Draycote Report W/E 8th July 2018

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Draycote Water weekly report week ending 8th July 2018

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Help Required

On Wednesday 1st August, Draycote is hosting the Youth International and we require boatmen for the event. Would you be willing to give up a day and be a responsible adult for the boat? We will give all boatmen who volunteer for the day a free boat voucher for a two-man boat across our water. On top of this the Angling Trust will provide £30 cash for all the boatman . If you would like to assist being a boat man and helping the future anglers of our sport, please call the lodge on 01788 812018.



The hot weather has continued, making the fishing challenging in the most part. With the surface water temperature continuing to increase and now sits at a steady 22.5°C at 7am and is increasing at 5pm to a bath like 25°C. The week started well with the fish tearing up the rule books about how to behave in hot weather and pulling back well to flies fish in shallow water. However, by the end of the week they had clearly got to the correct section of the rule book and had dropped deep. A total of 153 anglers visited the water landing a total of 440 fish for a rod average of 2.9.

The week began with a north easterly wind of around 16mph, helping to turn over the top few feet of the water and reduce the surface temperature. Rod Wilson fished on the rudder around the deep water at the Draycote Dam in the morning before moving to the boils in the afternoon landing 13 fish. Rod’s best tactic was to fish very close to the bottom using two 7 inch a second sinking lines spliced together with a gold tube. Jared Burton came for an afternoon boat and having looked at the wind direction decided that the back of the wind in Toft was going to where he concentrated his effort. This proved to be a very good call as Jared landed 15 fish using a RIO Aqualux using various snakes with white being the best colour. Jared’s best area in Toft was around 60 yards off the bank at Greys barn and drifting out.

While the hot weather continued for Tuesday the high winds the day before had clearly done some good in cycling the hot water which resulted in a rod average of 8. Jeff Ide fished with Alice Thompson and the pair landed 12 fish to the boat in Toft using green diawl bachs. Derek Moore and Felicity Appleton tried various places across the lake with Toft being the hotspot landing 6 fish on pink lures fished on sinking lines. After a morning with just a couple of pulls father and son team Dave & Angus Robertson didn’t hold out much hope for the afternoon. However, the day turned around completely after a move to Toft finishing the day with 26 fish to the boat. The pair used blobs on a Di 3 after lunch ahead of a switch to dries for the last three hours. Which produced some fantastic sport including double hook ups and fish galore.

Another hot bright day Wednesday, Dave & Angus Robertson returned hoping to repeat the success of the previous day. However, their day turned out to be the opposite of the day before. With the pair landing 10 fish through the morning and the early afternoon before getting no fish for the later part of the day which had been their purple batch the day before. On the bank Richard Walker fished by the willow tree in toft to land a couple of fish in the morning on diawl bachs. Season ticket holder Pete Fisher fished in Toft on a floating line with a gold head damsel and a hot head caddis in the morning. Before changing to red and orange dries on the afternoon & early evening it was these tactics that landed Pete 12 fish for the day. Derek Moore & Felicity Appleton returned and fished in Toft to land 15 fish between them. Mr Oliver fished for a morning off the boats to land a dozen fish suing green diawl bachs with a white booby on the point.

The wind changed around to the North East with temperatures reaching towards the high 20s low 30s Thursday. Season ticket holder Peter Elliot took to the water with Stuart Lee from Canada to boat 35 fish from Toft and then the boils. Mr D Priestley fished with wets on the boils to and 10 fish with his best pattern being a leaded gold ribbed hares ear. Gordan Bramwell and K Cooke fished on the boils with a mix of floating and sinking lines to land 19 fish. Fishing away from the boils season ticket holder Eddie Mitchell & Dave Kennell landed 12 fish using a washing lines near the inlet including some cracking 3lb rainbows. Philip Malbott enjoyed great sport using damsels deep to land 14 fish.

After the all the hot days the week the fish had certainly dropped deep and didn’t really want to play ball by the time Friday rolled around. The best catch from the day came to Jamie Scott who boated an impressive 14 fish from the boils. Jamie used a Di 7 sinking line with a variety of flies to keep catching during the day. Jamie had sport to tubes, pink snakes and blobs with most of fish coming at around 1h2 down. Graham Homer took to the water with Mr Taylor & Mr Butler and between them landed 14 fish, again off the boils. Season ticket holders Dave Atkins and John Hanlon enjoyed a good evenings sport landing 5 fish off the boils on dries with daddies being the best pattern as well as lots lost in play.

Saturday saw Draycote play host to the 2018 HASSRA competition fishing to shortened match hours due to the football of 9-2. The 18 competitors landed 25 fish for a rod average of 1.38. The fishing started off extremely difficult for the competitors as the aerators were switched off for the morning due to some works in the morning. The top rod was Mr Tarbet from Scotland who landed 6 fish on a 7 inch per second sinking line and a weighted tube. Outside of the competition the best catches came to the rudder boats with Melvin Severn landing 6 fish using his double di 7 tactic and a tube. Where as Jim Dempsey used a RIO Deep 7 and tubes to land 5 fish from the deep water around B buoy and the top dam wall. Also, out on the water was in house guide Lee Henfrey guiding a competitor ahead of next weekend’s England qualifier. The pair caught come cracking fish including a fantastic 6lb rainbow. If you have upcoming competitions why not book a guided session with England Internationals & in-house guides Tom and Lee to see how they would approach the water. To book a session or to discuss the options please call Guiding & Tuition Manger Tom Bird on 01788 812018.

Several local clubs headed out on the water Sunday to brave the heat to see what fish they could tempt to take the flies in the hot warm water. Most anglers on the day headed over to the cool water produced by the aerators. Most of the anglers who fished the boils boated 3 or 4 fish to snakes on sinking lines as well as loosing some while playing. However, anglers such as Adam Gumby from Leicester Fly Fishers moved away from the boils opting to fish the deep water around the top dam wall and B buoy. This proved to be a good call for Adam as he landed 7 fish using a fast sinker and boobies. Unfortunately for Adam he did loss 4 of his fish in a bass bag over the side in the deep water. George Leaton started on the boils before moving away to D buoy and did well catching on a di 5 sinking line and boobies. Ronnie Gent & Richard Slater enjoyed good sport again on sinking lines to land 10 fish with the pair concentrating on the drop offs into the deep water.


Weekly Boat draw

Congratulations to J Dempsey of Bedworth the winner of this week’s free boat draw.

Weekly Stats:

Number Rods:  153  Number Trout Taken:  150   Number Trout Released:   290

Total Catch:     440     Weekly Rod Average: 2.9

Current Fishing Times:

Bank:  07:30 until 22:00

Boat All Day: 07:30   until 22:00

Boat Part Day:  AM 08:30    until 15:00   PM 15:00   until  22:00

Last 4 Hours from:  18:00    until     22:00 (Ticket sales available from 17:45)

Gutting Room Closes – 21:30

All Anglers to be off site by: 22:15


Guiding & Tuition.

New for the 2018 season the Guiding & Tuition team will running a blog. The idea of this blog is to provide hints and tips from your guides to help keep you catching depending on the conditions, tackle reviews and write up of guiding sessions. To have a look at the blog please visit http://www.flyfishtuition.co.uk/latest-report/

Dates for the Diary

Scierra Pairs – Sunday 29th July- To book please visit https://www.scierrapairs.co.uk/ (organiser Phil Dixon)

Youth International Wednesday 1st August- PLEASE NOTE ALL BOATS ARE BOOKED FOR THIS EVENT

Angler World Fly Fishing Championship- Saturday 11th August (Any Line) & Sunday 12th August (Floating line)- To book please visit http://anglersworld.flyfishingchampionships.uk/ (organiser John Horsey)


Trout Masters 

Draycote has joined the Troutmasters Competition. Entry forms can be found next to the booking out sheets. You will need a member of staff to countersign your entry. Good luck!


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