Draycote Water Fishing Report w/e Sunday 28 August 2016

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Draycote Water: Weekly report ending Sunday 28thAugust 2016.

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A week of bright sunny conditions interspersed with gusty winds has made the fishing a bit slower than usual here at Draycote, turning in a weekly rod average of  2.1 The fishing improved as the week went on, even though the bright conditions prevailed and temperatures continued to rise. Whilst fish have been caught right through the water column , the bright conditions didn’t push the fish down too far, and the better catches were still coming to dries and nymphs in the top few feet of the water. The weekend brought more cloudy conditions with heavy rain showers on Saturday which, despite some anglers going home early, produced the best rod average of the week of 4.9.

The water quality hasn’t been brilliant, with a brownish tinge spread right across the reservoir This didn’t cause too many problems for boat anglers, as the aerators have been going for a couple of weeks now and are absolutely packed full of fish. Indeed the western end of the reservoir along the Draycote Dam, from Rainbow corner to The Tower and out into the deeper water, has been performing very well, with most of the better catches on the reservoir coming from there.

Bank fishing has been tough this week, with many of the seasoned anglers only catching one or two fish here and there. The warmer water in the margins has pressed the fish into searching for cooler areas in the deeper water, and therefore out of reach of most casts. 

Again, dries such Big Reds, Crippled Midge, Shipmans Buzzer, and hoppers with a bit of colour such as red, claret or orange, are working really well. As are Diawl Bachs, Crunchers, Buzzers and Hares Ears fished on a washing line.

There are also some good catches coming from the depths of the water on lines from DI 5 to DI 8, using flies such as friendly tubes and snakes.

On Monday Mr L Booth and Mr P Hallam had a tough day, but managed to catch 9 fish on dries from a boat. Season permit hold Mr Kevin Rees also fishing from a boat, managed to catch 9 on dries.

Tuesday brought a rise in the rod average to 2.4, with season permit holder Mr Ed Douglas catching 15 from the boat. Mr Andy Birkett and Mr Brent Vinall visiting us on a 3 day package, caught 10 fish from a variety of areas including Lincroft point, the school slips and the aerators, using Hares Ears and Pin fry Patterns. Mr Ray Cramp also ventured out on a boat and had a total of 10 fish for 18lb 8oz. Another pair taking advantage of our 3 day package was Mr Ellis Phillips and Mr Rowland Owens, who on their first day, managed 16 fish to the boat on dries.

On Wednesday Mr Ed Douglas managed 18 fish to the boat, all on dries. Mr Alec Twaites and Mr George Smith ventured out on a boat and caught 6 fish between them. Mr Andy Birkett and Mr Brent Vinall caught 10 good fish on a variety of nymphs and dries in Biggin Bay. Again Mr Ellis Phillips and Mr Rowland Owens ventured out in the warm weather, this time managing 32 fish to the boat between them, all on dries.

Thursday was  another bright sunny day where again Mr Andy Birkett and Mr Brent Vinall  did really well catching 22 fish, again on dries. Mr Huw Thomas and Mr Arwell Owen, fishing on a 3 day package had 11 fish over the aerators. Mr Kevin Rees had yet another good days dry fly fishing with 16 fish to the boat.

Friday saw Mr Peter Elliott and Mr Lee Patten catch 27 fish between them from a drifting boat. Ms Jude Tuffs netted 10 fish from the boat in difficult conditions. Mr David Hoppe also had a productive day, catching 15 fish from a boat. Mr A Masters and Mr E Masters had 15 fish to the boat over the aerators fishing black buzzers on an intermediate line. Mr Huw Thomas  and Mr Arwell Owen had a good day, catching 14 fish on Black Buzzers and Diawl Bachs .

Saturday came with lots of cloud cover and the threat of some severe storms in the afternoon. Still anglers ventured out to brave the conditions. Mr Lee Henfry and Mr Nigel Keeber boated over 30 fish between them on sinking lines and friendly tubes. Mr Ian Springett caught 7 fish on dries. Mr M Wood and Mr J Wood had 26 fish to the boat on dries.Mr D Nataly and Mr D Lovegrove had 15 fish to the boat on black Bobs Bits, Olive Buzzers, Red Diawl Bachs and Hares Ears. Regulars Mr Ivor jones and Mr Jim Dempsey had 13 fish to the boat on the rudder. Mr Huw Thomas and Mr Arwell Owen caught 10 fish from the boat.

Sunday dawned with good cloud cover and a light south westerly breeze. Whilst conditions looked very good the rod average dropped to 1.8, with anglers reporting lots of fish moving in the surface which proved difficult to catch throughout the day. Mr D Mee and Mr M Mee caught 15 fish between them from a boat on a variety of dries such as red and claret Hoppers and CDC E mergers. Mr C Discombe and Mr J Brennan caught 19 fish from the boat on Buzzers and various dry flies. Mr P Wyles and Mr J Symonds had 10 fish to the boat . Mr R Pelly and Mr M Pelly took a boat out on the last 4 hour permit and caught 6 fish on Big Reds.

Weekly Stats:

Number Rods:  319      Number Trout Taken: 283   Number Trout Released: 403

Total Catch:    686          Weekly Rod Average:  2.1

Current Fishing Times :

Bank:  07:30 until   20:00

Boat All Day:   08:30     until     20:00

Boat Part Day:  AM    08:30 until   14:00 PM   14:00   until 20:00

Last 4 Hours from:     16:00    until    20:00   (Ticket sales available from   15:45)

No Gutting of Fish after 19:45

All Anglers to be off site by: 20:15

Congratulations to  Mr Tim Lycett from Atherstone who is the winner of this week’s Free Boat Draw.

Demo Tackle

We now have a considerable amount of Sage & Rio demo tackle available to try at Draycote. The following link will take you to the website where you can check out the available items: We have added a 10ft 7wt SAGE ACCEL to our demo rods. The Sage One is currently in the process of being phased out. Very limited stock left. Contact the Lodge for details of special offers.



Forthcoming events:

Beginners Tuition Day on Saturday 17th September hosted in house by our own Kevin Hart & Tom Bird. Contact the lodge to secure a place or book online via www.flyfishstore.co.uk




Bank Angler Car Park

Angler Car Park number 7 will remain partially closed while Severn Trent repair a footpath and will be using the car park to store stones for the repairs. Anglers wishing to fish in the areas below car park number 7 will have to park in either car parks 6 or 8 and walk to the area.

Selling of Fish

Anglers are not allowed to sell or distribute fish to members of the public on site.

Disabled Parking Bays

Anglers need to ensure that whilst obtaining a fishing permit, they do not park in the disabled parking bays adjacent to the main car park, unless they are the holder of a duly displayed “blue badge”.

Gutting Room

Please be aware that the Gutting Room refurbishment has now been completed. We ask that you respect the facility and leave it in the same way in which you would wish to find it. Please also note that no fish are to be gutted after 19:45       


In order to maintain the accuracy of our records could all anglers please ensure that they fill in the catch return sheet before departure. If not in the lodge, it can be found next door in the gutting room.


Boat anglers are politely reminded of the ruling that there is no anchoring within 100 yards of any pontoon, aerators or the Tower. This is especially relevant to the harbour pontoon as its own mooring chains & anchors extend out a considerable distance from the end of the harbour & are easily fouled.

Bank Anglers

Car passes should be booked prior to coming fishing, as we only have a limited number available.

Rudder Hire

Boat anglers may wish to note that we now have a rudder for hire at the daily rate of £7. It can be pre booked at the time you make your boat booking.

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