Draycote Weekly report 11th August

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Draycote Water fishing report week ending Sunday 11th August 2019

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I think the best way to describe the past week here at Draycote would be frustrating. For a few reasons, firstly the strong winds meant that the boats were unable to take to the water Saturday, then secondly the fishing has been frustrating. The water temperature for the first part of the week was just hovering around 19/20°C meaning the fishery showed signs of bursting into arm wrenching sport but it just didn’t quite happen. Overall with a weather plagued week 128 anglers visited the fishery landing 338 fish for a rod average of 2.6

With the variety of weather we have experienced this week, a wide range of methods have worked. Dries have probably been the most consistent method of catching with them seeming to work in most conditions throughout the week. Again it seems to be the smaller dries that are proving to be the most effective with 12s and 14s featuring on the catch return. Patterns such as Bob’s Bit, Crippled Midge & Shipman’s have taken the lions share of the action on dries. However, larger patterns such as the Big Red, Midas and Daddies have proved successful given the correct conditions. The top colours for the week on the dries have been claret, fiery brown, red and black. On the days where the sun has made more of an appearance the washing line caught well. Depending on the day the intensity of the sun has varied the lines the anglers have been using. A standard RIO Midge Tip has worked great on days with a mix of cloud and sun, though on the days it has been bright sun all day the longer midge tips have worked well, as has a slow glass. The top flies on the washing line have been very similar in size to the dries, the smaller the better. The KJ Black & Red Diawl Bach has worked very well, as too a size 14 Hot Head Diawl Bach Special. On the end of the washing line a standard Tequila FAB has worked great or a more suitable Biscuit FAB. The other method that has featured on the catch report this week has been using snakes on fast sinking lines. The best sinking lines have been either the Di 5 sinker or a Di 7, with the best colours either being olive or black.

Regarding the areas, while there seems to be fish very well spread across all the lake. There has certainly been more hotspots that others. P Buoy has featured well this week with reports of quality silver fish being taken from there onto middle shoal. Drifts from A Buoy to Rainbow Corner proved to be very effective specially to washing line techniques. There are still fish from the flat stones to B buoy, which seem to be sitting high in the water with washing line on a floater or dries working for them. Other areas that have been recorded on the catch report have been the Overflow, Hensborough Bank and the Aerators.

Far less then idea conditions Monday with a gusty winds with a mix of sun and spare cloud cover. This caused the fish to move up and down in the water Column like a yoyo. Derek Elms caught on dries fished around B buoy despite the sun. Guiding & Tuition Manger Tom Bird fishing with Cameron Rothwell caught on dabblers fished on a RIO Hover and a DI 3 around B Buoy and the Aerators. Also using Dabblers was Will Hunt who landed 3 fish on the last four hour ticket from the bank at Rainbow Corner. Father & Son duo of Lee and Robert Hankins used very small buzzers in size 14/16 around the Aerators on a floating line to land 16 fish to the boat.

Ed Doulas fished around P Buoy on Tuesday to land 8 fish, 2 on dries in the morning before swapping to a washing line in the afternoon. Fishing around Rainbow Corner to A Buoy, Keith Coley and Bob Taft landed 17 fish on a washing line with Diawl Bach’s, but, it was the FAB on the end that tempted most of the fish.

Wednesday turned out to be a day for the sinkers. All water season ticket holder Paul Havard and Steve Jordan landed 11 fish between them. The pair back drifted around various marks using a DI 5 and Olive snake for Paul while Steve went for a DI 7 and a mix of Olive and Black snakes. Another season ticket holder who found snakes on sinkers the key was Dave Atkins who landed 9 fish on a Di 5 sinking line and again Olive was the colour.

A busy day Thursday with all the boats taking to the water. With the day turning out to be a very mixed affair with regards to the weather and the fishing. The day started sunny before the cloud rolled in around mid-afternoon. Eyebrook, regulars Oliver Mills & Jeff Crowden enjoyed a good days sport on their first ever trip to the water. Boating 17 fish the pair found the fish at P Buoy with most taking black snakes fished on a booby basher then later in the day some coming to dries. John Clifford & Tony Broadway also found the fish deep using snakes and tubes to land 16 fish. While these lads fished deep other anglers found success on the dries. Kevin Rees landed 11 fish all on fiery brown crippled midge in a size 14 around S & P Buoy. Craig Smith also used crippled midge to take the majority of his 7 fish while taking a boat for an afternoon.

Friday was the day the weather changed with rain forecast all day and stronger winds very few anglers took to the water. Those that did found the fish willing to take UV Cormorants fished around the Hensborough Bank fished on a Di 3 sinking line. With 30 MPH winds forecast Saturday the boats where held back to the pontoon. Although these strong winds didn’t deter the 3 hardly bank anglers who braved the awful conditions. All 3 where rewarded all catching from Rainbow Corner, landing the fish on a washing line with small size 14 Diawl Bach’s with a tequila FAB on the point.

Sunday saw the wind drop enough for the boats to be able to once again take the water, with overcast conditions and the strong winds and rain of the previous day. Cooling the surface temperature to 18.5°C the hope was that the fish would be in the surface looking for food. Season ticket holder John Hanlon fished from the bank to land 9 fish. John caught his fish using a long midge tip with a mix of flies from traditional wets to tequila FABs and boobies. Mike Garner also had some good sport from the bank, netting 8 fish on Fry Patterns in Rainbow corner. Season permit holder Richard Walker boated 5 fish on an intermediate line and Olive Snakes.

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Weekly Stats:  

Number Rods: 128     Number Trout Taken: 100     Number Trout Released: 238

Total Catch: 338 Rod Average: 2.6

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