Draycote Daily Report Wednesday 27th July 2023

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Fishing Report: Draycote

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Wednesday 26th July 2023        Rod Av: 6.33          Water Temperature: 16.5 °C

A bright start to Wednesday, with cloud arriving in the afternoon and bringing it with it some very heavy rain for the evening. The wind also swung back into the Southwest, after coming from the Northwest the day before. Draycote member Ian Reeve fished a morning boat landing 11 fish. Drifting from Rainbow Corner towards A Buoy either using daddies or a washing line with a tequila FAB on Diawl Bachs. Darn Nataly & Danny Lovegrove landed 21 fish on their boat, with he best area being around Y Buoy. The best tactic the pair found was a washing line, with a mixture of daddies, blobs and Daiwl Bachs. On either an intermediate line or a midge tip. Pete Eville landed 14 fish on dries drifting through the middle around N Buoy & Y Buoy using red bobs bits or a foam daddy. Mr Camm fishing his first of a 2 day break enjoyed a great day landing 16 fish, before the heavy rain set in around 7pm. Commenting that he caught fish everywhere he went from Rainbow Corner to Toft. Using a washing line set up with most of the fish taking the FAB on the point. With the best line being an intermediate when the sun came out and a midge tip in the afternoon when the cloud arrived. Another boat landing 16 fish was Steve Radcliffe and Mike Hill who fished daddies around Rainbow Corner to land their fish.

Competitions Due at Draycote:

John Horsey Wychwood Individual Fly Fishing Championship Individual Competition Sunday 20th August entry details https://flyfishingchampionships.uk/

Jim Watts Trophy Fly Dressers Guild 26th August.

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