Draycote report

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Draycote has continued in sparkling from this week, with some tremendous top of the water sport happening. I managed an evening with Rutland Water regular Kevin Appleton, and between us we managed 13 fish to the boat with some exciting surface action with the trout racing up behind pulled boobies on a floating line.

The fish have been very high in the water and at times could be seen in huge numbers cruising through the surface waves feeding on the clouds of daphnia. Some very good fish have been caught too with many breaking the 3 & 4 pound mark. Peter Elliot who won the Lexus heat the previous Saturday returned in the week with John Hoskins. Between them they had over 30 fish to the boat, all on floating lines and nymphs – this was before it has been recently stocked !!!

With the fish being high in the water an old time favourite fly has been working wanders, the muddler. Pulled fast on floating lines, this has bought a lot of fun this last week, as fish have pursued them through the waves. Buzzers, Diawl bachs, crunchers and now daddies, have been working tremendously well, mainly on floating and midge tip lines. The fish are now all over the lake and can be caught pretty much anywhere. Rainbow Corner has harboured an incredible amount of fish recently, mainly due the fresh water being pumped in, many of them being good solid 3-4 pound fish.

Number of rods 182

Number of fish caught 269

Number of fish killed 741

Rod average 5.5

This coming Saturday is our first £1000 floating line only match. With the lake in superb form this looks set to be a cracking match. The entry is only £25pp plus fishing fees so why not have a go. The winners will take £1000 cash home on the day.(subject to number of entries) You can use any sized fly, but fished with a floating line only. Fish with your partner too! Match starts at 10am – 6pm To book a boat call 01788 812018


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