Draycote Water fishing report w/e Sunday 10th September 2017

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Draycote Fishing Report w/e Sunday 10th September 2017

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Despite yet another week of varying weather conditions the sport remains consistently good for boat anglers, with good returns coming from lots of different areas of the reservoir. Toft still isn’t at it’s best but some persistent souls have caught fish whilst drifting around G buoy. The bank fishing has improved a bit over the last week or so, but with the current water temperatures still high, those who keep on the move and keep changing tactics are the ones who are making the better returns. The weekly rod average was 3.2.

After the bright and breezy day, the overcast and lighter winds of Monday looked like the week would get off to a great start. While the fishing was good with a rod average of 3.8 it didn’t quite explode like was expected. Ed Douglas took to the water landing 11 fish, all on dries with CDC shuttlecock being the best fly. Season ticket holder Kevin Rees used dries to good effect landing 7 fish, all on small brown bits. Rob Keeber fished dries and diawl bachs to boat 12 fish from various points around the lake, with the open water proving a productive area.

Good conditions Tuesday with cloud cover and a light south westerly wind saw the rod average increase to 4, even through the final hours sport was hampered by a huge rain storm coming through. Bank anglers Peter Allen and Gordan Slack used fry patterns in Rainbow Corner to land 4 and 3 fish a piece. Out on the boats Ms A Honor and Mr Czernecki landed 10 fish to the boat using washing line tactics around A and B Buoy. Mr Woodruffe landed 7 fish, all in the last hour before the rain on bibios fished in the top 2 feet of the water on an intermediate line. Mr K Coley and Mr B Taft enjoyed a good days sport back drifting down the Draycote dam wall with 7 inch a second sinking lines and buoyant flies to land 14 fish to the boat.

More overcast conditions greeted anglers on Wednesday, and as a result the fish where in the top 2 feet of the water. The fish were certainly looking up for food with dries proving the most successful tactic. The fish seemed to have moved to all areas through the middle of the lake, with drifts from X,P,A and B buoy proving productive. Joe McGuigan led the way with 17 fish, all falling to yellow owl CDC shuttlecocks. Mr T Evans and Mr J Bilinski used hoppers to great effect landing 11 fish to the boat. Tony Smith also found dries to be the best method, however he caught using small bobs bits in a variety of colours. Mr Russ Logan and Mr Rob Leighton enjoyed a good days action boating 18 fish with Russ using a silver Invicta while rob opted for a sparkler booby. Season ticket holders Colin England and Tony Plummer also used dries to boat 12 fish.

A sunny start to the day on Thursday did not look that promising. But with the cloud cover arriving earlier than expected, and a light breeze picking up, the day began to look very promising indeed. Colin Grainger and Ivor Bullock caught 2 fish each from the bank. Ian Richardson, also caught 2 fish from the bank. Ian fished by the overflow using boobies and minkies.  Mr Joe McGuigan found it a bit tougher going but still managed 9 to the boat, again on yellow owls and various dries. Draycote regular Mr Jamie Scott caught 7 fish from a drifting boat. Season Permit holder Dennis Tidmarsh ventured afloat with Mr Rod Goldthorpe to net 16 fish between them. Mr Ray Cramp, also fishing from a boat netted 8 fish, one of which weighed 4 lbs. Frazer Duffy went out for an afternoon session and caught 7 fish. Kevin Rees had 14 fish to the boat on various dries such as bobs bits. Mr J Wilkinson Boated 21 fish on a wide variety of methods.

On Friday the bank fishing seemed to improve a bit with Keith Hughes catching 2, Peter Allen catching 4 and Gordon Slack catching 5 fish. Well done Gordon. Mr Lloyd McNally caught 5 fish from a boat, all on dries. Mr D Holroyd netted 7 fish from a boat. The father and son boat pairing of Mr J Hall and Mr D Hall caught 10 fish between them from a boat, all on dries. Mr Steve Conway ventured out for an afternoon session and netted 9 fish in Biggin bay. Mr Scott Graham and his boat partner caught 20 fish during an afternoon session, again on various dries. Ed Douglas netted 19 fish from a boat, all on dries. Friday also saw the arrival of one of the AMFC matches. 30 rods took part, netting 181 fish to give a match average of 6.0. Well done to all those anglers who took part.

Saturday started with a blustery south westerly wind and sporadic showers. There were quite a lot of young anglers out on the water, having a practise day before tomorrows big event. The reservoir fish hard in the windy conditions but there where some good returns. Mr Mark Hunt caught 8 fish from a boat using a midge tip line and nymphs. Mr Jim Dempsey caught 5 fish on the rudder. Mr R Allan netted 6 fish from a boat. Mr M Hollingshead caught 3 fish from the bank by the overflow, using a variety of patterns such as buzzers and cats whiskers.

Waterproofs and warm clothing were required for The England Loch Style Youth National, held on Sunday here at Draycote. The budding stars of the future ventured out on to the water on what was to be a challenging day. All 20 rods boated a very respectable 48 fish between them. Congratulations to Ryan Campbell on becoming the Youth National Champion 2017, with 11 fish. Also a big well done to all the other young anglers who took part. Despite the weather there were some good returns from other anglers as well.. Mr Frazer Duffy returned for another days fishing and netted 8 fish from a drifting boat.  Mr P Hallam caught 6 fish. Mr R Burcher caught 5 fish from a boat.

Weekly Boat Draw

Congratulations to Mr J Bilinski of Brackley who is the winner of this weeks free boat draw.

Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 308  Number Trout Taken: 424  Number Trout Released:572  Total Catch:  996    Weekly Rod Average: 3.2

Current Fishing Times:

Bank:  07:30 until 19:45

Boat All Day:  08:30 until 19:45

Boat Part Day:  08:30 until 14:00 –  14:00  until 19:45

Last 4 Hours from:  15:45 until  19:45 (Ticket sales available from 15:30)

Gutting Room Closes: 19:15

All Anglers to be off site by: 20:00

Fishery News

Trout Masters

Draycote has joined the Troutmasters Competition. Entry forms can be found next to the booking out sheets. You will need a member of staff to countersign your entry. Good luck!

Dates for your diary:-

Competition                                                                                     Contact

TEFF Fundraiser.  Dry Fly Championship 16th September “ Ian Colclough  01543 689117

Angling World Holiday Final  23rd and 24th September  c/o John Horsey

Troutmasters Final  9th October.  See Fishery staff.

As is so often the way at this time of the year, many fish tend to gravitate towards the aerators as a comfort zone & naturally many anglers wish to get in amongst the action there. Please be aware that the area is a strictly no anchoring zone.

We also respectfully ask that all anglers demonstrate good boat manners & etiquette when fishing in close proximity to other vessels there & elsewhere in general. Incidents have been occurring where anglers have rudely reversed back up their drift into oncoming boats or have cut straight into the path of a drifting boat instead of  taking their turn returning to the top of the drift. This is unsporting, spoils the action & enjoyment of others & understandably leads to frayed tempers. Should you find yourself at the receiving end of repeated displays of such poor boatmanship & bad etiquette, we ask that you phone the lodge in order that we can come out to rectify the situation ourselves as deemed appropriate.

Boat Cleanliness:

Our hard pressed team strive to maintain the boats to a high standard of cleanliness. Anglers are kindly requested to respect their endeavours by keeping their vessels shipshape & litter free. Particular attention should be paid to avoiding the unnecessary practise of pulling muddy anchors on board. These should be shaken clean before being lifted into the boat. Your assistance in this regard will be most appreciated.

Guiding & Tuition:

Why not take your own fishing further with a day out on the water with England Internationals and fishery staff Lee Henfrey or Tom Bird? Whether you wish to get to know the water better or hone a particular skill, our guides can help to improve your catch rates.  Visit the website www.flyfishguiding.co.uk for more information or book a slot by calling the lodge on 01788 812018.

Keep up to date with the latest catches and fishing posts from our in-house fishery ranger and guide Tom Bird, by following him on Facebook. Tom has been catching some great fish this season and posting pictures of the fish as well as a light write up on how he has been catching them.

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