Draycote Water Fishing Report w/e Sunday 16th August 2015

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Draycote Water Fishing Report w/e Sunday 16th August 2015.

We are waiting for the EA to confirm that a non native shrimp has been found in Draycote Reservoir.

In the meantime & as a precaution we will be following the recommended Check – Clean – Dry procedures for bank & boat anglers & have set up a hose down area in front of the lodge

Check – All clothing and equipment, WADERS, WADING BOOTS, NETS,DROGUE, ETC should be thoroughly inspected and any visible debris (mud, plant or animal matter) should be removed and left at the water body where it was found. Particular attention must be paid to the seams and seals of boots and waders. Any pockets of pooled water should be emptied.

Clean – Equipment should be hosed down or pressure-washed on site. Equipment should be carefully contained, e.g. in plastic bags, if they are being transported to a wash down point. Washings should be left at the water body where the equipment was used. Do not wash down any equipment off site as it would potentially contaminate other water courses.

Dry – Thoroughly drying is the best method for disinfecting clothing and equipment. Boots and nets should be hung-up to dry. Equipment should be thoroughly dry for 48 hours before it is used elsewhere. Some non-native species can survive for as many as 15 days in damp conditions and up to 2 days in dry conditions, so the drying process must be thorough.

If you have any questions contact the Draycote Fishery Staff


Fishing Report

Draycote has continued to fish well despite the warm weather of late, though some anglers have found it a bit tricky at times. There are absolutely stacks of fish out there, it’s just that they get pre occupied on very small terrestrials this time of year, and for that reason it becomes a bit more difficult to knock them off their perch . However, with a weekly rod average of 2.5, we seem to be doing pretty well in the current climate Despite a slight algae, I would describe the water quality as good.

Some of the more experienced anglers have done very well this week, fishing closer to the banks first thing, and then drifting over open water during the middle part of the day.

The fish have remained very high in the water, and this has been critical to cracking the code to catching them. Your flies have needed to be within the top couple of feet of the surface to stand a chance. Both boat and bank anglers have done very well fishing the smaller patterns such as size 14 black buzzers and size 16 claret Bobs Bits.

The bank, in comparison to the boats, tends to be a bit slower through July and August, however the Cornfield  has  produced some good catches The mornings and  evenings have proved to be the best times to fish the bank as once the sun gets up a bit, the fish push out further into the deeper water.

Horwich and District Fly Fishers had a good day out with us here on Sunday with the majority of anglers catching on Dawsons olive and cats whiskers.

Thornton Fly Fishers also fished a small match on Sunday, with the overall winner being Richard Damon

Best flies; buzzers, diawl bachs, crunchers, the yellow owl, claret shipmans buzzers, daddies, hoppers,  and the dreaded blob in various guises.

Best lines; Floating line, midge tip and a slow intermediate.

Best areas; Toft, Cornfield, Lincroft point, Biggin Bay and Dunns Bay, A and B Buoy.

Weekly Boat Draw

The free weekly boat draw has been won by Mr M Bradbury  from Stoney Stanton .


Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 282            Number Trout Taken:   355            Number Trout Released:   369

Total Catch:  724                 Weekly Rod Average:    2.5

Current Fishing Time:

Bank:  07:30 until 20:30

Boat All Day:  08:30 until 20:30

Boat Part Day:  AM  08:30 until14:15   PM 14:15 until 20:30

Last 4 Hours from:  16:30  until   20:30

All Anglers to be off site by: 21:00

Date for your diary

Draycote Fly Fishers are organizing a charity match on 19th September 2015, in order to raise money for a Wheelie boat here at Draycote Water. Full details and how to enter will be published later this week.


Tight Lines.

The Draycote Team.

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