Draycote report w/e 23/6

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As predicted within the last two weeks, once the water clarity cleared, the lake would hit top form, and it has certainly done that in recent days, with the rod average topping above 9 over the weekend. Local anglers Tom Morris and Hugh Shrimpton said that on Saturday the aerators were swamped with 3” roach fry pursued by lots of fish crashing across the surface. Between them they landed over 20 fish between 3-4lb. Many were taken on tube flies.

Birmingham anglers Mike Clarke and Keith Harding landed 42 fish to the boat whilst fishing from the Hensbrough bank to Rainbow Corner. They took all their catch on buzzers and diawl bachs fished on floating lines. On Friday alone, 9 boat pairings  landed over 16 fish to the boat.

James Cavanagh fished from the bank, landing 5 fish, the best a 3-1/4 rainbow. He described his day as awesome ! Mr Serrano, a season ticket holder from Leicester, has had in excess of 16 fish 3 times from the bank this week, using a combination of damsels and buzzers.

The best areas from the boats are Rainbow Corner to the Sailing club building, the Farborough dam wall, Tower bank, the aerators and Toft shallows, though plenty of fish are now showing across the middle too. It could be said, park your boat anywhere and you should catch fish !!

The best bank areas have been the tower bank, Rainbow corner and the bottom of Toft Shallows.

Best lines – floating, midge tip and intermediates, though on brighter days faster sinking lines may be needed.

Best flies have been owl buzzers, red or green holographic diawl bachs, damsel lures, and given the right conditions CDC dries have caught fish.


Saturday the 13th of July is our first major boat pairs match – THE RIO PAIRS FLOATING LINE ONLY.(Fished to International rules) You fish with your partner. There are 6 boats left for this event. Only £25 entry pp + fishing fees. Win £1000 Rio tackle for 1st place and great prizes to 10th place. Start time 10am – finish 6.00pm

Saturday August 10th – £1000 CASH PRIZE boat pairs competition. Floating line only, any fly size. The pair with the heaviest combined bag weight will win £1000 cash on the day !


Number of rods 205

Number of fish caught 399

Number of fish released 582

Rod average 4.7

Tight Lines

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