Draycote Report Tuesday 17th October

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A bright day Tuesday with the wind coming from the Northeast and was quite gusty at times. With the wind in the North it was an ideal day for the bank anglers to get out. This proved to be the place to be as the bank anglers enjoyed the lion share of the sport. Tony Broadway fished at Lincroft using popper minkies landing 4 fish. Then moving to the Willow Tree in Toft once the wind picked up taking another fish on a washing lined buzzer. Norman Perkins fished at the Cornfield using a FAB on the point, a black buzzer and then a natural cruncher landing 7 fish. Fishing at Lincroft Point, Gary Russel landed 6 fish from the bank with them all falling to an orange blob fished on the top dropper. Draycote member Dennis Tidmarsh fished at the Cornfield and the Willow Tree in Toft. Using a humungus fished on a sink tip line to land 9 fish. The fishing on the boats was a little trickier. John Jones drifted from the Farborough Dam landing 5 fish on small snakes fished on a fast glass. The best boat catch came to Kevin Hart who landed 9 fish, from Croft Shoal and the Farborough Dam. Using a floating line and a popper minkie or a Di 3 sinking line and boobies.