Draycote Water Fishing Report w/e Sunday 6th November 2022

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook, Thornton

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Week Ending:  6th November 2022              Rod Av: 4.4    Water Temperature:  13°C

The works on the new overflow at the Hensborough Bank are due to start this Monday 24th October. While the works are being completed there will be no access through to Rainbow Corner from the Sailing Club side.  We ask that all anglers enter and exit via the Farborough Dam barrier.

Monday dawned at Draycote Water with good cloud cover and a gusty south westerly wind. The reservoir has given us some top class fishing days lately and Monday was no exception. With the rod average topping out at 7.0, there were some good returns coming from all over the water. During a 5 hour session out on the water in house guide Lee Henfrey and his boat partner put two dozen fish in the boat. The pair fished in Rainbow Corner using fast glass lines and tubes and commented that the whole area was teaming with with good quality “lumps”, the smallest of which was about 3lbs. The boat pairing of Lee Patten and Peter Elliott put nearly 40 fish in the boat using olive snakes fished on intermediate lines. Lee and Peter kept on the move, fishing around the Valve Tower, Lincroft point, The Hensborough Bank and the Farborough Dam. Season permit holders Bob Barfoot and Bob Smith also had a good day out, netting 23 fish between them on snakes, cormorants and minkies again fished on intermediate lines. Jim Hall and Tony Broadway used white mini snakes fished on a DI3 to net 17 fish between them from various areas around the reservoir. In house guide Andy Miller took Mr Tim Gameson out for a 2 hour experience session and concentrated his efforts around Y buoy. The pair caught 3 fish on minkie boobies fished on DI3 lines.

Due to the adverse weather conditions Tuesday was a very quiet day here at Draycote. The strong south westerlies meant that the anglers all took to fishing in the lee of the wind along the Hensborough Bank and up in Rainbow Corner. Both boat and bank anglers all caught good numbers of fish as it has been fishing well in this area for the past few weeks. Season permit holder Ken Key caught half a dozen from the bank using cats whiskers and floating fry patterns. Mr Alan Topping, who also fished from the bank netted a brace in much the same way. Draycote regular Mr Derek Brooks had 5 fish from the bank, all on white popper minkies. Ian Morris ventured out in a boat to net 7 fish on floating fry patterns and snakes from Rainbow Corner. Alan Johnson using similar patterns to net 4 fish from the same area. Neil Berry and Nick Whatton had 5 fish between them using fry patterns along the Hensborough Bank and up past the Overflow.

With the wind speed being above our limit of 25mph, there were no boats out on Draycote on Wednesday. The strong south westerlies Alan Smith found the best area to be Rainbow Corner with the wind coming over his back landing 4 fish on a Humungus. Fishing for the last four hours Will Hunt land a brace opting to fish at the Swan’s Nest using a black and gold Humungus.

A wet start Thursday which soon cleared leaving overcast skies with the sun making an appearance later in the day with he winds from the Southwest. On the bank Stan Hillman had “super fishing” landing 9 fish all between 3lb 8oz and 4lb 8oz fishing at the outlet on suspender Minkies. Fishing along side Stan on the bank was Mick Cronin who landed 8 fish. On the boats Graham England and Andy Lillie landed 14 fish using Minkies. Saying that they caught all over the lake but it needed to be tight into the weed or the margins. All water member Peter Harris fished around E Buoy using snakes to land 8 fish. With Draycote member John Dickens also fishing in the same area to land 15 fish. Also landing 15 fish was Ed Douglas who fished various marks across the lake using a 12ft midge tip with snakes and humungus.

The winds swung to the North west Friday with bright skies and a chill in the air. Fishing from the Tower Bank season ticker holder Peter Allen landed 3 fish on floating fry patterns with Tony Broadway landing 4. Brian Joseph also fished at the tower bank landing 3 cracking fish using a brown minkie on a floating line. Mark Diamond fished from Lincroft point on the bank to land 9 fish using a minkie. On the boats Dave Kennell landed 9 fish using a 12ft fast tip and a sparkler booby. Draycote season ticket holder Bob Barfoot & Bob Smith landed 11 fish to the boat using various mini snakes and cormorants. Taking their fish from Rainbow Corner, Biggin Bay, X Buoy and the Farborough Dam. Ian Reeve fishing with Colin Granger used a barred olive snake booby on a fast glass catching “all over” to boat 13 fish. Ed Douglas once again took the water using snakes and humungus on a 12ft midge tip to land 19 fish. Fishing near E Buoy, Lorenzo Serrano landed 14 fish on snakes fished on a Di 3 sinking line.

Quite a blustery day Saturday from the South which later swung slightly more to the Southwest. On the boats Mr G Bridge landed 8 fish on snakes with an orange blob on the dropper. John Brown and Andy Campbell made the trip down from the Northeast hoping for a good days sport and that is what they got landing 34 fish. The pair used snakes, cormorants and popper fry to land their fish. With the best areas being Farborough Dam, J & T Buoy then drifting off the Hensborough Bank towards M Buoy. Ewan Clark on his first ever trip to Draycote enjoyed a great day landing 19 fish. Using olive or black snakes and large silver and white humungus on a fast intermediate landing fish from various marks across the reservoir.

A dry windy start to Sunday which lead into some heavy showers through the afternoon. The reservoir fished pretty well overall for those who stayed out through the rain. Jon Crowley made good use of the morning with a dozen fish to the boat on popper fry and minkies fished on floating and intermediate lines. Jon fished around the Valve Tower and along the Draycote Dam where he said the fish were holding in good numbers. Richard Walker had 4 fish for the morning on a DI6 and black snakes in Rainbow Corner and along the Flat Stones. Debbie and Sean Gilbert concentrated their efforts in Dunns Bay, netting 4 fish using black snakes fished on intermediate lines. Tim Burn and Paul Mitchell had 11 fish to the boat between them from quite a few different areas around the reservoir.

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Week Ending:  6th November   Rod Av: 2.2      Water Temperature: 12c+

Monday water level up a tad following the rain, our water clarity is good with the water temperature not far off 14c. It seems as if we have some fish that have realised its late October & are on the fry whilst others due to the warmer than expected conditions feeding on the hatches of small buzzer. Keith Cowen caught 4 for his visit fishing out in front of the lodge on a cats whisker booby. Andrew Wilson fished an orange booby & cats whisker catching 2 but missing numerous offers.

Tuesday much needed rain, which fell heavier than forecast with all rods off the water at 1.30pm. Top rod was P Wrigley with 3 trout. Wednesday strong wind replaced the rain, with the wind stronger than forecast had the rods off the water by 1.30pm. Barry Deeley was top rod with 4 trout to a black & Green humungus fished on a fast sinker.

Thursday with the reservoir level nearly at the full mark following the rain the clarity of the water remains good.  Lures and fry patterns on sink 5 & sink 7 lines worked best with anglers reporting plenty of taps and follows. K Cowen caught 4 on a cats whisker booby, Greg Weatherdon fished a booby to catch his 4 trout with Ian Leach fishing a fulling mill barred olive snake to catch his 4 trout.

Friday a busy day but a mixed days fishing. Chris Sayer fished a morning session catching 4 on a snake, Carl Bond caught 5 on a montana and small silver muddler with P Hunt fishing a dawson olive to catch his 3 trout.

Saturday few rod out on what turned out to be the best day of the week. Jan Webber caught 7 on DI7 & orange bobby & Fab. Martin Clay & Brian Sibley fished a DI5 with a Cats Whisker to catch their 13 trout.

Sunday with a poor forecast we had a quiet day with member Richard Smith catching 3 before the winf picked up

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Week Ending: Sunday 06 Nov 2022       Rod Av: 1.4        Water Temperature: 10-11°

Eyebrook Season extended to 20th November 2022 – The Eyebrook season will be extended to 20th November. We will be operating a reduced boat fleet, only 10 boats & wheely boat with bank anglers limited to the Dam Wall, Harrison’s corner, netted bank down to Robbo`s Cabin. We recommend you call the lodge & prebook.

Monday bought with it some favourable conditions, good cloud cover & a moderate south westerly breeze. Only a few boats ventured out & found the fish in the Main Basin somewhat finicky. There were a few fish caught on the Dries but there was a lot more opportunities missed. There were also a few pike anglers venturing out who were rewarded with fish went into double figures. They also reported that the bigger fish are starting to be more active, following flies with some intent but not quite committing.

There was a strong & blustery southerly wind on Tuesday which made fishing somewhat challenging. A few boats ventured out with all the anglers catching. Max Woolnough had the most productive day, landing 5 fish on a variety of methods from the area of the main basin. He caught on a White Snake & when fish started to move. he caught on the Dries. This demonstrates the importance of fishing what is in front of you & being flexible in your approach; changing when the situation dictates. This can often make all the difference when it comes to catching consistently.

Due to excessive wind expected, all boats were cancelled on Wednesday.

Thursday started with a flat calm which built to a gentle southerly as the day progressed. The Main Basin is still holding plenty of fish & these could be seen moving in large pods throughout the day. These fish proved once again to be tricky to catch. All Water Member John Duncan & his boat partner Rich Beddar had a productive day, landing 7 fish between them from the area of the Main Basin. They fished a variety of methods to find one that would work for the fish in front of them, which is an excellent approach for this time of year. It is so important to maintain a flexible approach & sometimes it will pay dividends if you change or tweak a method to ensure you continue to catch. A method that works in one part of reservoir may not work in another & if you add in variables such as the weather, it becomes even more important to ring the changes to find what is working in the area you are fishing. Those who have ventured out in search of the Pike have been rewarded with some good hard fighting fish well above 20lb.  As the cooler weather continues, as we advance further into November, Eyebrook’s renowned, bigger specimens will undoubtably begin to feed in earnest & become more active.

Friday & a more difficult day compared to Thursday, with few fish moving unlike the day before. Eyebrook member Keith Johnson was one of the few anglers who caught catching 4 on an olive minkie in Dogwood Bay.

Saturday and our rollercoaster of a fishing week continues with Saturday producing a rod average 4.2. Neil Shilton fished from his float tube catching 7 trout on white fry patterns, Eyebrook members Steve Lawrence & Bob Margery fished a morning boat catching 13 on snakes & buzzers. Mick Glover took his boat to the other side of the island catching a fish that on spooning, had been feeding on damsel nymphs.

There were a few fish caught on Sunday, with All Water Member Mark Hunt have a productive day fishing his single CDC’s to great effect. Mark landed 7 fish, all on Dries which is a great effort given the time of year & weather conditions. Elsewhere, Eyebrook Member Dave Etty ventured out to target the Fry Feeders. Concentrating his efforts around the weed beds, Dave fished a Popper Minkie & was able to land 2 fish & he also lost a couple too.

With the cooler weather looking set to continue & the water temperature continuing to drop, the fish will start to drop down the water column & sit slightly deeper to what they have been. If the conditions are right, fish will still get caught off the surface, but the angler’s approach will have to be scaled down for them to be successful. The most productive method over this week has appeared to be fry patterns fished on Intermediate & slow sinking lines. The cooler water temperatures have also triggered the Pike into action with some good sized fished being caught this past week & that will continue as we advance further into November.