Draycote Fishing Report w/e Sunday 30th August 2015

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Draycote Fishing Report w/e Sunday 30th August 2015

Draycote continues on in excellent form through the ups and downs of some very inclement weather. It’s hard to imagine a weekly rod average of 3.5 after some of the days we’ve had this week, but there it is. The fish coming out at the moment are “Absolute Stonkers” as one of our Scottish visitors put it, and I have to agree. So I think would John Dews, with a cracking Brown of 6lbs 7 ozs, which he caught from the bank in toft on Friday,on a Nemo Cruncher .

The water clarity is still good, with some algae build up from time to time. But as I’ve said in the past, this doesn’t dampen the trout’s enthusiasm too much and generally seems to blow into one corner of the water come mid morning. Nor did it dampen John Hanlon’s day, as he fished teams of dries or diawl bachs through the algae up in Rainbow corner, to boat 8 fish on Sunday morning  

The best of the fishing is still to be found in the top couple of feet of the water, with most of the trout falling to either dries, or a mixture of buzzers, crunchers and diawl bachs. Although season permit holder Paul Beasley proved me wrong on Friday, by catching 7 fish on damsels on a slow intermediate line, again in Rainbow corner.

Other anglers who are well worth a mention are;

Season permit holder Ed Douglas, who had a large number of fish to the boat on Monday on dries, one of which weighed 5lbs.

Jamie Scott boated 13 fish on Tuesday, fishing a team of buzzers over the Aerators.

Mr K Harding and Mr P Davidson made some excellent comments on the catch return after boating a large number of fish on Saturday, all on dries.

Best flies; Buzzers, crunchers, diawl bachs, damsels, hoppers and bob’s bits.

Best areas; Toft shallows, the cornfield, biggin bay, dunns bay, the aerators, rainbow corner and the Hensborough bank.

Weekly Boat Draw

The free weekly boat draw has been won by Mr Howard Rutter from Amersham .

Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 241        Number Trout Taken:   361       Number Trout Released:   494

Total Catch:  855                 Weekly Rod Average:    3.5

Current Fishing Time:

Bank:  07:30 until 20:00

Boat All Day:  08:30 until 20:00

Boat Part Day:  AM 08:30 until13:45   PM 13:45 until 20:00

Last 4 Hours from:  16:00 until   20:00

All Anglers to be off site by: 20:30

Date for your diary:

Wheelie Boat Charity Competition Saturday 19th September 2015   10:00 until 18:00

To raise funds towards placing a Wheelie Boat at Draycote Water. Organised by the local angling club, Draycote Fly Fishers & supported by Fishery Management (UK) Ltd and Guide Fly Fishing.  Individual competition Cost: £52.50 per person . Fished to an eight fish limit, reservoir rules but NO RUDDERS. First prize Draycote Water 2016 Season Ticket AND every entrant qualifies for a draw ticket to win a Sage Rod which will be drawn on the day. Please support this worthy cause. Contact the lodge on 01788 812018 to book your place. Entry fee required to secure booking.

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Confirmation of Non Native Shrimp

The Environment Agency has now confirmed the presence in Draycote Water of the non-native shrimp called Dikerogammarus Haemobaphes (DH)

To stop the spread of the species we will continue to follow the recommended Check – Clean – Dry procedures for bank & boat anglers & have set up a hose down area in front of the lodge

Check – All clothing and equipment, WADERS, WADING BOOTS, NETS, DROGUE, ETC should be thoroughly inspected and any visible debris (mud, plant or animal matter) should be removed and left at the water body where it was found. Particular attention must be paid to the seams and seals of boots and waders. Any pockets of pooled water should be emptied.

Clean – Equipment should be hosed down or pressure-washed on site. Equipment should be carefully contained, e.g. in plastic bags, if they are being transported to a wash down point. Washings should be left at the water body where the equipment was used. Do not wash down any equipment off site as it would potentially contaminate other water courses.

Dry – Thoroughly drying is the best method for disinfecting clothing and equipment. Boots and nets should be hung-up to dry. Equipment should be thoroughly dry for 48 hours before it is used elsewhere. Some non-native species can survive for as many as 15 days in damp conditions and up to 2 days in dry conditions, so the drying process must be thorough.

If you have any questions contact the Draycote Fishery Staff