Draycote Report W/E 27th September 2020

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Draycote Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week ending Sunday 27th September 2020

An improvement in the fishing from the previous week, after a slow start with bright flat days. Overall a total of 289 anglers visited the fishery landing a total of 1,108 fish for a rod average of 3.8. Its good to see the bank anglers enjoying some improved sport landing some cracking fish as well.

Flat calm and sunny conditions all day made the fishing a challenge to kick off the week Monday. Around the margins we experienced a thick algal bloom which made bank fishing a challenge. However a number of season ticket holder did manage to take a couple each, with Bob Smith taking his on floating fry while Ian Richardson took him on a booby and a shrimp pattern. On the boats beginner season ticket holder Debbie Gilbert fished with husband Sean landing 5 from along the Cornfield on nymphs. Tregaron Angling Club enjoyed good sport around near the Swan’s Nest using a mix of Sparkler boobies, Daddies and nymphs on the droppers. Kevin Rees despite the conditions stuck his guns and fished dries all day using Crippled Midge and Hoppers targeting individual rising fish, a great catch considering the poor conditions.

Another sunny day Tuesday with thankfully more of a ripple on the water than the previous day with some very welcome cloud arriving about 4pm. Season ticket holders Pete Allen & Tony Broadway fished from the boats to land 10 fish between them. The pair found the fish very keen to take Minkie boobies fished on a Di 3 sinking line, with the best area being over Musborough shoal. Amongst the catch Tony landed a cracking Rainbow weighting 4lb 9oz. All water season ticket holder Dave Kennell enjoyed a good days sport using a floating line with 3 foam daddies on to take 7 fish. Tregaron angling club enjoyed a better day Tuesday still using foam daddies to great effect down the Farborough Dam wall and also in Toft. Although James Raw fished the North Shore drifting from the back of the Aerators into Dunn’s taking 14 fish on dries and sunk hoppers.

Wednesday saw a big change in the weather, with the sun being replaced with rain and cooler air temperatures. It was hopeful that this change to more favourable conditions would bring the fish on and some good top of the water catches could be had. This proved to be the case with a number of anglers getting into double figures using dries. Draycote season ticket holder Kevin Rees landed 15 fish with crippled midge and bob’s bits being his best patterns. With Kevin’s best drifts being coming off K Buoy drifting out over the open water towards H buoy off the spit. Another season ticket holder who found the fish in this area keen to take dries was John Dickens who landed 12 using the same flies as Kevin. Although John did find success using a foam daddy as well. All water season ticket holder Ed Douglas landed 14 fish on dries catching the fish from various areas around the lake. Daffydd Evans & Micheal Williams landed 15 fish between them all on dries with a Daddy Hog and small hoppers being their best flies. The pair found the fish drifting off the back of the Aerators towards Dunn’s and then into Biggin Bay. Tony Parker landed 11 fish taking them on a floating line using black nymphs on the droppers and then a FAB on the point. It was also good to see some good catches from the bank, Ian Richardson landed 5 fish from the Tower Bank and Biggin Bay. With Bob Smith taking 6 from the same area including 3 cracking fish the biggest touching 5lb. The best flies was a Minkie Booby on the point with a shrimp pattern on the dropper, with a number of other bits of interest to the Minkie Booby on the point.

A mixed day weather wise with the wind starting in the south before swinging about 11am to the south west and picking up with a big bank of rain also blowing through. Later in the day the wind swung again and eased, providing the best conditions of the day. Gordon Bramwell & Ken Cooke fished around P Buoy using a 12ft midge tip with a washing line set up to land 13 fish between the pair of them. Paul Mitchell & Alec Urquhart landed 16 fish between them using a fast glass with a sparkler booby. Blackbull Fly Fishers made the trip down from Scotland to land 36 fish between the 6, drifting around P Buoy, J Buoy and through Biggin Bay. The lads found that dries worked in the afternoon and also washing lining nymphs on various tip lines with a FAB on the point. All water season ticket holder Chris Bobby and Lianne Frost landed 15 fish between them with the majority of them falling to CDC patterns fished around P Buoy in the afternoon. Fellow season ticket holder Yousef Dar enjoyed a good days sport landing 12 fish catching all over the lake and using “Various” methods and techniques.

A very windy day Friday coming from the North West with a definite chill in the air, in fact it was quite a shock after the warm temperatures earlier in the week. On the bank Tony Broadway landed 8 fish from the Cornfield and also Biggin Bay, using a washing line with Diawl Bach’s and then a cat’s whisker fished on an intermediate. Brothers Roger & Graham Davies also fished the bank landing 6 between them from along the Cornfield with a Minkie Booby and shrimps being their best flies. Out on the boats John Hoskins shared a boat with Kevin Hart with the pair landing 17 fish between them from along the Tower Bank, Dunn’s and Biggin Bay. With a Di 3 sinking line and boobies and snakes proving to be best to tempt the fish. A traveling club from Scotland caught well in the shelter of the North Shore using popper Minkies on a floating line to land some cracking fish, as well as using snakes on sinking lines.

The wind remained in the same direction on Saturday but thankfully it had dropped back, although there was still a definite chill in the air. The bank fished well for Nigel Keeber. Nigel fished a floating line with unweighted Snakes to Take 4 fish from Lincroft Point on what he said was a fairly long cast. Mike Garner also fished from the bank in the Cornfield to net 5 fish on a floating line with Black Crunchers and Cormorants. Mark Jones caught 4 fish from the bank using Diawl Bachs, whilst Gary Turner used Floating Fry patterns to net his 6 fish from various points along the northern shore. Out on the boats Mr G Martin used a slow Intermediate line with Shrimp patterns and a white lure to net 4 fish. The boat pairing of Chris Discombe and Jim Brennan had 7 fish between them also on small white lures.

Once again, the wind remained in the North West making for a cold start, however, the sun did make an appearance later in the day warming things up for the anglers slightly. On the bank Draycote Fly Fishers member Michael Wright landed 5 fish from Lincroft point, using a black and gold lure and also a minkie. The key Michael said was to cast out leave the flies to sink for 20 seconds and then pull them back with a quick retrieve. Out on the boats Black Bull Fishing Club from Scotland visited again after enjoying a good day Thursday. Between the 6 anglers they landed 45 fish, the majority of the fish came to a washing line with a Sparkler Booby on the point and then cormorants and small fry patterns on the droppers. The best lines being a Airflo 12ft Slow Tip, there was also fish caught on dries in Dunn’s Bay the best area the club found was to drift from Biggin- E Buoy and then S Buoy and D Buoy. Sunday also saw the fishery host the Team England Fly Fishing (TEFF) fundraiser looking to raise funds for next years England teams. The match was fished to the latest Angling Trust Guidelines with both the fishery and Andy Taylor from the Angling Trust on hand to make sure it all ran smoothly. 24 anglers competed to cash prizes down to 3 place and a days fishing for 2 in a boat for the first fish caught in the match. The format was to record the time of the first 3 fish caught and then a mark was given for every fish released. In the event of a draw the winner would be decided on the time of the first fish. The fishing was very varied with fish being caught from dries down to pulling on a Di 7 sinking line. Overall the 24 anglers caught 168 fish giving a rod average of 7. The fish of the match was caught in very quick time in fact in the first 5 mins by Tony Smith. The overall match was John Hardy with 18 fish who used a fast glass with small FABs fished around D buoy drifting out over the open water towards P. In Second place was Frank Sumnall with 12 and in 3rd Tony Baldwin beating 3 other anglers on 11 by landing his first fish 10.30am.

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Fur & Feather- Sunday 29th November 2020.

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