Draycote Report W/E 26th November 2017

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Draycote Fishing Report w/e Sunday 26th November 2017
A mixed week regarding the weather with strong winds Wednesday and Thursday which meant no boats out Wednesday. After the strong winds frosts and cold weather came making life challenging especially for the bank angles as the fish opted for the more stable temperatures of deeper water. Although, Once the fish had been in the deeper water a good day could be had and a good bag could be put together. This week 160 anglers visited the fishery catching 353 fish for a rod average of 2.2.
Monday kicked off with a breezy day with winds coming from the South West blowing between 15-18mph. This did drop in the afternoon to around 12mph making the fishing more comfortable at Farnborough Spit and down in Toft. Although the drop-in wind speeds, did mean the rain got a chance to take hold making for a damp and chilly afternoon. On the bank season ticker holder Dave Adkins landed 6 fish from Toft Shallows on the bank all on a Cat’s Whisker. Another season ticket holder doing well from the bank was Kevin Rees who landed 7 cracking rainbows, fishing from Dunn’s Bay up to the tower fishing with shrimps on a washing line. Ray Cramp also fished with Kevin to land 7 fish, but Ray opted for a lure and a shrimp. Out the boats the fishery hosted the annual “Staff Fishing Day” which sees the sailing club, rangers and staff from the restaurant all joining the fishery in a boat for a end of season fishing day. A great day was had by all with every boat catching fish. Taking the top honours for the best boat was in house guide Lee Henfrey and Mark from the Sailing Club who anchored near Farnborough spit to land 9 fish as well as countless dropped fish on a di 7-sinking line and two humongous boobies. Draycote Manger Kevin Hart enjoyed a good day with Kay from the Restaurant and Nina from the Ranger team landing 5 fish with both Nina and Kay landing there first ever fish. Kev anchored their boat along the Farnborough Dam and used a di 5-sinking line and white snake boobies to great effect. A great day was had by all and the fishery would like to thank the members of staff from the sailing club, the rangers and the restaurant for the help and support throughout the 2017 at Draycote.
A damp start to Tuesday with light drizzle and 12-14 mph south westerly winds, the winds did increase slightly around lunch making anchoring difficult off Farnborough spit. Out on the banks Jude Tuffs and season ticket holder Tony Broadway enjoyed good sport at the overflow. The pair found the fish willing to take nymphs fished on a washing line and nymphs fished in conjunction with a minkie on the point. Jude also landed a lovely brown. Out on the boats season ticket holder Colin England and Tony Plummer enjoyed fantastic sport boating 19 between them. The pair opted to fish a mix of minkies and boobies on sinking lines around J buoy and the Farnborough Dam wall. Mr Harrison also took to the boats landing a fantastic 8lb brown from Rainbow Corner on a di 4 sinking line.
Wednesday saw the first stormy day of the autumn which resulted in the boats being cancelled and bank fishing becoming very tricky as the 30mph constant winds hammered the hardy anglers. The only place fishable from the bank was Rainbow corner and the bank anglers where reward with a couple of fish.
The winds had dropped over night leaving a 18mph south westerly, which did increase for a short period in the middle of the day. A bright autumnal sky teamed with these winds certainly looked like it might be a challenging day on the water. However, the earlier weeks forecast of the day meant that all the boats booked for the day had changed to the Friday resulting in no boats venturing out on the water.
The best weather day of the week meant it was a busy day on both the boats and the bank. A frosty start with the pontoon being frozen resulting in the boats being slightly delayed in going out. However, once the sun did come up it left a cold but clear day. The day started flat calm but a Westerly wind of 9-10mph did arrive about 10am which then swung into the South west. These bright clear conditions did make the fishing tricky. Out on the boats Draycote’s own Tom Bird took to the water with Jim Smith the pair fished all around the lake picking the odd fish up at every spot but found a concentration of fish on Farnborough spit. The pair finished the day just over double figures with the best tactic being a di 7 sinking line and 2 humongous boobies. Another boat finding the fish near the spit was that of Michael Hanlon and Dave Atkins who landed 8 fish to the boat again fishing with a di 7 sinking line and boobies, but this time minkie boobies being their top pattern. Due to the bright conditions and clear water it was a struggle for the many of the bank anglers. Although, Kevin Rees landed 6 fish from Dunns Bay on shrimp patterns fished on the washing line, also doing well from the bank. Was season ticket holder John Dickens who fished at the old pipe in Biggin Bay to land 4 fish all of which took a FAB.
Another cold start to Saturday with the Pontoon being completely frozen solid, which again resulted in a delayed start for the boats. The conditions started much the same as the day previous, with light winds and a cool start. After 12 this did change with the wind swinging to the North West and increasing slightly leaving for a very cold day. Neil Heath landed 3 fish from the boats fishing down the Farnborough Dam wall to start then moving into Biggin Bay.  All on Neil’s fish taking a black lure fished on a fast-intermediate line. Mr A Campbell had a great day on the boat landing 10 fish from Toft, Middle Shoal and Biggin Bay. All of the fish took a di 5-sinking line with a mixture of cormorants and cats whiskers. On the bank Jared Burton enjoyed good sport on a last 4-hour permit landing 4 fish on black streamers from Dunn’s Bay.
Sunday saw the annual Fur and Feather match held at Draycote with 22 pairs fishing for fantastic Christmas hamper. The weather looked set for a cold one with the early weeks forecast giving snow for the day, this did change but it was certainly a cold day. A frozen pontoon greeted the anglers, although it was safe enough to get the anglers on for a 9am start. The winds were from the west south west blowing at 12-14mph with clear skies. At the start of the match a lot of anglers headed for the spit with some motoring over towards Biggin leaving a few to split towards Toft and the Draycote Dam. The anglers who headed down the Farnborough Dam wall and the spit where rewarded with early fish which continued to pull for the rest of the day. At the end of the day it was Draycote in house guide Tom Bird and his partner Jim Smith who won with 16 fish 34lb 11oz. The pair took these anchored of the spit fishing into the deeper was on a di 7-sinking line with 2 humongous boobies. One spaces 4ft from the end of the fly line with the next one 10ft behind that and a slow figure of eight along the bottom. However, as Tom in a member of staff it was decided before the match that the pair would not fish for the prizes just for an enjoyable day on the water. This left the top 3 prizes up for Grabs so winning the hampers was the father and son pairing of Sean and John Hanlon. Who landed 14 fish for 30lb 11oz the pair also fished Farnborough spit on a di 7-sinking line with Sean on a humongous booby which john fished a tube. In second place was David Hoppe and Gareth Jones who landed 11 fish for 23lb 6oz. They found the fish down at the Swan’s nest in toft again on a di 7 sinking line this time teamed with snakes. David & Gareth also landed the biggest fish of the match with a 3lb 13oz rainbow. In third was another member of staff Graham Henfrey who works across several our sites, fishing with Adam Gumby the pair landed 9 fish for 20lb 1oz back drifting near the spit on sinking lines and snakes. An impressive result as Graham has only been fishing for 4 months. Although like Tom, Graham wasn’t fishing for the prizes. Meaning that the 2 bottles of wine each for 3 went to Michael Hanlon and Will Hunt they fished just back from Farnborough spit on di 7 sinking lines to land 8 fish for 17lb 12oz.
With only 4 days left of the season and some light winds coming from the North forecast lets hope that we can finish the 2017 season with a bang and plenty of fish caught.
Weekly Boat Draw
Congratulations to Mr Chris Aubrey of Rugby who is the winner of this week’s free boat draw.
Weekly Stats:
Number Rods: 160  Number Trout Taken: 212  Number Trout Released: 140
Total Catch:  353    Weekly Rod Average: 3.08
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Bank:  07:30 until 1600
Boat All Day:  08:30 until 16:00
Last 4 Hours: 12:00 until 16:00 (Ticket sales available from 11:45)
Gutting Room Closes: 15:30
All Anglers to be off site by: 16:30
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