Draycote Report W/E 1st December 2019

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Draycote Water’s final fishing report 1st December 2019.

As we start to tidy up at the end of yet another season, our thoughts take us back to the highs and sometimes lows of what has been yet another very busy year here at Draycote Water. We’ve hopefully made some new friends along the way, and unfortunately lost some old friends too. We’ve done our best to introduce new anglers, both young and old to the sport, and tried to help existing anglers catch more fish, through either introducing them to some new methods, or indeed by improving their existing skills. It certainly hasn’t been an easy season for us, but it has been a rewarding one.

The final week fished very well, with a lot of 3 to 5lb fish showing up on the catch return. Indeed we are very excited about the 2020 season as there are 19,000 fish by our records still swimming around out there, with a preseason stocking of 5,500 trout this bodes well for our opening day, (1st March 2020), and the following days and weeks of the 2020 season.

Andy Lilley got the final week of the season off to a great start with 7 fish from the bank, including a 5 pounder, using floating fry patterns in Toft. Ian Richardson fish along the Hensborough bank to produce 4 fish on Minkies. Brain Allwood has had some great back end of season sport with yet another good bank session, catching 4 fish, one of which weighed a touch under 4lbs. Mr C J Day had 5 fish from the bank on Boobies and Shrimp patterns. Fishery Manager Tom Bird and season permit holder Jude Tuffs had 16 fish to the boat midweek using heavy sinking lines and Boobies over the shoals. Ed Douglas and in house guide Lee Henfrey had roughly 20 fish apiece to the boat, again on sinking lines and Boobies. Jamie Scott caught half a dozen fish from a boat using DI 7’s and Olive Snakes. Ian Reeve had a total of 5 fish on Bunny Leaches, again fished very deep. On the final day of the season Adam Gunby and Steve Jordan gave the fish a right pasting with over 20 to the boat on sinking lines and Snakes. Jim Smith and Ed Douglas had over 30 fish, drifting around the shoals near P and X Buoy using much the same method of DI 7’s or “The Booby Basher”, and various Lures.

As I’m sure most of the angling community at Draycote are aware, Kevin Hart has retired. It’s has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside Kevin over the past eight years both here at Draycote and at our other venues. Kevin has been at the forefront of driving this company forward to where it is now, and has been key to our successes, both at the front of house as well as the background work which anglers don’t necessarily get to see. Regular Anglers, members and staff donated money towards Kevin’s retirement fund from which we purchased various gifts such as a Rod, Reel, Lines and Luggage, which I’m quite sure we will all see Kevin enjoying, when he is fishing our venues next year using his season permit. Photo of Kevin being presented with his retirement gifts on our social media pages www.facebook.com/FlyFishStore

It is with great sadness and regret, that we inform you of the passing of Draycote stalwart, Don Roper. Don has been fishing here at Draycote for so many years, and was known not just by the anglers, but also by so many members of the general public. A great character with a fantastic sense of humour, a lot of fishing experience that he openly passed to others, and a good word for all concerned. We spent many a time chatting in the lodge about the fishing and life in general. I don’t think anyone ever saw Don without a smile on his face. He will be sadly missed by everyone here. Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

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