shop, this can be a Buff, scarf, mask, face shield etc
  7. Within the shop from 24th July & mandatory face coverings observe the 1m+ social distancing guidelines
  8. Bank Anglers are to ensure they observe social distancing and while fishing keep a minimum of   15 meters apart. Maximum 30 angler`s vehicles around the perimeter road
  9. Bank anglers should carry their own hand sanitiser & use it as required during the day, especially if you’ve used a key pad or opened gates.


  1. Two anglers may share a boat, or three anglers from the same household
  2. We recommend you follow the Angling Trust guidelines & wear a face covering while the boat is moving under power
  3. Bring your own hand sanitiser & use it as required during the day

Pontoon Access Guidelines Posted at the Pontoon Gateway

  1. All Anglers Wait Here
  2. Fishery Staff will call you forward onto the pontoon.
  3. Boat Numbers will be allocated once your called forward.
  4. Prevent Queuing & Delays Minimize your journey to & from the boat.
  5. Do Not Tackle up in the boat next to the pontoon, staff will instruct you to leave the pontoon as soon as possible.
  6. Two Anglers fishing together MUST BE READY when called to come onto the pontoon together.
  7. The angler in charge of the engine will enter the boat first while his partner passes him/her the tackle.
  8. Minimize Queues & Delays If you require to leave the pontoon to pick up other tackle items it should ONLY BE ONE OF YOU, the other angler in charge of the engine remains in the boat.

Returning to the pontoon

  1. Fishery staff will be controlling the number of anglers on the pontoon at any one time. BE PREPARED TO WAIT for their instructions for you to come forward & secure the boat to the pontoon.
  2. On returning have your tackle ready to vacate the boat & pontoon as quickly as possible.
  3. Boats & Life Jackets will be Disinfected after every session.
  4. At all times comply with the instructions given by the fishery staff, this is to ensure we meet our current operating guidelines & social distancing rules.