Draycote Water fishing report for Thursday 28th September 2023

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Once again Thursday started with over cast conditions and a stiff breeze coming out of the south west. What a great  day it was to be out on Draycote Water. There were some excellent returns from all 4 points of the compass, mainly caught in the top few feet of the water on anything from small snakes and floating fry patterns to crunchers on a washing line and dries for some. Mr B Joseph caught half a dozen fish from the bank at Lincroft Point and the Tower Bank. Season permit holder Phil Cross also ventured out onto the bank, netting 3 fish on this occasion. Out on the boats the pairing of Kevin Hart and young John Hoskins had 18 fish between them with long drifts off the Hensborough Bank out to Y and P buoy. The pair used intermediate lines with black bunny leaches and tequila blobs. Ian Richardson and Bob Smith also netted 18 fish between them on the drift using sparkler boobies and cormorants. Ian and Bob had their fish from the area around E buoy and Alberts Bottom as well as The Tower Bank. Bob Barfoot had some big fish to the boat, weighing in at 4, 5 and 6 lbs. Bob caught a total of 10 fish on cormorants along the Draycote Dam and also down in Toft Shallows. Mr Nick Righton and Mr Keith Eastbury had 17 fish to the boat between them. The pair used a mixture of wet flies with a foam daddy on the point on a floating line,  as well as cormorants and crunchers. Draycote stalwart Ed Douglas netted 10 fish from a drifting boat on foam daddies as well as nymphs on a washing line.