Draycote Report W/E 27th May 2018

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Draycote Water Fishing report w/e Sunday 27th May 2018.

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The water clarity here this week has been fantastic, and although the weather has been bright with some blustery conditions, Draycote is in excellent form. The backbone of the fishing has been deep down on static buzzers and diawl bachs, fished on either a floating line using a bung, or on a midge tip line. Some other methods have been successful as well, such as dries or a washing line, but haven’t produced anywhere near the numbers of fish. It seems that the trout are holding right the way along the north shore from Grays Barn up to Biggin Bay, and along the Hensborough bank, overflow and Rainbow Corner. But the bright sunshine seems to have pushed the fish just out of reach of the bank anglers, who have not fared so well this week. A few anglers have fished sinking lines and tubes out in the deeper water and boated some lovely “silvered up”, over wintered specimens. Overall there is some outstanding sport to be had here, which is backed up by a weekly rod average of 4.3 with 373 anglers catching a total of 1,610 trout.

The week started with a bright sunny day, with winds from the North. Season ticket holder Lee Patten & Peter Elliot had a good day fishing buzzer from a boat the overflow to land 20 fish each on buzzers. Visiting anglers Keith Bunnet & Tim Grove enjoyed great sport fishing buzzers from an anchored boat in Toft landing 31 fish to the boat. Also using buzzers to great effect was the pairing of Tosh Storrar and D Marklow who boated 61 fish on a floating line and a team of 3 buzzers. Mr D Rees and J Cowan fished buzzers again in Toft to boat 31 fish. Mr Davies used the Bung to great effect in Rainbow corner to land 14 fish.

Very similar conditions Tuesday, but with slightly more wind which made presentation of buzzer slightly trickier. John Cowan used buzzers in Biggin Bay and Toft to land an impressive 23 fish. D Marklow used a washing line on a midge tip with a combination of FABs and buzzers to land 16 fish.  On the bank season ticket holder Paul Walker landed an impressive 12 fish, fishing from the Cornfield and Lincroft point on buzzers. Fishing on an afternoon boat James Maplethorpe & Trevor Moore landed 29 fish between them fishing buzzers in Albert’s Bottom in Biggin Bay. Out on the water in house guide Lee Henfrey took regular client John O’Hara out with John using Buzzers on the bung to land 17 fish from near the overflow of the treatment works. J Cowan and A Gourlay fished at Lincroft point from a boat using a Di 7 and a white dancer to land 25 fish including a 5lb rainbow.

Wednesdays started cloudy but soon brightened around 10 o’clock. Tosh Storrar fished at Lincroft point in a boat using black and red buzzers static on a floating line to land 12 fish. The boat pairing of Chris Howkins and R Symonds enjoyed good sport landing 21 fish between them on buzzers as well as pulling blobs and boobies on a di 5-sinking line. Geoff Preston enjoyed good sport on the rudder utilising a morning boat to land 9 fish on Damsels fished on a wet cell 2 fly line. North East anglers Don Coe, Keith Burrnet, Tim Grove and Gordon Byers enjoyed a great day’s sport using buzzers in Toft landing 44 fish between them. The icing on the cake was when Tim landed a fantastic 8lb 7oz overwintered rainbow on a buzzer, which he returned to fight another day.

Overcast conditions with yet another Northerly wind, with the overcast skies brighten as the day wore on. Mr D Marklow & S Marklow landed 17 fish from Toft on buzzers. On the bank John Hall landed 3 fish on Lincroft point on a green pea after trying buzzers for the morning with no luck. Steve Brown used the rudder to land 13 fish with the biggest tipping the scales at 3lb 8oz. Steve found the fish through the middle of the lake with N buoy being the hotspot. The boat of Mr Hallam & Mr Nixon enjoyed good sport landing 15 fish on hares ears and diawl bachs fished on a floating line in Toft. Mike Gillet and Colin Campbell also boated 15 fish all on buzzers from Biggin Bay. Tony Broadway and John Dews back drifted with tubes on around X & N buoy to land 15 fish. Also fishing the middle using tubes was John Clifford who boated 10 fish up to 10lb. Season ticket holder Dave Atkins fished from Lincroft point in the afternoon to land 12 fish on green fritz. Thursday also saw the Police fish a team qualifier with good catches coming to nymphs and buzzers fished along the North Shore and near J Buoy both Steve Thyer and Chris Howkins had their 12 fish limits in the match.

A very wet start to Friday with a light ripple coming from the North east, the rain did eventually clear but not until late in the afternoon. John Hoskins fished in Toft to land 11 fish on nymphs. Martyn Moore fished in Toft on Buzzers fished deep on a floating line and a long leader Martyn enjoyed great sport landing 29 fish. Keith jones and boat partner Steve landed 20 fish again all on nymphs and buzzers. Season ticket holder Pete fisher fished from a boat with a gold head damsel on the point teamed with a black and green size 14 buzzer to land 21 fish. Tim Grove, Keith Bunnett and Gordon Byers enjoyed their last day afloat landing 31 fish between them again on buzzers. Mr Williams & Masters enjoyed a good days sport fishing nymphs in the morning and dries in the afternoon to land 27 fish. Guiding & Tuition Manager Tom Bird took Martyn Price and Dave Hancox out for an afternoon session landing 18 fish to the boat on washing lined buzzers and diawl bach, before swapping to a long midge tip teamed with a booby and FAB landing all the fish from Rainbow Corner To discuss booking a guiding session call Tom on 01788 812018 to discuss the options.

An overcast start to Saturday with a strong gusty North Eastly wind, which later became bright in the afternoon. Ifor Jones and Jim Dempsey landed 19 fish on the rudder using tubes on di 3 sinking lines. Season ticket holder Tony Parker landed 15 fish on Buzzers from various spots on the reservoir. M Brown & J Cairney landed 15 fish on size black buzzers from Toft. Father and son team of S Mclean & D Mclean landed 36 fish on washing lined nymphs and dries from Rainbow corner before a move to Toft on the afternoon. Cai Lewin fishing with his Dad landed 17 between them on size 10 buzzers in Toft. Mr Harby also fished buzzers but this time on a midge tip to land 8 commenting that static was key.

The day started off overcast which brighten before thunder and lighting called an early finish to the day. Keith Harding & Mike Clarke used buzzers under the bung to land 22 fish. The pair found the fish in Toft, Biggin Bay, Rainbow Corner and Croft shoal. Mr Brown & Mr Cairney landed 14 fish again on small buzzers size 12 and 14s. George Leaton fished a damsel to land 16 fish. While season ticket holders Jim Smith and Ed Douglas used dries to land 16 fish a short 4-hour session before thunder and lightening stopped play.



Weekly Boat draw

Congratulations to Mr Jim Dempsey Bedworth the winner of this week’s free boat draw.

Weekly Stats:

Number Rods:  373 Number Trout Taken: 215 Number Trout Released:  1395

Total Catch: 1610   Weekly Rod Average: 4.3


Current Fishing Times:

Bank:  07:30 until: 21:45

Boat All Day: 08:30 until 21:45

Boat Part Day:   am 08:30 until 15:00        pm 15:00 until 21:45

Last 4 Hours from:  17:45 until 21:45 (Ticket sales available from 17:30)

Gutting Room Closes – 21:15

All Anglers to be off site by: 22:00 hrs


Trout Masters

Draycote has joined the Troutmasters Competition. Entry forms can be found next to the booking out sheets. You will need a member of staff to countersign your entry. Good luck!



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