Draycote Report W/E 25th October 2020

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Draycote Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week ending Sunday 25th October 2020

Draycote has experienced some great fishing this week from both the bank and boats, with fry patterns taking some cracking fish. Overall 188 anglers visited the fishery landing a total of 760 fish for a rod average of 4.

The week started with light winds coming from the North East to start the day before swinging more to the south and strengthening as the day progressed. On the bank Mark Parsley landed 5 fish using a suspender minkie and commented he has interested in every area he stopped. Stand Hillman fished at the overflow using Minkies and floating fry to land 4 fish including a cracking fish around 5-6lb bracket. Mick Cronin landed 6 from the fish taking 4 from the tower bank before the wind picked up with, the others coming from the Overflow again on fry patterns. Out on the boats Paddy Hallam enjoyed a great day boating 14 fish, Paddy used two methods to take his fish a Di 5 sinking line in the morning and then dries in the afternoon. His set up on the Di 5 was a tequila blob on the top dropper with a hares and cruncher on the middle droppers with a sparkler booby on the point. This took half of his fish from around the School Slip and Hensborough Bank before swapping to dries in the afternoon. Brothers Phil & Paul Calvert landed 13 to the boat using pink snakes, tequila blobs and floating fry. The brothers found the best lines to be either a fast glass or a Di 5 sweep with the best drift being around S Buoy and Farborough spit. Draycote season ticket holder Roger Kerrison enjoyed a great day boating 10 fish with all the fish falling to Midas, great sport on the dries for October.

Strong winds Tuesday coming from the South, on the bank Tony Broadway enjoyed good sport landing 6 fish. Tony landed 2 cracking fish over 3lb from the outlet before moving to Toft and the Swan’s nest to land a further 4 on a washing line with Diawl Bachs on the droppers. All water season ticket holder Ken Key also enjoyed a good day’s sport landing 5 fish. On the boats Steve Barby and his boat partner enjoyed a good day landing 28 fish using the rudder using dries with runs down the Farborough Dam wall and then out from the Hensborough proving the most productive. All water season ticket holder Paul Walker fished around Rainbow Corner and also drifting off the Hensborough bank and outlet to land 19 fish. Paul used a traditional Kate McLaren on the dropper and a goldhead on the point. Another boat who enjoyed a good day’s sport was that of Ian Morris & Brian Hall who boated 8 fish using muddlers and an appetizer booby around the inlet pulled through the surface layers.

A very wet day Wednesday which did not really see the rain stop all day, with winds coming from the North West. This wet weather kept most of the anglers away, however those did brave the weather enjoyed some good sport. On the bank all water season ticket holder Norman Perkins landed 8 fish fishing the overflow from the treatment works and along the tower bank. Norman found the key to catching the fish was to use a minkie booby on the point and then Diawl Bachs and Buzzers on the droppers fished on a floating line. On the boats Alex Campbell enjoyed a good mornings sport landing 8 fish using a DI 7 sinking line with fry patterns taking fish from the Farborough Dam wall and then around the Value Tower. Fishery staff member Lee Henfrey fished with former manager Kevin Hart with the pair boating 18 fish. Using Di 5 sweeps and a mix of barred olive snake boobies, tubes and humungus they took fish from along the Farborough Dam and also over Croft shoal.

A busy day Thursday with most of the boats heading out on the water and a number of anglers taking to the banks. After some heavy downpours first thing in the morning the sun broke through to leave a nice autumnal day, with the wind coming from the West. The bank anglers enjoyed a great day’s sport with the Cornfield being the most consistent area. Draycote season ticket holder Tony Broadway landed 10 from this area using a minkie booby on the point with crunchers on the dropper using a floating line. Brothers Roger & Graham Davies also found fish along the Cornfield landing 13 fish between them using a floating fry on the point and crunchers on the droppers. Fish along the Tower Bank and also the Overflow Stan Hillman & Mick Cronin landed 5 & 9 fish using suspender minkies. On the boats Mr J & M Webster boated 20 fish on Olive Snakelets fishing around D buoy and through to Biggin Bay. The boat of Kevin Jones and Dave Summers enjoyed good sport taking 19 fish with a Di 5 and minkies working in the morning before a change to dries in the afternoon worked well with black hoppers.

A calm start to the day turned blustery in the afternoon with light showers. Again the bank is fishing quite well with Bob Smith taking 4 fish from Dunns Bay on Minkies and Olive Snakes. Draycote regular John Haynes took a brace from the north shore on fry patterns as did Peter Allen. Out on the boats Young Kevin Hart had 14 using a DI 3 and a DI 5 with Black and Gold Humungus. Kevin fished along the Saddle Bank, Lincroft Point and Toft Shallows. Draycote Guide and fishery ranger Lee Henfrey had a day in the boat with Michael Hanlon, netting over 30 fish. Lee and Michael used a DI 5 Sweep and fry patterns in areas such as the Farborough Dam, Lincroft point, ands then the spit to the Swans nest. They said that most of the fish came “on the hang”. To learn more about this type of fishing with a Sweep line, read Tom Birds latest blog on our website at www.flyfishstore.co.uk

Saturday turned out to be a very wet and windy day with a strong southerly blowing hard into the north shore. Only 14 rods ventured out with the three bank anglers doing quite well considering the conditions. Mr J and Mr M Dowse had 3 fish between them on Minkie Boobies, whilst Mr Slav took 3 from the bank during an evening session . Mr I Tearle and his boat partner had 18 fish to the boat between them, although no information as to how they did it is available at this time. Mr H Smith and Mr M Cox caught 9 fish from a boat using fry patterns, whilst Mr S Thomas, had 3 fish to the boat on Damsels, which tipped the scales at 10lbs 4 oz.

The weather forecast for Sunday looked awful early in the week with strong winds and rain forecast. However, it turned out to be a lovely day with some showers later in the day, but for the majority of the day the anglers enjoyed lovely Autumnal sun and a steady breeze. On the bank season ticket holder Paul Walley enjoyed a good day’s sport landing 5 fish from the Swan’s Nest in Toft using a FAB on the point of a washing line. Fishing alongside Paul was Draycote Fly Fisher club member Stephen Dewhurst who also used a FAB on a washing line to land 3 fish. On the boats season ticket holder Richard Walker landed 10 fish using an Olive Snake fished on an intermediate line. Alex Macpherson & Robert Webb landed 13 fish using a black and green hot head fritz lure using a Di 3 Forty Plus line. The pair found the fish around the Hensborough Bank and also along the school slips. Andy Lunn also fished from the boat landing 13 fish on boobies fished on sinking lines, from various points around the reservoir.

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Fur & Feather- Sunday 29th November 2020.

We are please to announce we have the date for a popular Fur & Feather competition on Sunday 29th November. As always there will be some fantastic Christmas Hamper prizes up for grabs for the 1st prize and bottles of wine and spirit for 2nd 3rd and the biggest fish.

Fish with your partner to fishery rules 12 fish limit to the boat no time bonus heaviest weight wins. To book your place please phone the lodge on 01788 812018.


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