Draycote fishing report w/e Sunday 2nd June 2019

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Draycote Water weekly report week ending 2nd June 2019
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The weather was very changeable this week with only slightly warmer conditions towards the weekend. The odd stormy shower has blown through making things uncomfortable at times, but nothing that a good coat wouldn’t sort out. The fishing overall has held up well despite the constantly changing wind directions, and there have been some good catches for both boat and bank anglers. The north shore around duns bay and the tower bank have proved to be good spots from the bank, with fish finally rearing their heads in toft shallows from about midweek onwards. Boat anglers have also had some good sport with rainbow corner holding its own against the valve tower, the school slips, duns bay and buoys P, X and Y. This week 404 rods caught a total of 1369 fish giving us a weekly rod average of 3.3.
Monday was the final day of a four day package for William Brown and Joe Cairney from Dumfries who were catching well on sinking lines and black boobies as well as floating lines and traffic light buzzers, mainly in biggin bay. Season permit holders Jim Smith and Ed Douglas had 16 fish to a drifting boat on dries and buzzers. Don Coe, Gordon Byers, Tim Grove and Keith Bunnett travelled down from Northumberland this week in order to take advantage of our 4 day break. All have made the trip many times and were looking forward to having some great sport. Some of the late evening anglers had to brave some very heavy showers with thunder and lightening which came through at about 9pm.
On Tuesday season permit holder Peter Fisher caught 5 fish on dries and damsels. Mr R Woodland landed 6 fish on hares ears and diawl bachs Mr T Moore and Mr James Maplethorpe had 23 fish to the boat between them on diawl bachs, whilst “team Northumberland” landed a very steady 37 fish between 4 of them on buzzers. Mr J Forsyth and Mr G Ross caught and returned 18 fish from the boat using size 12 diawl bachs in colours green, red and orange. Mr Keith Coley and Mr B Taft caught 10 fish using lures on sinking lines. Draycote regular Mr Jeff ide had 17 fish to the boat on buzzer’s, one of which weighed 4lbs 8oz.
Wednesday was a great day for bank fishing alround it seems. Bob Smith caught 6 fish from the bank on black buzzers. Season permit holder Mike Garner had 13 fish off the bank using crunchers in Toft. The father and son team of Jim and Richard Hall ventured out onto the bank to net 16 fish between them. Ian Richardson caught 7 fish from the bank, all on buzzers. Out on the boats Mike Joy and John Gregory caught 16 fish on buzzers. Lord Richard Dayman and Norman Perkins had 14 fish to the boat between them.
On Thursday team Northumberland, Don Coe, Gordon Byers, Tim Grove and Keith Bunnett had a great day catching 53 fish between them on buzzers from the likes of rainbow corner and the valve tower. All water season permit holder Mr Paul Walker ventured out onto the bank to net 2 trout and 3 perch, all returned.
Friday turned out to be a lot windier than was forecast with some strong south westerly gusts blowing straight into toft. David East had a tremendous day out on the boat. David has been waiting a long time to catch a brown trout and just like that, he catches two in the same day. David was drifting off Musborough shoal on sinking lines to net one estimated at 8lbs and the second at 10lbs. See our facebook page for photos. Martyn Moore commented on “another great day”, boating 23 fish on green buzzers in rainbow corner. Season permit holder Mike Garner caught 4 fish from the bank in toft using cormorants and crunchers.
Saturday regulars Ivor Jones and Jim Dempsey caught 18 fish on the rudder using sinking lines and lures.
Season permit holders Dave Hancox and Martin Price netted 21 fish from a boat using buzzers and diawl bachs down the front of the cornfield. Mr N Starkey caught 16 fish on buzzers in rainbow corner, toft shallows and the cornfield. The usual suspects of Jim Smith and Ed Douglas had 20 fish to the boat on dries. Mr A Taylor caught 13 fish from the bank using buzzers and dries such as the big red. Draycote regular George Leaton ventured out in a boat to catch 11 fish, all on buzzers. Mr C Ballard, also using buzzers, caught 19 fish from a boat. Jim Hall caught 15 fish from the bank using diawl bachs. Mr John Furlong visiting from Thailand, caught 12 fish in an afternoon session.
Sunday was a very warm day with a very gusty south westerly blowing out of rainbow corner. The odd heavy shower blew across the water, just to break the day up. Staff Member Michael Hanlon netted 3 fish from the bank down in toft shallows using black and green buzzers, as did season permit holder Martin Hancox. Jim Smith and Ed Douglas had over forty fish to the boat on a mixture of dries, nymphs and buzzers. Sunday was the first of several practice days for the Ladies international with teams and coaches visiting from England, Ireland, Scotland and wales. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the teams the very best of luck on Thursday.
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Weekly Stats:
Number Rods: 404 Number Trout Taken: 213 Number Trout Released: 1156
Total Catch: 1369 Rod Average: 3.3
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