Draycote opens 1st March 2023

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook, Thornton

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Sunday 9th April

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Week Ending: 26th February    Rod Av: 5.3     Water Temperature: 6c – 7c

Monday, with a brisk cool wind anglers fished from the corner of the wood back up into the shelter of the Thornton arm. Mr & Mrs Warren decided to fish the sheltered water in front of the main car park catching 5 from this area. All Water member John Duncan caught 11 for his visit with Greg Weatherdon on his first visit of the year catching 7. Lee Henfrey returned and fished the 12ft slow tip line with bloodworm & buzzers to catch 17 for his visit.

Tuesday with a good forecast we had all of the boats out, milder day with our water temperature at 6c+. Bit of a mixed days fishing with a rod av of 3.4 Buzzer patterns caught a few mor fish with Steve Fairgrieve catching 6 on buzzer patterns, Bob Jones caught 7 for his visit on a mixture of cats whisker & buzzer patterns. Andrew Wilson fished out in front of the lodge with a DI3 and viva pattern catching 8 trout

Wednesday, although a bit cooler the weather was better than forecast with the fishery returning a rod average 5 for the day. Anglers are finding increasing numbers of trout past the end of the wood down to the tern raft and is well worth a look when the wind allows. 4 weeks into the season the Thornton arm and in front of the wood continues to produce well for the boats. All water members Ian Jobe and Clive Moore caught 14 for their visit with other rods catching on small minkie, booby, cats whisker, bloodworm and buzzers using a 12ft slow tip down to a DI7

Thursday, much cooler start to the day with a brisk northerly wind. With a north wind the end of the wood, lonesome pine down the Markfield arm offered some relief from the cold. It was a day for fast sinkers with a variety of boobies from a cats whisker, white, coral to pink. All Water member John Duncan fished with R Bedder boating 11 trout, Keith Cowen caught 6 on a cats whisker with J Scott catching 8

Friday and a colder northerly wind kept the rods off the water, a quiet day with S Hall & M Bishop on their first visit to Thornton catching 12 trout on a fast sinker & black booby with green eyes fishing along the wood bank & corner of the wood.

Saturday, and a daily rod average 9.1 with anglers finding fish from in front of the lodge, along the wood down the Markfield arm towards the tern raft, unfortunately majority of the trout remain a good way off the bank. Kevin Hart fished with D Pacey catching 23 on booby patterns on a fast sinker and a midge tip with buzzers. N Perrie caught 10 on a black and green fritz with Thornton member Jan Webber catching 11 on fast sinking lines and boobies. Sam & Rob Edmonds caught 20 on fast sinkers and booby patterns. The longer daylight hours are helping to move the water temperature upwards it now sits at 7c

Sunday, and a busy day with all of the boats out on the water. Lee Henfrey & Nigel Keeber caught 26 for their visit with Neil Deakin & Martin Rowson catching 25 trout for their visit. All Water member J Reynolds caught 15 with All Water members F Duffy jnr & F Duffy snr catching 25 for their visit. Fast sinking lines with various booby patterns caught the majority of the trout although Mark Hunt persevered with a midge tip & buzzers to catch 7

Water clarity is excellent, boat anglers are still enjoying the best of the sport with the area opposite the lodge in front of the wood and down the Markfield arm to the tern rafts fishing best. Water temperature is starting to creep upwards and was at 7c by the end of the week.

With only 2 days left for February we have enjoyed an excellent opening month from the boats with a rod average of 5.9 for February


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Eyebrook Opens 3rd March

Main gate and fishing lodge open from 7.30am

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