Draycote Report W/E 3rd November 2019

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Draycote Water fishing report week ending Sunday 3rd November 2019

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Weekly Fishing Report

The weather has not been kind to us here at Draycote water, with cold easterly winds, heavy showers and a distinct drop in air temperature. The fishing however, has more than made up for it, with good catches now coming from all areas of the reservoir and bank anglers getting some great sport. The methods that have stood us in good stead over the past fortnight are still working to great effect. From the bank it’s a floating line and Shrimp Patterns fished close into the bank, or an intermediate line with Lures cast at a reasonable distance, and a slow steady retrieve. The Boat anglers have been using Shrimp Patterns on floating lines to some effect, but have been a lot more successful using an intermediate or a DI3 and Lures. Patterns such as Snakes, Minkie Boobies, Pitsford Peas and Tube Flies have all shown up on the catch return.

This week 182 anglers have caught 769 fish, giving us a weekly rod average of 4.2.

Monday saw Ian Richardson remark on “another brilliant day”, after netting 9 fish from the bank. Ian fished the Overflow and the bottom of the Hensborough Bank using small lures and Perch Fry patterns. John Hall caught 5 fish whilst bank fishing in the Cornfield using a Pitsford Pea. John Dickens netted 4 from the bank on Minkies. Staff member Kevin Hart caught 13 fish from a boat on Fry Patterns.

On Tuesday Bob Smith caught 6 fish from the bank at Lincroft Point using either Snakes or Shrimp Patterns. Ian Reeve and Matt Pittaway took to the boat to land 13 fish between them on sinking lines and Humongous, James Cameron netted 14 fish from a boat using Perch Fry patterns on a DI3.

Peter Elliott and Lee Patten got well into double figures from a drifting boat using a wide variety of patterns in the top couple of feet of the water. Rob Middleton boated 8 fish, one of which was an 8lb 4oz brown, which was weighed by a member of staff, photographed and returned safely to the water. Rob Fished an Olive Snake over Croft Shoal, on a DI3 line. All water season Permit holder Rodney Dangerfield caught 4 fish, whilst bank fishing in the Cornfield, on a Black and Pearl pattern. Mr M Foster netted 5 fish from the boat on Olive Snakes, one of which was a very large perch.

Tony Broadway netted 14 fish whilst bank fishing along the North Shore using both Fry and Shrimp patterns. Ian Richardson caught 5 fish from the bank from the Cornfield and the Swans Nest using Minkies on a sinking line. Andy Birkett commented on a “Super day”, after netting a baker’s dozen from a drifting boat. Andy concentrated his efforts over shallow weed beds to great effect. The boat pairing of Eddie Mitchell and Dave Kennell netted 16 fish on Minkies fished on a DI3.

Friday saw Andy Birkett take to the boat again to land 15 fish from the areas around E Buoy and Toft Shallows. Andy used Pearly fry patterns and Perch fry patterns, landing fish up to 5lbs. All water season permit holder Steve Orton caught 8 fish from the bank on Minkies and a Cutthroat Cats Whisker. Jamie Scott had 6 fish to the boat on Olive Snakes and Fry patterns. Jamie commented that they were all lovely fish with the best being about 5lb 8oz.

Saturday’s weather forecast proved to be very accurate with wind speeds too great to let the boats out. Three anglers braved the driving wind and rain on the bank but were limited to the southern shoreline. All of them caught fish and despite the weather seemed to enjoy the day thoroughly.

Sunday was a beautiful day out on the water with light breezes and little rain. The reservoir fished really well with many anglers getting well into double figures and the rod average at nearly 6.0. Keith Jones caught 13 fish from the bank by the Swans Nest using an Intermediate line and various lures. Keith Harding netted over 20 fish from a boat in Toft using a DI3 and Humungus. Nigel Keeber and Lee Henfrey had over 30 fish to the boat from various locations around the reservoir, using DI3’s and Tube Flies. Season Permit holder Paul Walley caught 10 fish from the bank using Hares Ears with a FAB on the point. Paul fished around the Overflow and at Lincroft Point. Martin Price and Dave Hancox had a baker’s dozen between them to the boat using Olive Snakes on a DI3.



This year’s Fur and Feather match is sold out, reflecting the excellent back end of season sport here at Draycote water, with good numbers of grown on 3lb – 4lb+ fish being caught.

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Weekly Boat draw

Congratulations to Mr Dave Bailey from Markfield in Leicestershire , the winner of this week’s free boat draw.

Weekly Stats:  

Number Rods: 182   Number Trout Taken:  186    Number Trout Released: 583

Total Catch: 769   Rod Average: 4.2          

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