Draycote Report W/E 3rd August 2020

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Draycote Weekly Fishing Report.


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Fishery Report: Week ending Sunday 2nd August


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The weather for Monday can certainly be described as wet and windy, with blustery south west winds teamed with showers all day. As a result we had a quiet day with most of the anglers opting to come on the better weather days later in the week. On the bank fishing at the overflow Draycote season ticket holder Colin Granger landed 5 fish. Colin used a washing line with small size 14 Diawl Bach’s on the dropper to tempt his fish. On the boats Kevin Rees fished with dries all day using Bob Bit’s to take his 10 fish. Kevin fished under the shelter of the top Dam wall drifting towards B buoy.


Still quite a strong gusty wind on Tuesday, with cloud and sunny intervals. The wind made presentation difficult at times, however it was still flies fished high in the water that caught the lion share of the catches. On the bank season ticket holder Tony Broadway used a washing line with a FAB on the point and shrimp patterns on the droppers. To land 5 fish with all of them coming from the Cornfield. On the boats Kevin Hart fished over the open water through the middle in the rough weather to take 8 fish. Kevin used sunk hoppers and dabblers on an intermediate. Tim Jones and Ian Pugh used dries all day drifting from the top dam wall taking 12 fish between them. Draycote season ticket holder Lee Patten and Peter Elliot landed 26 between them in the afternoon using dries with Bob’s bits being the best patterns once again coming out from the Draycote Dam. One angler who didn’t catch the fish high in the water, was Rudder regular Steve Barby who found the fish on a double Di 7 and Tube going from T Buoy down past the spit to land 7 fish.


Excellent conditions greeted the anglers on Wednesday with light winds and overcast skies, as a result we saw nearly all the boats taking to the water in the hope of some good sport. Chris Flay took to the water with newcomer to the sport Ann- Marie Edwards with Chris landing 8 fish while Ann lost 3 at the net. Frustrating morning for Ann, however, I am sure they will stick next time. Chris caught all of his on a home tied Damsel pattern on a floating line from the Farnborough Dam wall and then into Toft. Alex Campbell fished down in Toft for the morning from a boat landing 6 fish. Once again it was Alex’s Copper Hopper doing the damage, with an even mix of dry flies and pulling lures on a Di3. Fishery Guide Lee Henfrey took to the water for his first days Guiding since we where able to resume the service earlier in the month. Taking all water season ticket holder Phil Mee, who wanted to learn about fishing dries. Phil enjoyed a fantastic day using dries all day catching fish from in Toft around G Buoy, for information on guiding please contact Tom on 01788 812018. Draycote season ticket holder Tony Parker & Andy Axon landed 22 fish between them fishing in Toft and from the Draycote Dam towards A buoy using dries. Richard Hood & Chris Webster also found the fish in Toft around G buoy drifting through the open water landed 26 fish between. The pair found using a slow sinking intermediate with a FAB on the point and sunk hoppers on the droppers to be the most successful tactics.


Thursday was a bright and breezy day throughout which some would think would make for difficult fishing conditions. Whilst the bank fishing is a bit slow at the moment due to water temperatures, the boat are doing quite well. Even in these bright conditions, the fish are still sitting in the top few feet of the water, making for some great dry fly sport. Mr D Eames had 15 fish to the boat around P buoy on Foam Daddies and Crippled Midge. New fishery staff member Lloyd Thompson enjoyed some great sport with much the same method on drifts around both P and D buoy. Season Permit holder John Dickens using a washing line and Buzzers to great effect to net 7 fish from a drifting boat. Chris Bobby and Leanne Frost had 18 fish to the boat between them, all on dries.


Friday gave us scorching temperatures with the mercury hitting 34 degrees in the afternoon. As a result the morning fished best with James Alexander fishing dries in the morning to land 5 fish. James, spoke to Lloyd in the morning and explained how the fish at P Buoy wanted to take crippled midge just sitting in the surface film. Taking on board Lloyd’s advice James enjoyed great sport and rose a number of others. Brothers Gary & Shaun Martin also found fish around P Buoy drifting towards D Buoy, using dries in the morning before switching to a washing line. They found a 12ft midge tip with green holographic Diawl Bachs on the droppers and a hopper booby on the point. All water season ticket holder Paul Walker fished with hoppers and buzzers in the Aerators to take 8 fish.


The weather was much better Saturday with the temperature dropping by about 10 degrees and the sun being replaced with cloud from around 9.30. On the boats Jim Dempsey & Ifor Jones used the rudder to take 15 fish between them. The pair fished barred olive snakes on a mix of Di 3 sinking lines also Di 7 sinking lines taking the fish a little deeper. The pair concentrated around the top dam wall in the deeper water taking the fish around A and B Buoy. Andrus R & G Wadsworth enjoyed a good day landing 20 fish from around A Buoy. They found that the majority of the fish (15) took a white snake while the other 5 came to an olive buzzer. Fishing for the last four hours season ticket holder Martyn Hancox landed 10 fish all on Big reds fishing around the top dam wall.


Another bright day forecast for Sunday with the cloud that was forecast in the afternoon not really materialising. With the sun out in the force over the past few days the cooler mornings have certainly been the most productive times. Season ticket holder Jim Smith took 7 on dries in the morning drifting around the school slips and N Buoy using a crippled midge and a shipmen’s buzzer. Later in the day the fish stopped being so willing to come and take a dry. As a result Jim opted to go down a little deeper using a Booby Basher and a tube over the Aerators to take a further 12 fish. Richard Walker also found success on the Aerators landing 9 fish in a morning session using a barred snake fished on a Di 5 sinking line. Tez Livin used dries all day to land 7 fish drifting from Rainbow Corner to A Buoy. All water season ticker holders Ian Reeve & Matt Pittaway landed 15 fish between them using Damsel and Perch fry patterns. The pair found the fish around the Aerators and the Outlet.


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