Draycote Report W/E 9th May 2021

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook & Thornton

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Rod Av: 7.4    Water Temperature: 10°C

The bank holiday Monday was certainly a rough one with the boats cancelled due to the strong winds. As a result of the weather we only had a few hardy bank anglers out. Season ticket holder Ian Richardson landed 9 fish from the bank on buzzers. With John Dickens taking 4 fish, from Hensborough Bank.

Due to high winds and rain no boats went out Tuesday, and what a difference a day makes on Wednesday with had lovely warm sun and light winds to start the day. However during the afternoon the wind picked up and we had some very wintery showers. On the bank all water member Lorenzo Serrano enjoyed a good day fishing buzzers at the old pipe in Biggin Bay. On the boats John Goodwin used black buzzers to take over 25 fish. R Symons also opted for black buzzers but also a black booby to land 18. Draycote season ticket holder John Dickens fished in Dunn’s & Biggin Bay using a black and green lure and also a washing line with a FAB and Buzzers in a boat to land 24 fish. Also on the boats Steve Cullen fished with Barry Tindell catching a good number of fish using buzzers in the morning before switching to a single blob in the afternoon catching fish in Rainbow Corner and Biggin Bay.

Thursday was yet another hit and miss day with the weather. We had hailstones early on, followed by intermittent showers, some calm conditions and at times bright sunshine. Despite this Draycote water fished pretty well overall, with the daily rod average coming out at 7.6. Alan Grant and Colin Grainger managed 8 apiece whilst bank fishing up near the valve tower on buzzers.  Tony Broadway caught 16 fish from the bank using a washing line with buzzers and diawl bachs. Boat partners Bob Smith and Ian Richardson had over 30 fish on buzzers between them, remarking on the quality of the fish. Ray Wallace and Dave Ward had nearly 30 fish to the boat on buzzers and noted” A great day with quality trout”.

Friday was an excellent day to be out on the water, with both boat and bank anglers enjoying some great sport. Off the bank Tony Broadway and Colin Day caught 17 and 14 fish apiece, mainly on buzzers. Bob Barfoot also had a good day on the bank netting 7 fish on a washing line, with buzzers and a green and white mini booby. Out on the boats Lee Patten and Peter Elliott managed to get well into double figures using buzzers and FAB’s. Both Tom Bird and Lee Henfrey had a good day out on the water. Tom and Lee used Midge tips and floating lines with buzzers and FAB’s to boat a good number of fish, remarking that they fished all four corners of the reservoir and caught wherever they went. New Fishery management staff member Steve Meacham and his boat partner caught a good number of fish between them in Biggin Bay using a washing line and black buzzers with an orange cheek.

Saturday was wet and windy all day, and not the most pleasant of conditions here at Draycote. Consequently only eight anglers in total ventured out, mostly on the bank. Mr L and Mr D Orton managed 17 fish on buzzers from various points around the bank. Out on the boat Mr Harrison and Mr White caught 6 fish between them in very uncomfortable conditions up near rainbow corner.

A vast improvement on the weather forecast Sunday with the rain never making an appearance, however the gusty wind did mean presentation at times was a challenge. However, the fish seemed eager to take the anglers fly with he rod average for the day being 9.4. Stephen Dewhurst fishing in Toft from the bank landed 9 fish his new PB at Draycote, so a very well done to Stephen from all the fishery team. Draycote member Paul Walley enjoyed good sport in the corner of the Hensbrough Bank landing 7 fish using buzzers fished on a washing line. On the boats Stephen Peart landed 33 fish using buzzers on a midge tip line taking his fish from the Hensborough Bank and also the Farborough Dam wall. Lee Nolan & Glen Thompson landed 47 fish to the boat at the Hensborough Bank fishing lures with their biggest fish being a cracking rainbow of 5lb.

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Week ending 9th May Weekly Rod Average 12.5 : Water Temp: 12c Following on from an amazing couple of weeks on Eyebrook, where we had many anglers enjoying the fantastic buzzer fishing, unseasonal weather returned this week with a vengeance. Monday and Tuesday saw heavy winds prevent any boats from venturing onto the reservoir, whilst Wednesday, although better, saw snow and hail. The conditions improved on Thursday and Friday but deteriorated again over the weekend with heavy rain on Saturday and Sunday morning. Notwithstanding the weather, the fishing was good with some fine catches rewarding those anglers willing to brave the elements. Anther stocking took place on the Tuesday when a further 1500 quality fish were stocked.

Monday kicked off this week with an impressive 10+ rod average from the bank, with Gaz Roberts taking a dozen whilst Mr Biernacki topped this with a baker’s dozen. Mark Hunt fished an evening with dries and netted five. Buzzers and hoppers were still catching on Tuesday with Ken Key taking 9 whilst Alan Middleton had 4.

The winds had abated by Wednesday, so the boats were allowed out, although the weather was at times uncomfortable with squalls of snow and hail mixed in with distant rumblings of thunder. Notwithstanding this, the fishing was awesome with 24 anglers recording a massive 569 fish for a daily average in excess of 20, highlighting the benefits of a couple of days rest. The excellent catches were shared by both bank and boat anglers with numerous double figure returns. Naturals and dries all produced, with straight lining a team of buzzers, fishing the bung and the washing line all producing. Anyone needing a refresher session on these methods can find excellent guidance on Tom Birds blogs on our guiding and tuition website which can be accessed by the following link; ttp://www.flyfishtuition.co.uk/latest-report

The fishing on both Thursday and Friday continued to be excellent, with an impressive double figure rod average on both days. Nearly 100 anglers visited the Eyebrook over these two days and enjoyed excellent sport from the bank, in their float tubes or from the boats. Reviewing the catch returns over the two days and being out and about on the banks, it was nice to see a variety of methods being used to great success with buzzers, crunchers, diawl bachs and dries to the fore. The fish were spread out across all four corners of the reservoir, with anglers, if they desired, being able to find quite areas to enjoy all that the Eyebrook has to offer. This includes not just the excellent fishing, but the abundant water fowl and birds for which the Eyebrook is renowned, and the opportunity to watch an Osprey fishing, all set in lush peaceful countryside. One newcomer to our sport, visiting the reservoir after an introductory course the week before, remarked how enjoyable it was to be fortunate enough to spend a morning catching fish in such a wonderful place.

Over these two days, several anglers fished from their float tubes and enjoyed excellent sport, fishing for and catching trout from a completely different perspective. Eyebrook has float tubes for hire and our staff are able to offer guidance in their safe use. If this area of our sport sounds appealing, contact the lodge for further details or have a look on our social media pages.

Saturday saw heavy rain move in, which kept the majority of the anglers at home. However, Eyebrook members Dave Chadwick and Bob Margery fished rom the netted bank on the Rutland side of the reservoir and were rewarded with excellent sport, as both of them reported getting well in to double figures.

Sunday showed much more comfortable conditions than were forecast. We were expecting winds of 24MPH, but they never seemed to arrive on the day. Most of the fishing was done from the bank, with good numbers coming from Mucky bay up to the Chestnut tree. Bank anglers were also having success by the Hawthorne’s as well. Mark Goodge, Shaun Higgins, Ian Bradfield and Dave Davis from the All Abilities Fly-Fishers had a great day afloat with all anglers getting well in to double figures each fishing around the cow shed to mucky bay on Buzzers and FAB’s

Thornton Fishery Weekly Report – 01530 230807

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Week ending 9th May.  Rod Av: 5.3    Water Temperature: 11c+

Monday due to the weather no anglers on site. Tuesday conditions were only slightly better, P Cox decided to fish from the bank, he found a bit of shelter off the corner of the wood and was rewarded with 7 trout.

Wednesday conditions improved with boats out on the water. Anglers reported fish moving most of the day with an excellent evening rise. Buzzers, suspender buzzers & damsels patterns worked best with trout taken from opposite the lodge and across to the stones & out in front of the main dam. Grey buzzers size 10 / 12 with the olive buzzer size 14 hatching in good numbers throughout the day. Rod average 6.6

Thursday and a bitterly cold northerly wind with rain & sleet showers during the day. Despite the conditions trout continued to move off & on during the day with anglers generally catching on cruncher, diawl bach, buzzer & damsels. Barry Deeley caught 12 on an olive cruncher & blue flash damsel with P Wrigley & R Dunster boating 11 on buzzers for their mornings visit. Overall rod average for the day 6.1

Friday, another early morning frost which quickly gave way to a sunny morning with fish to be seen rising. Chris Sayer was booked for the day but having caught 20+ trout by 1.30pm decided to call it a day, P Hunt fished in front of the wood & caught 16 for his visit. J Smith who is just getting into the sport visited Thornton for the second time catching 6 trout for his afternoon visit. Mark Hunt having spent some time at his fly tying bench managed 9 for his afternoon visit on dries.

Saturday and a windy, cold, wet day with no rods. As forecasted a much better day Sunday with the wind from the south, south west, at last some warmth with the breeze. Again plenty of trout to be seen feeding on the hatches of Grey buzzer size 10 / 12 & olive buzzer size 14. Most anglers started opposite the lodge to the wood but with fish moving across the middle Andre Russell took his float tube & fished along the front of the dam catching 9 for his mornings visit on fabs and buzzers, with Gary Cragg also float tubing catching 13 on similar patterns. Dave Woodall fished on the corner of the wood with buzzers and booby to catch his 6 fish with Pete Hunt & John Thomson fishing buzzers to boat their 10 fish during their mornings visit

Water clarity is gin clear, fish to be seen feeding off the surface. Trout are well spread across the reservoir, its starting to pay dividends to fish areas which to date have been left alone.