Draycote report w/e23rd march

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Draycote is continuing to fish well, though the opening week fish bonanza has slowed, as could be expected.

The fish are still close to the shores in many areas. Floating lines are working well from the bank, with intermediate lines taking a fair share of fish too.

The Airflo world bank fly fishing competition took place on Sunday, and was won by fishery manager Craig Barr. Craig took 20 fish from the Tower Bank on a floating line with 2 flash attack damsel patterns(blue flash damsel, hot head damsel) and a buzzer in the middle. Welsh International David Hoppe was 2nd with 17 fish. David also used a floating line. 3rd was Andy Axon with 15 fish. Andy used a floating line and a combination of Pitsford peas and damsels.

Boats have done well too, though fishing close to the banks has been key. Floating lines andDI-3 line have been the way forward. Damsles, boobies, blobs and buzzers(small) have been best.

Best areas – banks – Dunns Bay, The Cornfields, Tower Bank, Toft Shallows, Hensbrough bank

Best Boat areas – Tower Bank, Rainbow Corner, Toft Shallows, Dunns Bay, Biggin Bay

Best flies – blue flash damsel, hot head damsel, owl buzzers, pitsford pea, orange blobs,

Best lines – floating, intermediate and intermediate sinkers.

Total number of rods 198

Number of fish caught 292

Number of fish returned 545

Rod average 4.2

Tight lines

Craig Barr www.flashattackflies.com