Draycote Weekly Report week ending 14th September

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Draycote Water weekly report week ending Sunday 14th September  2014

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At the beginning of the week the weather consisted of bright sunny days with little or no cloud cover, accompanied by a light to non-existent breeze. It would make you think of mowing the lawn or even giving the car a quick once over, but definitely not fishing. No, the rules are very clear on this matter, on days like this the fish move, ( in an orderly fashion ), to the depths of the reservoir, whereupon they go about grabbing hold of anything moving at high speed which is big and bright and flashy, and proceed to pull hard.

But far from it. It’s obvious, you see, that the fish haven’t read the rule book. In the first few days of the week they were up in the top of the water or hard up against the bank merrily feeding away, totally ignoring the presence of boats or bank anglers or the slap of a poorly cast fly line landing right in front of them. (as I was finding out on Wednesday).

Even with the change in conditions in the latter part of the week the fishing didn’t alter that much, surprise surprise. On Saturday during the AMFC match most of the fish where caught in the top few feet of the water. The fish are still focused on the small fry and are also apt to feed on the hatches of buzzer or other small emergers. The AMFC match had a rod average 7.4

The best of the sport this week has definitely been on either dries, the washing line with either buzzers or dawl bach’s or, floating fry patterns.  Although some anglers have had some good sport on a midge tip or slow intermediate line and small lures.

Some of the more notable catches this week are;

Mr Riches and Mr Kelly, fishing on Monday, brought a good number of fish to the boat mainly on daddies.

Draycote member Mr Graham Homer visited us on two occasions this week, boated a large number of fish, mainly on dries.

Mr Paul Vernon sent us a great photo of a lovely 4lb+ brown which he caught on Monday. Paul visited us again on Wednesday bringing as a boat partner Mr Stuart Stone, who had a great introductory day boating a good number of fish well in excess of the rod average.   

Lord Dayman of Leicestershire and Rutland, brought a large number of fish to the boat on Wednesday down in toft, mainly on crunchers.

Vince Aronica also caught a good number of fish on Wednesday, including a 4lb+ brown.

Phil Over caught well into the teens during his visit this week, mainly on gold head daddies.

Mr Hallam and Mr Booth had as they quoted, “A great day” on Thursday. They fished from Biggin across the shoal and down into toft, catching a large number of fish mainly on a selection of dries including hoppers and culs.  

But the gold star this week must go to Sean (or was it Matt) Hanlon who on Friday caught a beautiful 6lb Brownie. .

Best flies.  Crunchers, dawl bachs, buzzers – Daddies, hoppers, the yellow owl, shipmans buzzer – Pitsford Pea, damsels,cats whisker and humungus.

Best bank areas. Lincroft point, the cornfield and the Tower bank.

Best boat areas. The tower, biggin bay, across Croft shoal and all the way down toft bay.  

Boat anglers are reminded that there is no anchoring within 100yards of the aerators or the pontoons.



Weekly Stats:

Number Rods:   377          Number Trout Taken: 840            Number Trout Released:   748

Total Catch:    1588               Weekly Rod Average: 4.2


Current Fishing Time:

Bank:  07:30 until 19:45

Boat All Day:  08:30 until 19:45

Boat Part Day:  AM  08:30 until14:00   PM 14:00 until  19:45

Last 4 Hours from:  15:45 until 19:45  (Ticket sales available from 15:30)

All Anglers to be off site by: 20:15

Numerous complaints regarding boat etiquette have been received. Please have due regard for your fellow anglers on the water, treating them in a manner in which you would wish to be treated yourself. This is especially important with regard to not “cutting up” other angler’s drifts or encroaching on bank anglers by drifting or anchoring too close to the shoreline.

In order to maintain the accuracy of our records could all anglers please ensure that they fill in the catch return sheet before departure.  If not in the lodge it will be found on the counter in the gutting room next door.

Bank Anglers car passes should be, booked prior to coming fishing as we only have 30 available at any one time.

Boat anglers may wish to note that we now have a rudder for hire at the daily rate of £7. It can be pre booked at the time you make your boat booking.

As well as our Boat Loyalty Cards, we are now also running a weekly draw for a free boat. Fill in an entry card in the lodge including your name, address & email contact details for inclusion in the draw. 


2014 Closing Date Sunday 30th November

Tight lines.


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