Draycote Fishing Report w/e Sunday 8th November 2015

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Draycote Fishing Report w/e Sunday 8th November 2015.

Recent mild weather has put paid to the thought of using only lures and fry patterns for this time of year, as the fish hear at Draycote continue to be taken on dries such as Bob’ Bits and small hoppers. Diawl Bach’s, buzzers, crunchers and a Hares Ear are also working extremely well. Don’t get me wrong, if you pull a lure past them they’ll come and have a tug at it, and if there’s a floating fry pattern sitting idly in the surface, the trout will give it a good coat of looking at., But all in all, I’ve never seen the place fish so well on such a wide variety of patterns. This weeks rod average was a spectacular 4.4.

The fish seem determined to stick to the shoreline and stay in the top couple of feet of the water. This is providing great sport for the bank anglers were the rule of thumb seems to be, “Stay out of thewater”. Any wading at all seems to spook the fish further out into the reservoir and make them more difficult to catch.

Whilst the bank has fished really well this week, the boats have been following closely behind. Over the shoals, A buoy to the Tower, and Toft shallows, are areas that are holding plenty of fish.The feedback we are getting here in the lodge tells us that you need to keep on the move, and if all else fails, throw a fry pattern at them. One of the favourite methods this week has been to fish a floating fry pattern on a floating line. Fish it similar to a dry fly and every now and then give it a bit of movement, and as long as you’re covering fish, they’ll come and pull it. Indeed the proof of the pudding was Friday, when the Rod Average shot up to 7, with many anglers using this method. Don’t be bashful when it comes to the middle of the reservoir either. The open water is still producing it’s fair share of bigger, quality Rainbows. There are also some good browns’ being caught at the moment. These fish seem to be showing up mainly around the Tower bank and down in Toft near the swans nest.

On Monday Mr P Davies caught 6 fish, including a 4lb rainbow and a 3lb 4oz brown on snakes and sparklers.

On Tuesday Draycote member, Mr Tony Broadway, had 17 fish from the bank.

Mr L Tones, also fishing on Tuesday, had a total of 12 fish from the bank, on an Intermediate line with minkies and black and green lures. He said that the last hour on the Cornfield was “great sport”.

Mr A Topping caught 13 fish using skinny Diawl Bachs.

Mr E Hughes from London fishing for two days, brought a total of 15 fish to the boat on a DI 3 sweep and minkies.

Mr Steve Mcgregors party from Scotland, taking advantage of a 3 day package, caught a total of 76 fish between them, giving them a rod average of 6.3.

Mr Colin England and Mr Tony Plummer had a good day out on Thursday with 10 fish each to the boat.

On Friday Mr Gordon Slack and Mr Brian Warwick did very well, with 14 fish each from the bank.

Mr Jim Hall, also fishing from the bank on Friday, had a good day returning 10 good fish.

On Saturday Mr Mike Garner netted 11 fish in Toft in very windy conditions

Also on Saturday, Thornton member Mr Mark Hunt, caught 8 fish, also in very testing conditions.  

Mr Ray Cramp caught 6 fish on Sunday from the bank, all on the blob.

Date For Your Diaries:

Fur & Feather” Match – Sunday 22nd November. Fish with your chosen boat partner.

Call the Lodge on 01788 812018 to reserve your places.

Weekly Boat Draw

The free weekly boat draw has been won by Mr Steve Mcgregor from Ayrshire .

Weekly Stats:

Number Rods:  125     Number Trout Taken:  143   Number Trout Released:  409

Total Catch:    552      Weekly Rod Average:    4.4

Current Fishing Time:

Bank:  07:30 until 16:30

Boat All Day:  08:30 until 16:30

First 4 Hours:   08:30 until 12:30 

Last 4 Hours from:  12:30 until  16:30

All Anglers to be off site by: 17:00

Please note that because of the shorter days we have now split the day into the first 4, and last 4 hour permits, priced accordingly. A full day boat will still be priced as normal as will the 4 and 8 fish permits. 

Bank anglers should be mindful that some areas are liable to soft mud underfoot, due to lowwater levels.


Could all bank anglers please note that there is a speed limit on the perimeter road here at Draycote. The speed limit is 15mph and must be strictly adhered to.


The Severn Trent Rangers have reported bank anglers bringing their dogs along to either sit in their vehicle or accompany them on the bank. Anglers should note that dogs are not allowed around the reservoir under any circumstances.

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Reminder regarding Non Native Shrimp

The Environment Agency has now confirmed the presence in Draycote Water of the non-native shrimp called Dikerogammarus Haemobaphes (DH)

To stop the spread of the species we will continue to follow the recommended Check – Clean – Dry procedures for bank & boat anglers & have set up a hose down area in front of the lodge

Check – All clothing and equipment, WADERS, WADING BOOTS, NETS,DROGUE, ETC should be thoroughly inspected and any visible debris (mud, plant or animal matter) should be removed and left at the water body where it was found. Particular attention must be paid to the seams and seals of boots and waders. Any pockets of pooled water should be emptied.

Clean – Equipment should be hosed down or pressure-washed on site. Equipment should be carefully contained, e.g. in plastic bags, if they are being transported to a wash down point. Washings should be left at the water body where the equipment was used. Do not wash down any equipment off site as it would potentially contaminate other water courses.

Dry – Thoroughly drying is the best method for disinfecting clothing and equipment. Boots and nets should be hung-up to dry. Equipment should be thoroughly dry for 48 hours before it is used elsewhere. Some non-native species can survive for as many as 15 days in damp conditions and up to 2 days in dry conditions, so the drying process must be thorough.

If you have any questions contact the Draycote Fishery Staff


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