Draycote Fishing Report w/e Sunday 27th November 2022

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook, Thornton

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Week Ending: 27th November 2022              Rod Av: 3.5    Water Temperature:  10°C

The works on the new overflow at the Hensborough Bank are due to start this Monday 24th October. While the works are being completed there will be no access through to Rainbow Corner from the Sailing Club side.  We ask that all anglers enter and exit via the Farborough Dam barrier.

Monday dawned overcast with a bit more of a chill in the air. It was dry to start with, but we had as forecast some quite heavy showers through the latter part of the afternoon. The fishing was very good overall with a rod average of 5.8, with all of the fish falling to sinking lines and lures. The best areas are all at the western end of the reservoir, with the Flat Stones, the Valve Tower, A buoy and the front of the Hensborough Bank, all showing up on the catch return. Season permit holder Dave Smith had 4 fish on boobies and a DI5. Mr M Blythe and Mr P Tailor had 8 between them fishing over the deeper water on boobies. Mr Craig Middleton had 11 fish to the boat using small pink boobies along the Draycote Dam.

Tuesday started overcast and cold, with plenty of water in the boats from some heavy overnight showers. However, apart from a couple of occasional showers the day remained dry, with light winds from the Southwest. Fishing from the bank Norman Perkins landed 5 fish using a hares ear on the dropper and minkie on the point. Landing his fish from the Tower Bank and the Cornfield. On the boats season ticket holder Lee Pattern fished with Dave Kennel with the pair boating over 20 fish with a Di 7 and snakes being the way for Lee. While Dave opted for a 12ft fast tip with a sparkler booby on the point. Julian Hubbard fishing with son Chris landed a dozen fish on tubes fishing over the shoals. Another boat who did well over the shoals, John Cosford and his boat partner landed 18 fish on their fish ever visit to Draycote. Following the advice of fishery ranger Lee Henfrey the pair back drifted a DI 5 with an olive snake at Musborough shoal. Kevin Hart enjoyed a great day landing 28 fish, using a DI 5 in the morning with boobies before swapping to a fast glass and minkies in the afternoon.

A very wet start to the day with strong winds arriving after the rain had stopped by mid-morning. As a result it was a quite day at the fishery with a number of anglers opting to remain dry. Mr Francis fished from a boat and was rewarded with 8 fish to the net. Using a barred olive snake fished around A, B & D Buoy on a Di 5 sinking line. Eyebrook fishery ranger Martin Blakeston fished with Mark Goodge with he paid landing 9 fish to the boat. With the best flies being snakes and Humungus.

A nice start to Thursday with rain forecast later in the day, which turned quite heavy by later afternoon. On the bank David Rechtorik landed a brace from the Swan’s Nest using a olive snake. On the boats it was a windy day which make presentation a challenge. All water member Paul Havard landed 7 fish. Drifting from Rainbow Corner along the Draycote Dam watching on a white and silver humongous booby fished on a Di 3 sinking line. Alan Wither fishing with Neil Heath landed 6 fish using the same fly as Paul on a Di 5 sinking line. Fishery Ranger Lee Henfrey fishing with Kev Hart landed a dozen fish. With his best method being back drifting due to the high winds making anchoring a challenge. Landing his fish on various boobies fish on sinking lines around Y Buoy, M Buoy and N Buoy.

Friday turned out to be a lovely day out on the water, with light breezes and a spot of sunshine to warm the bones. Season permit holder John Dickens used minkie boobies on a sinking line to put 4 fish in the boat. Mick Cronin had 7 fish from the bank on floating fry patterns and a floating line. Brian Allwood had a “Good Day”, netting a brace from the bank, one of which weighed in at 4lbs. Draycote stalwarts Ian Richardson and Bob Smith put 19 fish in the boat between them using humungus on sinking lines and remarked on “A good days fishing”. Young Graham Homer netted 3 fish on an intermediate line and lures drifting off the Hensborough Bank.

The winds came from the southwest on Saturday blowing quite strong at times, thankfully with the rain holding off until later in the day once the anglers had come off the water. Rob & Sam Edmounds took to the water practicing ahead of the fur and feather the next day. The pair caught some nice fish by Y & N Buoy before calling it a day early and leaving the fish for the match the next day. Season ticket holders Richard & Jim Hall enjoyed a good day in a boat landing 9 fish to the boat, with some real crackers amongst them. With a 5 of them weighting over 4lb, the pair landed these on Minkies and floating fry around the outlet. Ben Bayliss & Dave Morris also fished from a boat landing 20 fish from around N Buoy in snakes fished on Di 5 sinking lines, landing some cracking fish with the biggest a Rainbow of 5lb 4oz.

Sunday started with light breezes and overcast conditions, and stayed that way for the rest of the day. All 32 boats took to the water in Draycotes Fur and Feather match, which turned in a good rod average of 3.3, and ended up being a very close run end of season competition. There was lots of excitement on the pontoon first thing as the anglers were getting ready, and everyone got away at 9 am sharp in good spirits. The prize for the biggest fish went to Mark Goodge and Shaun Higgins. Mark and Shaun caught several big fish around the pontoon area, of which the best weighed 5lbs 10oz. The boat voucher for the smallest fish went to John Brown and Andy Campbell and was received with a big round of applause and some good banter. In the overall competition, 3rd place was taken by the father and son pairing of John and Sean Hanlon with a bag weight of 24lbs 2oz. In second position were Sam Edmunds and Pablo Mullins who weighed in 12 fish for 25lbs 9oz. The overall winners of the match were Rob and Albert Edmunds with a total bag weight of 27lbs 2oz. Well done to all those who took part.

There are still a couple of days left until the end of the season, and with good forecasts given for the week, why not come along and take advantage of the good fishing we are having here at Draycote at the moment.

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Week Ending:  27th November   Rod Av: 0.8     Water Temperature: 10C

Following the dry spring, summer and early autumn we needed rain, and we’ve certainly had some these past few weeks and especially the last week. Thornton is full, its above normal levels and running over the overflow. With the high water our clarity was reduced although not as bad as we expected with clarity around 18inch

Not surprising therefore that few rods ventured out this week, those that did fished sinking lines with minkie, cat’s whiskers and booby patterns in front of the wood, stones, green bay and the main car park.

Our water clarity continues to improve and with light winds forecast and our records indicating a head of 6,900 trout still in the reservoir were hoping the fishing picks up for our last 3 days with Thornton 2022 season closing on November 30th


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