Draycote Water weekly report week ending Sunday 28th September 2014

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Draycote Water weekly report week ending Sunday 28th September 2014

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As we actually enter into autumn it has been another really good week for Draycote with 461 anglers catching 1721 trout for a weekly rod average of 3.73.  Generally it has been a harder reporting period this week probably – as a result of fluctuations in weather conditions – in particular changing winds.  As I write it is all but flat calm with anglers chasing limited ripple. However, a swing around into WSW & westerly winds at the beginning of last week slowed up catch returns.  At times during mid-week a full blown westerly resulted in periods of white horses with waves breaking over the pontoon!  Nevertheless, overall sport has continued to be good. As before, principal food items on the menu have continued to be midge pupa, daddies (dry & sub-surface) & fry.

As always a few notable catches reflect the quality of the sport being enjoyed by many. On Monday Messrs Ashton & Robertson fished nymphs from their boat bringing a joint total of 33 to the net at the end of a very successful three day holiday package. Stan Hillman continued his run of form on the bank with a brace of rainbows & a brace of brownies having targeted them fry feeding. Tony Broadway & Gordon Slack also did well on the bank on Tuesday with 11 between them including a 4lbs 8oz brownie caught & released by Tony. Meanwhile Norman Perkins made the most of a solo boat session to net a total of 16 fish up to 4lbs, mainly taken from the Toft Shallows. Interestingly, Stan Hillman returned on Wednesday when he wisely responded to changing circumstances, switched to buzzer tactics to take 5 rainbows &1 brownie. The big westerlies brought with them a significant chill factor & Wednesday some of the dry fly boys were having to settle for single figure catches.

It was lovely to welcome Moc Morgan to the water for two days this week – especially listening to him recalling his experiences when he fished Draycote on its first ever opening day! Similarly, it was also good to see Bob Church afloat again when he enjoyed a day with us in the company of his EFFA buddies. Twenty four of them caught 129 fish for a rod average of 5.4. Twelve trout to the dries on Tuesday proved to be a worthwhile warm up session for Peter De Kremer who took top honours on match day with eight rainbows for 22lbs. Congratulations!

Changing tactics at the right time also proved worthwhile for John Clifford on Thursday – admirably demonstrating the trout’s mixed diet right now. John coaxed eight fish from close to the margins in Biggin Bay with half coming to daddies & the remainder on floating fry patterns. By now the whole of our readership seems to be following the exploits of season rod Kevin Rees who has so excelled with dry fly tactics this summer. Well, his tremendous form is not to be diminished… this week’s Friday visit brought another 23 to his net, again on small Bob’s Bits & hoppers! Well done – we can (& should) all take note of your attention to detail, set-up & presentation. John Hoskins also came up trumps with yet another 61/2lbs rainbow to his size 14 black buzzer. What a hatrick- his third rainbow in that size bracket in three visits… and all to the same fly pattern too!

The weather again knocked things back come Saturday when the average slipped  to 2.49 Pressure of angling, especially down in Toft, also saw anglers seeing loads of surface feeding or following fish but having trouble persuading them to take. Nevertheless, things picked up again on Sunday when a big range of tactics produced. Mr Severn stuck to his rudder & tube fly combination to bring 15 fish to net whilst Jim Gamble returned for more action with the fry feeders on the bank. He found himself also having to swop & change tactics – this time catching 7 in total on a mix of buzzer & fry tactics. Tony Parker stuck to his dries from his drifting boat  & was delighted with a rainbow of approx. 61/2lbs – the best of a twelve fish catch.

We all hope for a continuation of the great surface sport that has been experienced. However, given the time of year, much will depend on what happens weather-wise. What is clear though, is that the fry feeding will undoubtedly go on until the end of the season at the end of November.

Weekly Stats:

Number Rods:     461        Number Trout Taken:   857          Number Trout Released:   864

Total Catch:       1721           Weekly Rod Average: 3.73

Current Fishing Time:

Bank:  07:30 until 19:00

Boat All Day:  08:30 until 19:00

Boat Part Day:  AM 08:30 until13:30   PM 13:30 until 19:00

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All anglers to be off site by: 19:15

Boat anglers are also politely reminded of the ruling that there is no anchoring within 100 yards of any pontoon or aerators. This is especially relevant to the harbour pontoon as its own mooring chains & anchors extend out a considerable distance from the end of the harbour & are easily fouled.

Boat anglers may wish to note that we now have a rudder for hire at the daily rate of £7. It can be pre booked at the time you make your boat booking.

In order to maintain the accuracy of our records could all anglers please ensure that they fill in the catch return sheet before departure.  If not in the lodge it will be found on the counter in the gutting room next door.

To be guaranteed, Bank Anglers Car Passes need to be booked prior to coming fishing as we only have a limited number available.

As well as our Boat Angler Loyalty Cards, we are now also running a weekly draw for a free boat. Fill in an entry card in the lodge including your name, address & email contact details for inclusion in the draw. I am pleased to announce that this week’s winner is Mr. G Turner of Blakesley.

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