Draycote Report W/E 20th November 2022

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook, Thornton

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Week Ending: 20th November 2022              Rod Av:  3.4   Water Temperature:  10°C

The works on the new overflow at the Hensborough Bank are due to start this Monday 24th October. While the works are being completed there will be no access through to Rainbow Corner from the Sailing Club side.  We ask that all anglers enter and exit via the

A foggy start to Monday with light winds, when the fog did clear it left a very mild day with light winds coming from the South. Draycote member Tony Broadway fished off the bank to land 4 fish using a Snowbee buzzer tip and a Grey Minkie. Colin Day fished the corner of the Hensborough Bank to land 4 using a black and white snake using a roly-poly retrieve. On the boats the fishery team took out various staff members from the Rangers, New leaf catering and the Sailing club for our annual fishing day. A great day was had by all with some fantastic fish caught. Lee Henfrey fishing with Sarah (New Leaf) landed the most fish to the boat with 11 fish. Fishing at M Buoy near the Hensborough Bank on a Di 5 sinking line and various booby fry patterns. Jason from Eyebrook fished with Ellie (ranger) who landed 4 fish for a cracking 12lb 13oz the best bag weight and also the largest fish of the day with a 5lb 2oz Rainbow. Andy Miller out with Tilley (New Leaf) landed 7 fish with Tilley landing a cracking 4lb 9oz Rainbow. The big fish continued with Paul (Ranger) landing a 4lb 11oz fish. Overall it was a fantastic day and a great way for the fishery to thank all the staff for their help over the season. Outside of this there were also a number of other great catches. Kevin Hart fished with John Hoskins who boated 21 fish at Y Buoy. Using DI 5 sinking lines and fast intermediates with minkies and snakes. Draycote member Lee Patton fished with Alex Urquhart landing 26 fish to the boat using olive snakes on intermediates and Di 5 sinking lines at the Hensborough Bank, Y Buoy and Lincroft point. Mick Nicols landed a cracking fish while out in the boat of 7lb 5oz taken on a white lure fished at the Draycote Dam. To see pictures of this fish and the staff fishing day please visit www.facebook.com/flyfishstore

What a difference a day makes, after the lovely day Monday, Tuesday saw a very wet and windy day. As a result there was only season ticket holder Ray Rawlings who opted to head out on the water. Ray landed a brace of fish using a Di 5 sinking line and a white and green snake. A nice reward for persisting in some very challenging conditions, for both angler and waterproofs.

The winds came from the Southeast Wednesday with blue skies in the morning before cloud arrived later in the day. On the bank all water member Paul Walker landed 6 trout fishing at the Overflow including one between 5lb 8oz and 6lb in weight. Fishing along side Paul, John Falconbridge used minkies to also land 6. Richard Walker fishing from the Outlet using a white minkies landed 5 fish including a cracking rainbow of 4lb 4oz. On the boats Draycote member John Dickens landed 7 fish using a Di 5 sinking line and a minkie booby with the best area being the Hensborough Bank towards M Buoy. Julian Hubbard fishing with son Chris landed 12 fish using various lures and fry patterns fished on a Di 3 & Di 5 sinking line. Kevin Hart fishing with childhood friend Steve Burns landed 15 fish to the boat using minkies and zonkers on DI 5 and fast intermediate. With the best areas being around Y & N Buoy.

A horrible day Thursday with strong winds and heavy rain for nearly the whole day. Once again it was a quite day with only 8 anglers venturing out in the wind and rain. On the boats all water members Phil Cross & Steve Windram landed 5 fish drifting from the top dam wall towards B Buoy including a cracking fish of 5lb in weight. Draycote members Ian Richardson and Bob Barfoot enjoyed “good fishing, rubbish weather” while out in a boat landing 13 fish to the boat. The pair used Di 5 sinking lines with snakes and humungus at the Hensborough Bank to land their fish.

After the wet windy,  we had much more settled weather Friday with overcast skies and a westerly wind. On the bank Tony Broadway landed 4 fish using hares ears fished on a Snowbee buzzer tip at Lincroft point and the Cornfield. Dave Kennell fished from the boats landing 6 fish using a 6ft Airflo fast tip with a sparkler booby and a FAB landing some cracking fish the best being a 4lb 11oz Rainbow. All water member Peter Harris landed 5 fish from P Buoy using a black booby snake on a Di 7 sinking line. Beginner member Simon Enstock to his new Di 7 sinking line to great effect landing 4 fish including a new personal best. A rainbow of over 5lb taken on a booby humungus at A Buoy. Fishery ranger and guide Lee Henfrey fished with Kevin Hart landing over 20 fish to the boat using a DI 7 sinking line with boobies and snakes fished with a very slow figure of eight retrieve. The pair finding the fish at the Hensborough Bank, M buoy and N Buoy. Andy Miller out fishing with Trout & Salmon editor Andrew Flitcroft for an article on Draycote fry feeders. Landed 14 fish to the boat using snakes and suspender minkies. Mr Lowe also found suspender minkies a good pattern landing 9 fish.

Saturday turned out to be a reasonably good day here at Draycote despite the forecast. Although the wind was blustery at times, it was blowing from the west, giving anglers some respite whilst fishing under the Draycote Dam. There are some good fish being caught at the moment, with both boat and bank anglers regularly returning fish of 4,5, and 6lbs in weight. The bank is currently producing some good catches with Mick Cronin landing 4 on minkies from the Tower Bank. Jim and Richard Hall had 11 fish between them from the bank using lures on intermediate lines. Mr Adam Vicary used much the same method to take a brace from Toft Shallows and the Tower Bank. Out on the boats James Alexander bagged 4 on black boobies around C buoy. Mark Braun caught a grand total of 17 fish for the day utilizing a DI5 sweep line and a white humungus. Mark plied his trade in Biggin Bay, around the Valve Tower and C buoy. Draycote stalwart Mark Johnson  Jones and his boat partner Dale had 5 fish to the boat around M buoy. Both anglers were using intermediate line and minkies.

Sunday started dry and overcast but brightened up as the morning progressed.  Season ticket holder Paul Walley fished from the bank to land a brace of fish on a natural snake fished at the overflow. On the boats Jon Crowley fished his regular half day boating 7 fish. Landing his fish from Biggin Bay and also Rainbow Corner towards A Buoy. Using a Di 5 with a minkie booby on the point and cormorants on the droppers. Ian Reeve landed 8 fish using a white booby snake on a Di 5 around the Outlet landing fish to 4lb 8oz. Martin Rowson fished with Neil Deakin with the pair landing 19 fish to the boat on various fry patters fished on sunk lines around Biggin Bay, Musborough Shoal and the Hensborough Bank. Kasidit Leoviriyakit fishing with Neil Lyons boated a dozen fish. Landing their fish high in the water with slow or fast intermediate and boobies fished across the surface.

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Week Ending: Sunday 20 Nov 2022       Rod Av:   0.8     Water Temperature: 9°C

It was a quiet start to the week with only a few boats venturing out. Of those taking to the boats, fishing the upper layers with Blobs & FAB’s, Jude Tuff landed 3 fish from the Basin area. All Water Member John Duncan took to the bank, concentrating on the Dam area John went looking for Fry feeding fish. Fishing Floating fry around weed beds & the margins John landed 3 hard fighting fish & had many other offers.

Tuesday’s autumnal weather got the better of the anglers & none ventured out.

Wednesday saw fish getting caught from the boats at various locations of the Main Basin. Eyebrook member Keith Johnson caught 3 fry feeding trout on Pearly Pheasant Tail on a Washing line. All Water Member Ray Jordan had 2 fish on a Cat’s Whisker & Clive Moore, also an All-Water Member, also had 2 on Minky Boobies. Clive looked for large concentrations of fry before deciding to fish an area, which proved to be a sound decision

Thursday was another very quiet day with Eyebrook Member Neil Shilton in his Float Tube being the only one to brave the wind & the rain. Neil spent his day targeting the deeper lying fishing with fast sinking lines & Minkies. Neil landed a nice Rainbow, lost another & had a good Perch by the end of the day.

Friday’s weather was far more attractive to anglers as consequently it was a busy day. The recent rainfall had not only risen the Reservoir over a foot, but it had also coloured the water somewhat & those that found clear water benefited most. Fish were caught on Fry patterns as this seems to be the trout’s main concentration of a food source. The banks fished well where Eyebrook Member Dave Etty fished the southern corner of the Dam & landed 3 cracking fish for a total bag weight 8lb 10oz, which is a great bag weight off the bank. The Pike anglers have also been getting a few fish with a lot of mid-high doubles getting caught. The bait fish have moved out of the old stream bed & the Pike have duly followed.

Saturday brought with it a light to moderate West-North Westerly breeze with plenty of cloud cover & light showers. The water clarity remained an issue & visibility was down to 1ft in the worse affected areas so finding clear water was critical to anglers’ potential success. Those who did find clear water, caught predominately on the Dries or a Washing Lined floater as the fish could be seen moving subsurface. All Water Members Ed Douglas & Mark Hunt caught 6 & 5 fish respectively on what was a very challenging day. Both fished their Dries effectively & found small patterns to be more successful.

Sunday saw the water clarity decrease even further which had a detrimental impact on the trout anglers who found the fishing extremely challenging. The Pike anglers fared slightly better with a few Jacks coming to the net.

Well, as the season here at Eyebrook draws to a close, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited & spent time with us this season. It has been an absolute pleasure to have you here & we look forward to seeing you all next season. In the meantime, we would just like you to be aware that there will be someone in the lodge most Sundays through December from 9.00am to 2.00pm to assist with any queries you may have, give us a call beforehand to confirm we are there.  Additionally, we will be hosting some Eyebrook Fly Fishers events on 11 Dec, 08 Jan 23, 29 Jan 23 & 19 Feb 23. More details to follow.


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Week Ending:  20th October   Rod Av: 1.8      Water Temperature: 11C+

Monday a foggy start to the day with little breeze. Fry patterns and lures on sink 3, 5 or 7 worked best. P Mee caught 4 with Howard Davies fishing a cats whisker booby to catch his trout. P Hunt fished a Dawsons olive which has caught a number of fish for him these past few weeks along with a white snake booby on this occasion catching 5 trout. Our water level is nearly full, despite the rain water clarity remains good.

Tuesday no rod out due to the wind and rain. Wednesday 4 boats out returning a rod average 2.0 with most fishing the morning session. Barry Deeley fished a DI7 with a green & white booby to catch 4 trout. John Reynolds fished a DI5 with a green baby doll, now there’s an old pattern you no longer see fished very often, but it worked for John catching 3 trout.

Thursday another wet, very wet day with no rods out. Friday anglers arrived to find the reservoir full following the rain, thankfully our water clarity in the main was good. Chris Sayer caught 6 on his home tied Minkie booby a pattern he gave to Richard Price who went on to catch 3.

Saturday a bit more colour in the water but that didn’t stop Jan Webber catching 5 on a tequila fab & orange booby on a DI7 along the wood bank

Sunday a quiet day due to the poor forecast with only the 1 rod, John Reynolds who fished a fast sinker with a Fire Cat (similar to a cut throat cat) catching 4 trout

Thornton 2022 season will close on Wednesday 30th November