Draycote Report W/E 18th October 2020

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Draycote Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week ending Sunday 18th October 2020

A great week here at Draycote with good autumnal fishing weather with nice light breezes meaning that the anglers were able to cover the water and present the flies nicely to tempt the fish. Once again it has been fry patterns that have featured heavily on the catch reports, and there has been some great catches .As a result of the weather and the fantastic fishing on offer it has been a busy week with 287 rods visiting the fishery landing a total of 1,540 giving a rod average of 5.4.

A great start to the week with the 19 anglers who visited the fishery landing 132 fish for a rod average of 6.9 fish per angler. Our very own top guide and ranger Lee Henfrey went out with Nigel Keeber for a morning session landing 31 fish to the boat Lee and Nigel used Di 5 sinking lines and mix of snakes, boobies, and tubes. Lee opted to use the Di 5 sweep while Nigel went for a normal Di 5, with the fish coming from Croft Shoal and Farborough Dam wall. Mr C Cowan & Mr I Dobbie enjoyed a good day using white snakes to boat 34 fish. Finding the fish down the bottom end of the Farborough dam towards the spit and then round the corner from the spit against the dam wall. Enjoying some later season dry fly sport Kevin Rees boated 10 fish using crippled midge and hoppers, with the fish coming from around Croft shoal and then around T buoy drifting towards the Farborough dam. Fishing from the bank on the last 4 hour permit William Hunt landed 3 fish from the Swan’s Nest on a black humungus.

The wind swung back to the North West Tuesday with a bright start that clouded over in the afternoon. On the bank Draycote season ticket holder Bob Smith landed 10 fish using a minkie booby on the point of a washing line along with a lot of other interest. 2 of Bob’s fish came from the corner of the Hensborough Bank while the rest of the fish took from Lincroft point just round the corner heading down toward Biggin Bay. All water season ticket holder Keith Coley fished with Bob Taft boating 19 fish using cormorant and minkies fished on intermediate lines in Biggin Bay. Another all water season ticket holder getting into the action was Ed Douglas who landed 17 fish. Ed used a Minkie booby on the point and cormorants on the droppers using an Airflo 12ft slow sinking midge tip with most of Ed’s fish coming from the Farborough Dam Wall. Former fishery manager Kevin Hart fished with John Hoskins with the pair taking 27 fish, the best line for the boat was Di 5 sweep with a barred olive snake being the best fly. Kevin & John landed a number of fish along the Farborough Dam wall, around J buoy and also along the Hensborough Bank.

Another good day Wednesday with the wind coming from the North East, which gave a certain chill to the day. However, the fish did not mind with the road average for the day once again being over 6. On the bank Tony Broadway landed 7 fish on floating fry and Diawl bachs from the Cornfield. While Alec Twaites look 4 fish from the Old Pipe in Biggin Bay including 2 cracking rainbows over 4lb. Once again Kevin Hart fished on the boats, but this time was joined by fishery ranger Lee Henfrey. The pair enjoyed a great days sport with an cricket score catch between them. Both used a Di 5 sweep line with a mix of humungus boobies and small snake boobies using a roly-poly retrieve. They found the fish along the Farborough Dam Wall, from Lincroft point across to the shoal and also around X Buoy. Dave Bailey enjoyed a good day in the boats landing 14 fish from Farborough Spit using Minkie boobies. Dave Eames fishing with his daughter enjoyed a good day on the rudder landing 40 fish to the boat on white snakes. With the fish coming from H-J Buoy and then D Buoy to the value tower.

A similar day Thursday with the wind again coming from the North East with bright skies. Once again Draycote was in good form. Jim Dempsey and Rod Wilson had 21 fish to the boat on the rudder using various lure patterns fished through the top few feet of the water. Season permit holder Gordon Bramwell netted 10 fish on a DI5 and Minkies. Paul Calvert netted a baker’s dozen on Minkie Boobies and FAB’s. Season permit holder Paul Mitchell caught 20 fish from a drifting boat on FAB’s and Snakes. Mr S farmer caught 14 fish from various spots all over the reservoir on Minkie Boobies, Blobs and small Sparkler Boobies.

Overcast skies all day Friday with some rain in the latter part of the day with winds around 10-12mph from the North East. On the bank Draycote season ticket holder Tony Broadway landed 10 fish from Biggin Bay using a washing line with a booby on the point and then Diawl Bachs on the droppers. Fellow season ticket holder Bob Smith fished in Dunn’s Bay using a Minkie booby on the point of a washing line to land 6 fish. On the boats Lea Tones fished with Nigel Farmer to land 24 fish to the boat the pair found the fish at OL Buoy, A Buoy to Rainbow Corner. Fishing with Minkie boobies and blobs on intermediate lines. Season ticket holder Lee Patten & Peter Elliot used Di 5 sinking lines and snakes to land 41 fish from various areas around the reservoir with the Farborough Dam wall being the hotspot. Dave Smith also fished the Farborough Dam wall using a Di 5 with a mini white snake to boat 12 fish including a cracking 4.5lb brown. Gareth Dixon & Christian Jones landed 40 fish to boat using an Airflo 40+ mid-glass and a mix of FABs, Daddies and claret hoppers. The lads found the fish around M buoy drifting towards the Hensborough bank and then around A Buoy into Rainbow Corner.

Similar conditions Saturday, although the wind did drop out completely in the afternoon for a period. All water season ticket holder Ed Douglas landed 16 fish on a 12ft slow tip with a minkie booby on the point and cormorants on the droppers. Ed caught 6 fish quickly from the Farborough Dam wall before heading up to A Buoy and Rainbow Corner to land the rest of his fish. Gaz Dixon & Christian Jones enjoyed another good days sport taking over 20 fish ahead of an early finish just after lunch. The pair found the fish along the Hensborough Bank and then around Rainbow Corner, with Gaz landing a number of nice fish on a pink snake before switching back on to the mid glass with a nix of boobies, daddies, and hoppers. Also finishing early but enjoying a good day was fishery ranger & guide Lee Henfrey fishing with friend Nigel Keeber. Landing over 25 fish the found gold and silver tubes fished on Di 5 sinking lines to be the key to success taking the fish around Farborough Dam wall. Gareth Jones & Keiron Jenkins also enjoyed a good day landing over 30 fish to the boat using a Di 5 sweep with 2 barred olive snake around the Hensborough bank to land some cracking 3-4lb fish, with the same method working along the Draycote Dam as well. Another method that worked for the pair was to use a slow tip with a blob and then crunchers on the droppers. Kieron also landed 3 cracking fish around J buoy using a Di 3 sinking line and a wrapped minkie pattern, to finish the day.

A busy day Sunday with all the boats heading onto the water along with a number of anglers fishing along the bank. Challenging conditions for the majority of the day with not a breath of wind until the afternoon when a gentle breeze did pick up. On the bank Draycote season ticket holders Bob Smith & Ian Richardson landed 4 and 5 apiece. Bob used a minkie booby and then a standard brown minkie to take his 4 taking 2 from the overflow before moving to Lincroft point. While Ian opted to fish in Dunn’s bay using a midge tip line with a weighted barred olive snake and landed 5 including a cracking 5lb bar of silver rainbow. On the boats Draycote season ticket holder and Draycote Fly Fishers member Paul Walley enjoyed a good day’s sport boating 14 fish. Paul used a minkie and a FAB fished on an intermediate line to land his fish drifting from D Buoy into Dunn’s and then through into Biggin Bay. Fishing around the school slips Paul Mitchell & Tim Burns landed 25 fish to the boat using a mix of snakes on Di 5 sinking lines and also suspender minkies. Another boat finding fish in this area was Dave Kennell & Eddie Mitchell who boated 15 fish on minkies, boobies and foam daddies fished on 12ft fast tips. Jim Smith & Ed Douglas enjoyed a good day afloat taking over 30 fish to the boat, the fished two quite different methods and caught from various marks around the lake. Jim used a Di 5 sweep with a long leader and two small snake boobies, while Ed fished a 12ft slow tip with a Humungus and a minkie.

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Fur & Feather- Sunday 29th November 2020.

We are please to announce we have the date for a popular Fur & Feather competition on Sunday 29th November. As always there will be some fantastic Christmas Hamper prizes up for grabs for the 1st prize and bottles of wine and spirit for 2nd 3rd and the biggest fish.

Fish with your partner to fishery rules 12 fish limit to the boat no time bonus heaviest weight wins. To book your place please phone the lodge on 01788 812018.


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