Draycote Report W/E 26th May 2019

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Draycote Water weekly report week ending 26th May 2019

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The week kicked off with some great catches, season ticket holder Tony Broadway landed 8 fish, taking fish on a washing line. Tony found the fish during the morning along the tower bank before a move to Lincroft point and then the Cornfield in the afternoon to take his fish. All water season ticket holder Paul Walker landed 9 fish on buzzers. Out on the boat’s rudder anglers Jim Dempsey & Rod Wilson enjoyed a good days sport landing 22 between them. The pair found fish all over the lake on a Di 5 sinking line fishing a fulling mill weightless olive snake. Tosh Storrar & part returned for their yearly 4 day holiday, Tosh starting the week in fine form landing 22 fish to the boat. In the morning he used a standard 3ft midge tip with 2 Diawl Bach’s and a sunburst FAB in Rainbow Corner. However, in the afternoon the cloud came over and dries was the order of the day using a olive CDC, and hoppers. Father & Son team James & Ken Maplethorpe enjoyed a good day out on the water landing 24 fish from down the cornfield fishing 60 yards from the bank. The pair fished on the anchor using a floating line and team of buzzers and Diawl Bach’s to land their fish. Ed Douglas enjoyed a good day’s sport opting for dries all day, Ed landed 17 fish. Drifting from X too T buoy in the morning using crippled midge caught 10 of Ed’s fish. Before heading down to Toft in the afternoon to land a further 7, using crippled midge patterns and shipman’s.

Tuesday saw a lot of boats heading down to Toft after reports of some good numbers of fish being seen and caught down their the previous day. Paul Cushnie & Bill Patrick  landed 16 fish between them fishing a washing line on a midge tip with buzzers and FABs on the cast from Toft. While Tosh Storrar and his boat partner fished the same tactics again in Toft to land 21 fish to the boat. Draycote season ticket holder Colin England, used Buzzers on a floating line with a longer leader of 18ft. Colin found the fish in the channel between Lincroft Point and Croft shoal and then down the Cornfield. Colin & regular boat partner Tony have had great success on fished this way with their season rod average being over 10 of the start of season great angling!! All water season ticket holder Keith Coley & Bob Taft used a slime line with a mix of lures and buzzer to land 17 fish, commenting that most of the fish took the flies at 16ft down.

The forecast gave a gentle ripple and light winds from the South West, although the sun was out in the morning the cloud did arrive later in the afternoon. Season permit holder Peter Fisher managed a very respectable 7 fish to the boat fishing buzzers deep on a sinking line. Mr K Coley and Mr B Taft netted 17 fish from a drifting boat on a mixture of lures and buzzers on a slime line. Mr Cushnie and Mr Patrick landed 16 fish on buzzers and FAB’s.

The warmer weather didn’t seem to bother the fish to much as Wednesday’s rod average rose to just over 4. Mr Paul Flanner and Mr Simon Batten managed 23 fish to a drifting boat. Tosh Storars group, visiting from Scotland managed some very respectable numbers to the boat, with Tosh himself landing 26 fish for the day. The PSUK competition which took place on Wednesday was won by Staffordshire with 16 fish. The competition itself produced a rod average of 3.8

Thursday was a very warm day with some cloud but again a good rod average for the conditions. Season permit holder Ian Richardson remarked on an excellent days fishing from the bank, netting 22 fish on buzzers in duns bay. Mr D Brooks, also fishing from the bank caught 9 fish. Dave Bailey and Alan Cooke had 10 fish to the boat on buzzers. Chris Verrecchai caught 24 fish, again on buzzers. Mr W Brown and Mr J Cairney caught 9 fish on yellow owls. Mr Slind had 28 fish to the boat on “Buzzers all the way”. Mr Ian Moray had 13 fish to the boat on buzzers around the aerators and in Biggin Bay.

Friday was a bit more overcast with cooler conditions. Season permit holder Bob Smith caught 11 fish from the bank on buzzers in duns bay. Brian Allwood caught 5 trout from the bank and one pike. Draycote regular Ivor Bullock caught 9 fish, also from the bank. On a visit from Scotland Mr Iain Earle and Mr Marco Ezzi had 20 fish to a drifting boat, which included a brown estimated to be in excess of 7lb. To see the photos of the exceptional fish please visit www.facebook.com/flyfishstore

The rudder boat of Ifor Jones and Jim Dempsey used olive snakes on a Di 5 sinking line around Y Buoy and X Buoy to land 13 fish to the boat. Mr Lambert fished from the bank in Dunn’s Bay to land 8 fish using Damsels and Buzzers. Fishing in Dunn’s Bay season ticket holder Chris Discombe landed 10 fish on green buzzers. Maggie Curtis and Husband Tony landed 12 fish in a half day session drifting around the Hensbrough bank and towards the school slips. Iain Earle and Marco Ezzi continued there fish form again landing over 20 fish to the boat. Drifting from M Buoy towards the school slips using washing line tactics on a midge tip. Another boat who found these tactics to be the key to a good days sport was Liz & Stevie Pringle who boated 17 fish. All water season ticket holder Ed Douglas and Jim Smith drifted around S Buoy and Croft shoal and then A buoy in the afternoon using dries to boat 15 fish as well as a number of fish being dropped just short of the net. Visiting anglers Steven & David Lind landed 20 fish on buzzers from Rainbow Corner enjoying a good day.

Changeable conditions Sunday did not help the fishing causing several anglers to struggle, as we had all the seasons in one day. Martyn Moore using buzzers fishing on the anchor to land 5 fish. Season ticket holder Richard Walker & P Davies landed 15 fish from Biggin Bay on a mixture of Damsels and Buzzers. With the challenging conditions the catch rate of Ian Earle & Marco dropped to 10 fish again all caught washing lining. Also, landing 10 was the boat of Liz Pringle & Stevie Pringle who again fished a washing line to land their fish. Dave Kennel & Eddie Mitchell found the fishing challenging but enjoyable landing 13 fish fishing on various marks on the lake, picking up fish throughout the day.

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Weekly Boat draw

Congratulations to Mr  Pete Thorp       from    Solihull     the winner of this week’s free boat draw.

Weekly Stats:  

Number Rods:   445      Number Trout Taken:   257     Number Trout Released:   1038

Total Catch: 1295          Rod Average: 2.9

(A number of anglers did not book out this week, please ensure you complete the catch return book)

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