Draycote Report W/E 6th March 2022

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook, Thornton

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Week Ending: Sunday 6th March                   Rod Av: 3.6         Water Temperature: 5.5°C

A cold Northeast greeted the anglers for Draycote’s opening day on Tuesday. Although thankfully the rain that has been forecast earlier in the week held off. With the cold wind the surface water temperature was a cold 5°C and 2ft down it was still only 6°C. As a result the fish were very lethargic, and it took a while for the sport to get going. On the bank Dennis Tidmarsh faired the best landing 28 fish all taken from Lincroft Point. Dennis used a fast sinking intermediate with a Humongous to start before switching to a Cats Whisker later in the day. Just up from the bank from Dennis, Alan Grant used very similar tactic to lands 14. Fishing down the Cornfield season ticket holders Lee Patten & Peter Elliot landed 20 & 17 fish each. The pair opted to use midge tip lines with a mix of boobies and lures to land their fish. The best fish of the day went to Draycote Fly Fisher member Paul Sly who laded a cracking fish of 9lb 8oz taken on a Cat’s Whisker from Toft. Pictures of this great fish can be seen on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/flyfishstore. On the boats the best tactic was to fish just off the drop off close to bank using sunk lines with various lures and boobies. Kevin Hart fished with John Hoskins along the Cornfield near the Willow Trees to land near 40 fish to the boat. Traveling Welsh angler Gary Warton landed 14 fish from the Buoy line if Toft using an intermediate line and a white Humongous. Ben Bayliss & Brian Shields found snakes the best tactic drifting around various marks on the lake. James Maplethorpe & Trevor Moore found some shelter out of the cold wind in Albert Bottom in Biggin Bay. Here the pair found Buzzers to be hatching and landed 18 fish to the boat all on static buzzers fished on a long leader.

A warmer day Wednesday with the wind swinging to the Southeast, however, there was consistent drizzle all day. Which certainly made for unpleasant conditions for the anglers out on the water. On the bank Draycote season ticket holder Paul Walley landed 6 fish using a Di 3 sinking line with a green lure taking his fish from Lincroft point. Alec Twaites also fished here taking 4 fish in a morning session. On the boats Lincroft shoal was the hotspot for the day with B Marston fishing on his own landing 13 fish using a Di 5 sinking line and a black booby snake. Draycote member Dan Mcelligott also fished Croft Shoal with boat partner John Edmunds with the pair landing 19 fish again taken on a Di 5 sinking line and black snake. All water season ticket holder John Kirk fished with Jake Wenman landing 10 fish to the boat fishing around Lincroft Point and down the Cornfield on Humungus.

Much improved weather Thursday with warmer air temperatures, light winds, and dry conditions. On the bank Phil Cross landed 8 fish using a black cat’s whisker and landed a cracking fish of 4lb. Emad also fished from the bank to land 5 fish. On the boats Steve Rainbow landed 11 fish using a Di 5 sinking line with a barred olive snake. All water member Jamie Scott also fished using a sinking line in the form of a DI 7 to boat 13 fish using a Cat’s Whisker and also a Candy booby. Roy Palmer decided to fish over the open water around X & Y Buoy looking for some overwintered fish, which he did landing 5 fish all on deep fished lures.

A bit of a damp start on Friday with a chilly north wind again saw most of the sport being had on the north shore. Alan Grant had 10 fish from Lin Croft point on a sinking line and lures, whilst season permit holder Paul Walker used much the same method to net 14. John Dickens also fishing from the bank, netted 7 fish on damsels and black and green lures. Out on the boats Will Hunt had a good day, netting a bakers dozen on green snakes and boobies off Lin Croft Point. Mr C Marriott also did well, netting 5 fish on white snakes, boobies and black and green lures fished on a sinking line.

Saturday was a very different day with a very cold north westerly which brought with it some very uncomfortable conditions. Whilst some anglers braved the conditions out in open water early on, most headed for the shelter of the north shore by mid-morning. The group of Scottish anglers, led by Bruce Callander, seemed to be doing well drifting in Biggin Bay, using sinking lines and a Dawsons Olive, with the best boat landing 26 fish. Season Permit holder Mark Braun had 10 fish to the boat down in the Corn Field fishing damsels on a DI7. Local Angler Eddie Kirk only fished for half a day in a boat, but managed to catch 5 fish in Biggin Bay on black and green lures. Mr W Propert and Mr S Spencer caught 9 fish between them using sinking lines and cats whiskers in the Corn Field.

Another cold day Sunday with a cold Northeast wind and overcast conditions. Fishing from Lincroft Point Draycote season ticket Alan Grant landed 11 fish using a roly-poly retrieve and a black and green lure. Tim Burn fished at the top of the Cornfield from the bank to land 13 fish. Another angler doing well from the bank was Kev Hart who landed 8 fish using a forty plus Di 3 sinking line and a couple of boobies, Kevin found the fish in Dougie’s Gap just down from Lincroft Point. On the boats the Bruce Callander party caught well landing 83 fish. The anglers found the fish to be tight all along the North Shore from Lincroft down to Toft. With their best fly being a black snake fished on either a Di 3,5 or 7 sinking with a roly-poly retrieve.


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Week Ending:  6th March 2022          Rod Av:  7.1        Water Temperature: 7°C

he Season began with welcoming a few familiar faces and a few new ones in the mix. Our anglers were met with weather that was straight out of a Charles Dickens novel. Despite the weather being so dreary and cold, and colour in the water. We were getting some early reports back that a few anglers were doing really well between The Bell and The Hawthorne’s. There were fish being caught further up towards Sam’s Dyke and along the frontage of the Bird Hide between Sam’s Dyke and The Island.

A lot of anglers were opting for black and green lures or Cat’s Whisker type patterns on a floating line. Others opted for small black Nymphs or Buzzers, they fished them on a washing line or straight through. The regular season ticket holders were doing fantastic and enjoying the great sport.

Saturday was a really windy day with wind speeds at 21mph from the North. This made fishing really difficult for a lot of anglers with a majority of anglers calling it quits and heading for warmer more comfortable conditions to enjoy.

Sunday started off with a biting North Easterly wind which coloured up the water along the Leicestershire bank. A majority of the anglers headed for the Netted Bank and Robbo’s Cabin area as the water was clearer and there was shelter from the wind. Olly Mills and Jobe Burnham were in to double figures off the netted bank area All water ticket holders Steve Jordan and Adam Gunby had a a cool 20+ fish to the boat while fishing along the same areas as previously mentioned.

Black and Green lures have been getting the best results, but cats whisker patterns as well as Diawl Bach and buzzer patterns have taken their fair share of fish in the past few days.


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Week Ending:  6th March       Rod Av:2       Water Temperature: 5.5c – 6c

Start of the week and were greeted with a poor weather forecast for most of the next 7-day period.

Monday all water member J Scott caught 9 on a white cat’s whisker booby in a fast sinker catching fish to 4lb+.

Tuesday a few more rods about with Greg Weatherdon also fishing a cat’s booby on a fast sinker to catch his 7 trout with P Hunt and Arthur Olding taking 4 fish each.

Wednesday and more rain which bought the level of the reservoir up and reduced the clarity to 16inch which hampered the fishing during Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

D Slessor caught 5 for his visit with P Wrigley catching 6 with S Palmer taking to his float tube for his 4 trout taken on a cats booby and tequila booby. George Jackson also fished a cats booby to catch his 5 trout

Water levels are returning to normal level with our clarity improving daily, currently 2ft. Best area most of the week was in front of the wood and corner of the wood with anglers finding fish along this area tight to the bank to 50yds off the bank