Draycote Report W/E 13th November 2022

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook, Thornton

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Week Ending: 13th November 2022              Rod Av: 3.6   Water Temperature:  11°C

The works on the new overflow at the Hensborough Bank are due to start this Monday 24th October. While the works are being completed there will be no access through to Rainbow Corner from the Sailing Club side.  We ask that all anglers enter and exit via the Farborough Dam barrier.

A very bracing start to Monday morning with strong southerlies blowing across Draycote Water. Luckily enough The Hensborough Bank and Rainbow Corner are fishing well for those seeking shelter from the wind, whilst other brave souls ventured over to the northern shore to also catch some good fish. In house guide Lee Henfrey and Nigel Keeber had well over 20 fish to the boat during a morning session. Lee and Nigel were using DI7’s and minkie boobies out over the open water and on Musborough Shoal near N buoy. Season permit holders Bob Barfoot and Ian Richardson again had well over 20 fish to the boat on midge tip lines with snakes and cormorants. Bob and Ian concentrated their efforts along the Hensborough Bank and remarked on the quality of the fishing, having netted some fish over 5lbs in weight. Michael Ravenscroft fished the bank from the Swans Nest, netting 7 fish using snakes, the best of which was about 4lbs. Norman Perkins also took to the bank in Rainbow Corner to catch a brace on minkies.

A windy day with heavy showers at various points across the day Tuesday. Draycote member Ray Rowlings landed 4 fish using snakes on a fast glass with a slow roly-poly retrieve. Mark Goodge fished with all water member Phil Mee with he pair landing 5 fish from around the outlet including some cracking fish of 4 & 5lb. Draycote member James Alexander fished at the Hensborough bank from a boat landing 6 fish all on popper fry patterns. Mr A Lafferty & P Edwards also fished in the same area using popper fry and also snakes to land 9 fish including some cracking fish of up to 4lb.

Wednesday saw the wind coming from the Southwest with sunny intervals throughout the day. Draycote member Pete Allen fished in Biggin Bay out the Old Pipe in Biggin Bay to land 3 fish on suspender Minkies. Fishing just up from Pete was Tony Broadway who landed 5 fish. Just line Pete, Tony opted for suspender Minkies fished on a floating line to land his fish. On the boats John Mills fished Mr S Halliday with the pair landing 9 fish using a slow intermediate and a white humungus fished in the top couple of feet at the Hensborough Bank. Draycote member Joh Dickens used Minkies boobies to land 8 fish from the Hensbrough Bank and also Rainbow Corner.

Another gusty day with the win remaining in the same direction Thursday. Bank regulars Mick Cronin and Stan Hillman fished suspender minkies at the Old Pipe in Biggin Bay and the outlet to land 7 fish between them. Another angler who enjoyed good sport on the bank was Alex Thwaites who landed 4 fish with all of his fish being between 3 & 4lb. Draycote member Bob Smith fishing on the boats enjoyed a good day landing 13 fish using white and silver humungus boobies. Fishing around the Outlet and Hensborough Bank commenting on “the lovely fish up to 5lb”. All water member Paul Havard landed 7 fish also commenting on the “lovely fish”. Paul used a mix of flies taking some of suspender minkies, olive barred snakes and also white and silver humungus. Landing his fish from the Outlet and also Musborough Shoal. Dave Kennel used a 12ft fast tip with a sparkler booby on the point with cormorants to land 10 fish. With his best areas being the Outlet, Hensborough Bank and then N Buoy drifting towards Y Buoy. Fishery ranger and guide Lee Henfrey fished with former manager Kevin Hart taking over 20 fish to the boat. They found the best line to be a Di 7 with 2 boobies and searched the water taking them on anything from a 10 second count to a 30 second count with a figure of eight retrieve.

Friday was yet another windy day on Draycote Water. Andrew Tasker Ventured out onto the bank to net 4 fish on snakes and minkies from Rainbow Corner and Biggin Bay. Draycote regular Alan Grant fished a morning session from the bank and netted a brace. Out on the boats Dave Adkins and Richard Hanlon had 14 fish between them using floating lines and popper fry patterns. Dave and Richard concentrated their efforts around the Valve Tower and along the Draycote Dam. Mr J Beecon had 18 fish to the boat using cats whiskers and a large viva. Mr Clive Wilkins had 8 fish to the boat on a DI7 line and white minkie boobies.

A busy day Saturday with a number of boats out taking advantage of the unseasonably mild weather, which provided warm sunny conditions with light winds. Also out on the day we had a number of boats practicing for the 6X4s competition the next day. On the bank also taking advantage of the nice weather, was Alan Smith. Alan used various fry type lures to land 7 fish. Mick Cronin fished from the bank using popper fry to land 6 fish from Tower Bank and the Outlet. Fishing from the Outlet Stan Hillman landed 10 fish using hares ears on a floating line. On the boats Mark Braun landed 23 fish using a grey snake using a Di 7 sinking line around the Valve Tower. Draycote member Ian Reeve enjoyed a good day landing 17 fish, Ian found his fish drifting from the Outlet going across to the Inlet. Using a Di 5 sinking line with a black and green snake booby, including a number of cracking fish up to 4lb. The anglers practicing for the 6X4s also enjoyed a good days practice catching at various point across the lake with the best flies seeming to be popper fry or sparkler boobies.

Once again a busy day Sunday with all the boats taking to the water. With the 6×4 round 5 taking place with 13, 4 man teams competing. The match is fished to international rules, so all the flies must measure 15/16th of an inch. A slightly issue when the majority of the fish are eating 2-3 inch long fry. However, the anglers got the smaller flies working to great effect with the 52 anglers producing a rod average of 5.3 fish per angler. Speaking to the anglers the fish moved up and down throughout the day with Di 7 & Di 5 lines working as well as slow intermediates and midge tips. The best flies throughout the day being cormorants, sparkler boobies, cat boobies, and small popper fry. Around Y Buoy, N Buoy, K Buoy and Farborough Spit. Draycote member Paul Walley used a natural snake and the Tower Bank and the Overflow to land 7 fish including some cracking fish of 4lb 8oz and 5lbs. Jon Crowley fished for a half day landing 5 fish using a Di 5 sweep and cormorants drifting from B Buoy to the Draycote Dam.

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Week Ending: Sunday 13 Nov 2022       Rod Av:        Water Temperature:

Eyebrook Season extended to 20th November 2022 – The Eyebrook season has been extended to Sunday 20th November. We are operating a reduced boat fleet, of 10 boats & wheely boat, bank anglers are limited to the Dam Wall, Harrison’s corner, netted bank down to Robbo`s Cabin. We recommend you call the lodge & prebook.

The week started with a moderate southerly, that brought with it an increase in air temperature & consistent cloud-cover all day; a perfect day for fishing dries one would assume. And so it proved, with All Water Member John Duncan having a very productive day fishing CDC Emergers. John started his drifts from either the line of buoys outside the harbour or Dogwood Bay & drifted into the Middle of the Main Basin. John went on to land 13 fish, all of which came to the Dries which is a great return for the day. The Pike at Eyebrook are really starting to move with double figure fish getting caught daily & fish of 20lb plus are appearing with increased regularity. The Pike in Eyebrook are in fantastic shape, very fit & strong & give an excellent account for themselves on a fly rod.

The inclement weather that was previously forecasted for Tuesday had deterred the boat anglers. Eyebrook member Keith Johnson ventured out of the bank & found success in the southern corner of the Dam. Keith caught 3 fry feeding, resident trout on a white, pearly lure fished on an intermediate line.

Wednesday saw Eyebrook’s fine form continue yielding a rod average for the trout anglers of 4.6 which is excellent for this time of year. Catching on washing lined floaters with small nymphs & Intermediate with Snakes & Minkie Boobies, the most productive area was the main basin, particularly around the Tower & Buoy Line outside of the harbour. All Water Members Clive Moore & Ian Jobe had a very productive day landing 15 fish between them, as to did Eyebrook Members Ian Steele & Bill Law who had 11 to their boat. It has been noticeable of late that the fish have been becoming more & more focussed in on the abundant fry that is occupying the Main Basin. The Pike anglers have also been doing very well with Pike to 20lb coming out on what seems to be a daily basis with plenty of hard fighting, very fit mid-upper doubles. The area of the old stream bed seems to be a key feature when it comes to locating & targeting these fish with anglers working the axis of the stream bed hard.

Thursday brought with it a moderate to strong gusty, southerly wind & plenty of cloud cover. The reservoir continued to fish well for both trout & pike with the trout anglers producing a great rod average for this time of year of 6.7 & the reservoir producing yet another fly caught 20lb+ pike. The Main Basin was the most productive trout area with fish getting caught up in the upper layers on imitative fry patterns & small nymphs; Crunchers & Diawls. All Water Member Paul Walker caught 12 from the area of the Dam & Tower & Dale Birch had a great afternoon session landing 8 from the weedbeds just outside the harbour. The old stream bed remains prominent in locating fish amongst the pike anglers with plenty of fish being found along its course. The many micro features of the reservoirs bed are also proving to be very productive in the search of old Esox Lucius.

Friday despite the wind a good day for the trout anglers who averaged 4 with the anglers fly fishing for the pike reporting fish to 23lb. Noticeably more trout smashing into the fry especially from the tower towards Harrison’s. For the trout some fish still taking cdc patterns during this mild weather although the popper minkie, snakes & fry patterns are starting to take the lion’s share of the catch. Water clarity is excellent you will often find a long leader & single fly will work best this time of year

Saturday and a beautiful autumn day, little wind & sun, it was probably too nice for the fishing with a rod average 2.5 for the day. Members Bob Margery & S Lawrence caught 7 for their mornings visit with Pete Line & B McMullan catching 6 for their visit. Tim & Paul Polito fished CDC & pearly pheasant tail to catch their 11 trout. Most anglers fished the main basin around the valve tower, dam wall towards Harrison. Water clarity is good.

Eyebrook continued to fish well for the Pike on Saturday, with one angler having very much a red-letter day landing 3 fish over 20lbs, which is an excellent return. It surely is only a matter of time before one of Eyebrook big girls makes an appearance. Trout wise, it was a challenging day where getting the right method proved to be critical. Those fishing deeper found fish harder to come by, whereas those fishing higher up had greater success. All Water Member Mark Hunt had another great day on the Dries. Fishing a single size 14 Yellow Owl, Mark caught consistently through the day landing 10 fish from the area of the Main Basin. There are still plenty of fish in the Main Basin but how they can be caught is very much weather dependant. The weather plays an important role in where & how trout can be caught, even more so in winter.  With the right conditions they can still be taken on small dries & if the cloud cover is intermittent or even absent, drop down to an intermediate & fish white fry patterns & you will catch.

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Week Ending:  13th November   Rod Av: 2.3      Water Temperature: 12c+

Monday & Tuesday we had a brisk to strong at times wind from the southwest which blew down the Markfield arm. Anglers on sinking lines with booby, snakes and fry patterns. Andrew Wilson caught 3 on orange booby with P Cox fishing down the windy Markfield arm catching 3 but reporting a good number of fish down there. Arthur Olding caught 6 concentrating his efforts across the main basin to the wood.

Wednesday and another breezy day. Sink 3, 5 & 7 lines we the most popular with sparkler booby, minkie booby, humongous & cutthroat cat. J Reynolds caught 10 for his mornings visit fishing a DI5 & cutthroat cat with fish up to 4lb+. Jack Hives caught 5 with D Slessor catching fish to 3lb+ Water level is back up to normal, clarity remains good.

Thursday & Friday with a strong south westerly forecast rod numbers were low. Chris Sayer was top rod with 9 fish during a morning session

Better weather Saturday with snakes, booby, cats whiskers catching best. J Webber caught 6 for his visit on a cats whisker booby and uv black booby. B Sibley caught 9 with his boat partner M Clay catching 7. Another Thornton member P Wrigley caught 6

Sunday only a few rod out with Karen Thompson on her first full season fishing the last 4hr session catching 2 on what proved to be a challenging day for the other rods.

This coming Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th from 10.30am to 2.30pm Ifor will be at the Thornton lodge to discuss our plans for the 2023 season. Day Permit prices, 2023 membership options and our stocking policy. Hot drinks and mince pies provided.