Draycote Report W/E 21st November 2021

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook & Thornton

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Week Ending Sunday 21st November      Rod Average 2.5   Water Temperature  8.5°C

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Light to no winds for most of Monday, with just the lightest of winds occasionally picking up. On the bank Norman Perkins enjoyed a good day landing 6 fish from the Swan’s Nest. Paul Walker also fished the bank and landed a cracking Rainbow or 5lb 8oz taken at Lincroft point. Another angler landing a good fish was Draycote member Kevin Rees who landed a 5lb brown washing lining shrimps on Toft. On the boats the Fishery Management team took out invited guest who have we have worked closely with over during the season. These guest made up of Severn Trent Rangers from both Draycote & Thornton, Newleaf Catering, Draycote Water Sailing Club. A great day was had by all with a number of fish caught and prizes awarded for the best catch from each section. The best fish of the day came from Mark of Draycote water sailing club who landed a cracking Rainbow of 3lb 11oz taken in a minkie booby fished on a Di 3 sinking line at J Buoy. Outside of the fishing event, Draycote member Ian Richardson fished with Bob Barfoot with the pair landing 9 fish to the boat. They used small snakes and minkie landing their fish around the Sailing Club and around J Buoy.

A foggy start Tuesday, with cleared around 11am with some light rain later in the afternoon. On the bank Dave Atkins landed 4 fish, 3 of them coming in Toft and the fourth from the Cornfield using a black and green minkie. Fishing for the last four hours on the bank Mr English enjoyed good sport landing 4 fish using shrimp patterns in Toft. Draycote member Pete Allen landed a cracking fish on the boats of 5lb taken right in the surface on a Popper Hopper. Francis Campbell enjoyed great sport at P buoy landing 11 fish. Mr Campbell used an olive snake fished slowly with the fish taking about 4-6ft under the surface.

Another mild-day Wednesday meant the fish remained high in the water column. On the bank brothers Roger & Graham Davies landed 2 each from Toft. All water season ticket holder Michael Ravenscroft fished the bank landing 3 fish including a cracking rainbow of 4lb. John Mills fished from the boats to land 6 fish, taking his fish on Minkies. John fished these on a slow intermediate line around Farborough Spit and also the Hensborough bank. Kevin Hart used Minkie boobies to land 11 fish, Kevin used a RIO Fathom sink 3. With his fish coming from the Hensborough Bank and along the school slips.

Draycote season ticket holder Tony Broadway landed 5 fish from the bank Thursday using mini snakes to tempt his fish. Mick Cronin landed 3 of the bank on suspender minkie patterns. However, the best catch off the bank came to Stan Hillman who landed 9 fish and commented “should have been 18” all taken on popper minkies. On the boats Peter Elliot & Lee Patten 16 fish using Minkie boobies and snakes on Di 3 sinking lines around M Buoy, Hensborough Bank, and the Farborough Dam. Dave Smith also fished Minkie boobies landing 6 fish taking them at M Buoy, with the boobies fished either on an intermediate or a Di 3. Bob Askew also landed 6 fish on popper minkies fished on a floating line around the Hensborough Bank and also the school slips. Dave Atkins used an Olive snake on a Di 3 taking 7 with his best area being the Farborough Spit.

A fairly calm day out on Draycote on Friday and quite mild for the time of year. Once again the bank is on good form with young Norman Perkins netting 10 fish on a mixture of boobies and buzzers near the Swans Nest. Tony Broadway had 4 fish from the bank on a washing line and crunchers while James Kelly netted 3. The boat fishing was also in good form especially for Kevin Hart and John Hoskins, who between them netted over 30 fish on intermediate lines. Kevin and John used lures such as minkie boobies and snakes and drifted over M and K buoy up past the sailing club near the Hensborough Bank.

With a light westerly and overcast conditions it looked a fairly good day for fishing on Draycote Water on Saturday. Mike Garner had a brace from the bank using a Pitsford pea fishing off Lincroft Point. Stan Hillman used lure patterns to catch 4 fish from the bank by the Overflow. Mr A Smith used snakes on an intermediate line to catch his 4 from the bank near the Valve Tower and in Dunns Bay. Season permit holder Paul Walley caught 3 fish from the bank using minkies at the Swans Nest.  Draycote regular Mark Braun had 15 fish to the boat using a blue flash damsel on a floating line whilst young Ed Douglas boated 17 on fry patterns. John Falconbridge also caught a good number of fish from a boat, netting 10 using snakes on a midge tip line.

A real change in the weather Sunday with much colder air temperatures teamed with a North wind made for a very chilly day. On the bank Draycote member Stephen Dewhurst landed 2 fish on a Gold Head Damsel, also landing a brace from the bank was David Hoppe. On the boats All water member Neil Shilton, landed 6 fish from the Hensborough Dam and around the Valve Tower. Paul Mitchell fished with Tim Burn with the pair landing 9 fish between them. Fishery Manager Tom Bird took to the water filming the latest instalment for our Flyfishstore YouTube channel. Only being out for 2 hours the pair landed 10 fish. Taking them on Di 5 sinking line with a variety of snake boobies, taking fish from P Buoy, Y Buoy and Farborough Spit.

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The 2021 season at the Eyebrook has drawn to a close. We enjoyed an excellent season with the fishery returning a rod average 4.4

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“Best laid plans” if only we had known following our inaugural meeting of the Eyebrook Fly Fishers on the 23rd February 2020 that a month to the date we would all learn a new word “Covid” and the unthinkable would happen, a national lockdown.

Not surprising therefore that the club has had very little activity

I have a feeling that is about to change. Looking forward to this coming winter the club plans to arrange a winter program of activities and a program of events for you during 2022

We look forward to hosting the Eyebrook fly fishers at the Eyebrook lodge, hopefully as many of you as possible will be able to attend on the 28th

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Week ending 21st November.  Rod Av:    Water Temperature: 10c+

Good start to the week with a rod average 5.0 as this unseasonably mild November weather continues. Paul Martindale caught 11 on snakes & booby patterns, P Hunt fished a booby to catch his 7 trout with Carl Bond fishing booby & cats Whisker to catch his 6 trout.

Tuesday proved to be a more challenging day compared to the day before. All water member D Slessor caught 3 for his afternoon session with Ged O’Donoghue overcoming the challenging conditions to catch 10 on boobies fished on a 3ft leader on a fast sinker.

Wednesday & a better day with a 3.2 rod average with anglers picking up fish all over the reservoir. Nev Welsh caught 8 on a booby, Steve Meachem caught 7 on a white booby fished off a 3ft leader. John Hall fished a slow sinker with a white lure on a long leader to catch his 4 fish during a morning visit.

Thursday, B Deeley fished a fast sinking line & a short 3ft leader with bright boobies to catch his 8 trout with Phil Mee catching 3 but missing a lot mor for his visit. There seems to be two levels for the fish, some are down deep & been caught on fast sinkers, short leader & booby with other in the top 3ft been targeted on intermediate or slow sinking lines with unweighted minkie. Markfield arm, main car park & out in front of the pontoon seems to be the most productive areas. Lots of fish are mouthing the fly, try not to strike at the fist indication, keep a continuous retrieve until it all locks up

Friday and a busy day with all of the boats out returning a rod average 3.2 Fast sinking lines with a short 3ft leader with booby patterns or longer leader with snakes generally worked best. Intermediate with small minkie patterns & fab. A few fish were moving during the afternoon. Pete Hunt caught 7 on snakes & booby patterns with D Slessor catching 6 also on boobies. John Bebbington caught 5 with 4 on a cats whisker & 1 falling to a muddler stripped through the surface. R Owen caught 5 for his visit with All water member P Walker catching 4 on a fab.

Saturday although winds were light at times it was noticeably cooler in the breeze. Members M Clay & B Sibley caught 9 for their visit with M Clay fishing a fast sinker but unlike the other anglers using a 3ft leader & booby patterns Martin fished a fast sinker with a longer 12ft leader & boobies to take his fish. Jan Webber fished a short leader on a fast sinker for his 5 trout with Steve catching 5 on booby & blob. Pink booby patterns have caught a significant amount of the trout over the last few days.

Sunday and a change to the weather as the wind swung to the North and much colder air temperatures. Not many rods out with the ones who did venture out off the water by early afternoon. Top boat was Rodger Guise & Adam Gunby with 6 trout for their visit

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