Draycote report w/e 6th oct

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Draycote is continuing in good form though there are one or two signs of things slowing, just a little. With a rod average of four, it is hard to knock, however the fish are getting into transition mode from freely rising on the surface to starting to nail the fry, that has now appeared in there tens of thousands. Slightly cooler nights of late have sent a signal to the fish winter is only just around the corner, whereas only a week ago we were in temperatures of the early twenties !

With cooling water temperatures, the fly hatches have somewhat slowed, and the daddy longlegs bonanza we experienced has slowed dramatically too! However it’s out with the dry, and in with the fry ! Mark Harrison may argue with that though as he had 15 fish to the boat yesterday (Monday) on dry orange hoppers, and plenty of bag limits this week have been taken on dries !

Toft Shallows has been the dominant area on the lake, though this is probably due to most boats all of the time heading that way. Rainbow Corner is holding  a lot of fish and this is where Mark Harrison took 15 on the dry hopper. Holec landed 11 fish from the bank at Rainbow Corner on pheasant tail nymphs on Tuesday.

Reports have been coming in this week of fish spewing out fry when landed in the boat, roach and perch. One angler landed a 4lb brown off the spit and it had over 11 small 2” perch fry in its mouth ! The fry have reappeared around the pontoon this week and one or two fish have been seen chasing them. This week’s forecast drop in temperature will only encourage this even more.

Bank anglers have had steady sport this week, with one or two anglers not doing as well as others. The tower bank has been a favoured spot as has Rainbow Corner. Dave Hoppe fished the bank on Sunday(6th) and had 10 fish including a 5lb brown !

Number rods this week 290

Number of fish caught 397

Number of fish returned 830

Rod average 4.2


This Sunday is our £1000 boat pairs match. There are still a couple of boats left for this match. Competition starts at 10am and finished at 6.00pm. Fished to reservoir rules(NO RUDDERS). Entry fee £25.00 + fishing fees.

CHRISTMAS FUR AND FEATHER match Sunday 24th NOVEMBER is filling fast with only a handful of boats left. This fun event will be fished from 10.am til 3.30. Fishery rules. There is NO entry fee, though we ask ALL anglers to bring a small prize along so everyone goes home with something. There will be fantastic hamper prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd places. CALL THE FISHING LODGE ON 01788 812018.

Opening day for 2015 is March the 4th. Bookings for groups, competitions, and individuals are now being taken.

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